Chapter 28 – Good or Bad

“Wei Yan, I’m back!”

After Wei Chen dried Chen Li’s hair, he turned his gaze on the person who came in. He found that it was not the servant who came to deliver the meal, but his elder brother whom he had not seen for a long time. He did not show any surprise, his eyes were still cold, and naturally, he didn’t have the gentleness when he was facing Chen Li.

Wei Yan was the only child of Wei Chen’s late uncle. He had been disobedient since he was a child. He was romantic by nature and yearned for freedom. He was not a stable master. It was possible that if he called him the day before, he was drifting on the sea of a certain country, and the next day, he might appear in a desert somewhere to discuss the meaning of life with the local aborigines.

He had no fixed place to live but liked to wander. This also led to Wei Yan, who was now in his thirties, to remain single. No one would choose to wander aimlessly like Wei Yan.

“Hey, I’m back, did Ah Chen miss me?” When Wei Yan spoke, all his sighs and inquiries had been deeply buried, his eyes were smiling, and he became romantic.

“Put down the tray, you can leave.” Wei Chen and Wei Yan didn’t have much to talk about. After dropping a sentence coldly, he turned to help Chen Li comb his hair.

Seeing Wei Chen’s gentle movements in helping Chen Li comb his hair as if he was afraid of pulling Chen Li’s hair accidentally, Wei Yan couldn’t help but smack his lips. ‘Damn, is this really Wei Chen?’

However, Wei Yan did not make a fool of himself. After Wei Chen gave the eviction order, he put down the dinner for the two of them and turned and left. When Wei Chen’s door was closed, Wei Yan still couldn’t believe it. Wei Chen, whose emotions had been relatively restrained since he was a child, why was he so gentle to Chen Li, an autistic person?

Wei Yan was puzzled, and returned to the dining room with this question. Now that the old man had finished dinner, Wei Yan leaned over and asked, “Grandpa, did Ah Chen and Chen Li meet before they had a marriage contract?”

Old Man Wei took the napkin handed over by the housekeeper, gently wiped the corners of his mouth, did not answer the question, and said, “I haven’t asked your opinion. Do you think it’s good or bad for Ah Chen and Chen Li to get married?”

“It’s good if Ah Chen thinks it’s good.” Wei Yan didn’t give a clear answer, he just said it depends on Wei Chen’s intentions.

The old man glanced at Wei Yan, smiled, and didn’t speak.

Wei Yan followed along and laughed, his eyes sparkling.


In the evening, the heat of the day gradually dissipated, and the evening breeze blew, still with a little coolness, Wei Chen took Chen Li to sit on a rocking chair in the garden of the Wei family. There was the fragrance of the lush vegetation in summer, and the evening breeze was blowing lightly, making people feel comfortable.

The two sat in a rocking chair without communicating, and Chen Li looked straight ahead, not sure if he had fallen into a world that outsiders could not explore. Wei Chen looked at Chen Li, Chen Li’s eyebrows, Chen Li’s eyes, Chen Li’s lips, everything about Chen Li. He didn’t know if it was because of the change of heart, Wei Chen only felt that Chen Li’s facial features were very in line with his own aesthetics, and he only felt that Chen Li’s face was the best-looking face he had ever seen in his life.

Of course, if this face could be fatter, it would be even more perfect if it had a little flesh.

Thinking like this, Wei Chen couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and squeezed Chen Li’s face, and said, “Li Li, you can grow a little fatter.”

Chen Li turned his head and looked straight at Wei Chen.

“You’re too skinny now, you need to eat more and exercise more in the future,” Wei Chen met Chen Li’s gaze and said with a smile.

Chen Li turned his head silently and stopped looking at Wei Chen, not sure if he understood the meaning of Wei Chen’s words.

Wei Chen laughed lowly, although there was no expression on his face, the emotions in his eyes were joyful.

It was getting late at night, Wei Chen led Chen Li back to the room, and at the same time, faced a problem…

There was only one bed in Wei Chen’s room, which meant they would share the bed tonight.

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