The Sweetest Marriage Ch.29

Chapter 29 – Sleeping Together

Although when Chen Li was hospitalized, Wei Chen took care of Chen Li in Chen Li’s ward day and night, and he was in the same ward for half a month, because there was a sofa enough for an adult to sleep on, it was not considered sharing a bed in the true sense.

But today was different. They had already received a marriage certificate. There was only one double bed in Wei Chen’s room in the Wei family. Moreover, Chen Li was in a new environment, it was impossible for Wei Chen to leave Chen Li behind. It was impossible to disregard Chen Li’s emotions and go to sleep in the guest room by himself.

Therefore, sharing the same bed was a problem that Wei Chen and Chen Li would face together tonight.

“Li Li, shall we sleep together tonight?” After urging Chen Li to change into his pajamas, Wei Chen rubbed Chen Li’s hair and said with determination.

Chen Li stared at Wei Chen, his eyes were clear and did not contain any impurities. Only then did Wei Chen find out with some frustration that he was the only one thinking that there was something wrong with sleeping in the same bed or something. Chen Li’s mind was pure, maybe he didn’t know about that kind of thing at all.

Thinking about it this way, all the guilt in Wei Chen’s heart disappeared. Yes, it was just sleeping on the same bed, there was really no need to worry about anything.

“Go to bed,” Wei Chen said, opening the quilt and letting Chen Li lie down. Chen Li lay down obediently, still staring at Wei Chen.

He didn’t know why, Wei Chen faintly saw a novel emotion in Chen Li’s eyes. Thinking about it, this was probably the first time Chen Li would sleep with others.

“Lie down on the side, I’m going to bed.”

As soon as Chen Li got into bed, he occupied the middle of the double bed, staring straight at Wei Chen, without intending to look at anything else. Hearing Wei Chen’s words, Chen Li obediently moved to the side, his eyes still resting on Wei Chen.

Wei Chen lay down on one side and took a quilt to cover himself. Although they shared the same bed, there were two quilts, which could be regarded as a little partition.

“I’m turning off the lights,” after saying this, Wei Chen pressed the switch on the edge of the pillow, but the next moment, Wei Chen’s body stiffened, and he was a little at a loss for words.

In the darkness, Chen Li rolled himself to Wei Chen’s side, even lifted Wei Chen’s quilt, and rolled into Wei Chen’s quilt.

Wei Chen was stunned for a long time before he realized that his arms were a little stiff around Chen Li’s waist. Chen Li’s skin was obviously not very hot, but Wei Chen felt that the skin on the side of his pajamas was like a soldering iron. It was hot and burning, hitting him straight in the chest, and even his heart became hot all at once.

After that, the two did not communicate anymore and closed their eyes together in the dark. He didn’t know if it was because Chen Li was in his arms, since Wei Chen was reborn, the unbearable nightmares that disturbed Wei Chen all night did not disturb him anymore.

This night, Wei Chen had no dreams all night and only felt that it was dawn in a blink of an eye.

When Wei Chen woke up, Chen Li hadn’t woken up yet. Compared to the awake Chen Li who was nervous all the time, Chen Li was undoubtedly the most relaxed at this time.

He probably trusted Wei Chen very much, that’s why he fell asleep in front of Wei Chen, and also showed his most relaxed side in front of him. Although Chen Li’s sleeping posture could be said to be regular at this moment, the whole person had his back to Wei Chen, curled and shrunken in Wei Chen’s arms, very relieved to give his back to Wei Chen.

This recognition made Wei Chen feel happy, his eyes full of smiles.

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