Chapter 27 – It’s so strange!

Everyone followed the source of the sound and looked at the door, only to see a person leaning against the door with his hands folded around his chest, looking at them with raised eyebrows.

“Young Master Yan, you’re back!” The servant of the Wei family saw Wei Yan leaning against the door of the living room, and hurriedly greeted him and helped Wei Yan pick up the luggage at his feet.

Wei Yan followed the servant into the hall. When he came to Old Man Wei, he opened his arms and gave Old Man Wei a big hug. He said affectionately, “Grandpa, I’m back, did you miss me?”

“You still remember coming back?” Old Man Wei glanced at Wei Yan, and there was no majesty in his tone.

The people on the side thought secretly that this Wei Yan was indeed the most beloved grandson of Old Man Wei. Not only did he support Wei Yan in pursuing his favorite job, but also showed his only love to Wei Yan.

“Grandpa is at home, how can I be at ease outside? Of course, I have to come back from time to time to see Grandpa.” Wei Yan’s mouth was also sweet, making the old man smile.

At this time, when the others saw that there was nothing to see anymore, they got up and left one after another. Although they were also part of the Wei family, they were all branch relatives. After watching the excitement, it didn’t make sense to stay in the main house anymore.

As soon as these people left, the Wei family house became quiet all of a sudden. Wei Yan helped the old man to sit down on the sofa, kneading his slender hands lightly on the old man’s shoulders, and said, “I just heard them say that Ah Chen is married with the Chen family’s…uh…Chen Li. Is it, Grandpa?”

“Hmm.” The old man let out a single sound, and was now comfortably closing his eyes to relax.

Seeing the old man’s appearance, Wei Yan knew that the old man had no desire to discuss this topic, so he opened his mouth and talked about another topic, and got along with the old man happily.

At dinner time, Wei Chen really did not bring Chen Li down for dinner, the housekeeper had the servant prepare dinner for two to Wei Chen’s room, the servant took the dinner and tried to go up, but was stopped by Wei Yan.

“I haven’t seen Ah Chen for a long time, let me take it up.” Ignoring the servant’s reaction, he took the tray in the servant’s hand, took a long step, went out of the dining area, and went upstairs.

Knock! Knock!

Wei Yan knocked on Wei Chen’s door gently until Wei Chen said in a low voice, “The door is unlocked, come in.” After that, Wei Yan opened the door and walked in.

At this moment, Chen Li had just finished washing his hair and was sitting by the bed. Wei Chen was holding a hair blower in his hand, shaking it gently, and the warm wind passed through Chen Li’s slightly longer hair.

“Li Li, will you go and cut your hair shorter tomorrow?” Wei Chen’s slender fingers skimmed through Chen Li’s soft hair, while gently asking Chen Li’s opinion.

Chen Li stared ahead and did not speak.

“I will go with you.” Wei Chen’s movements became softer again.

Chen Li still didn’t answer, not even nodding or shaking his head.

“When you finish cutting your hair, I will take you to see some raw materials for painting. I don’t understand this aspect. You can go and see for yourself. You can choose whatever you like,” Wei Chen offered a killer deal.

Chen Li still looked dull and did not respond.

Wei Chen said, “Then it’s settled, Li Li is so good.”

Wei Yan, who had witnessed the whole process, raised his brows in surprise. Obviously, Chen Li didn’t respond to anything just now and didn’t say a word, but the two of them gave him the feeling that they were communicating. It was not that Wei Chen was talking to himself in this process, but that Wei Chen knew what Chen Li wanted to express, and then responded.

It’s so strange! Wei Yan sighed in his heart, but after this sigh, when Wei Yan looked at Wei Chen again, there was a touch of inquiry in his eyes.

Isn’t Wei Chen’s attitude towards Chen Li too good?

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