Chapter 26 – My Person

The marriage certificate between Chen Li and Wei Chen was very low-key. Even if Chen Li was discharged from the hospital half a month later, knowing that Wei Chen had changed from a golden bachelor to a married man, only Chen Qing, who was a witness at the time, was there.

Chen Li was discharged from the hospital. In the past half a month, Wei Chen has raised Chen Li very well. Although he still looked as thin as before, his face was much ruddy, and finally, there was no morbid paleness.

On the day he was discharged from the hospital, the weather was clear and the sun was shining brightly. It was as hot as a steamer outside. As soon as the sun touched the skin, it was so hot as if it was going to roast people. As soon as Chen Li was discharged from the hospital, Wei Chen sent Chen Li into the car to prevent the heat from hurting Chen Li again.

“Take the water, if you feel thirsty, just take a sip.” After Wei Chen helped Chen Li fasten his seat belt, he took out a bottle of mineral water from the car refrigerator and handed it to Chen Li.

As soon as the cold water vapor came into contact with the hot air, wisps of white smoke immediately filled the air. The cold touch was also transmitted from the mineral water bottle to Chen Li’s hands, thus reaching his heart and soothing Chen Li’s restless heart.

Chen Li held the mineral water bottle, his gaze fell on Wei Chen’s face, still dull, there was no emotion in it, but it seemed that the sun had been put in, and it was a little shiny and dazzling.

Wei Chen couldn’t help rubbing Chen Li’s head, his eyes full of smiles.

Without saying anything all the way, Wei Chen drove directly to Chen’s house. Chen Qing had already gone to the capital on the day Wei Chen and Chen Li received their certificates. Today was another working day, and Du Lixun was left in the Chen family villa at this moment.

After receiving the housekeeper’s notice, Du Lixun indifferently let the two of them in, sitting in the garden and drinking afternoon tea by herself, with the gestures of a lady.

The housekeeper led Chen Li and Wei Chen to Du Lixun. Du Lixun took a sip of the black tea before glancing at Chen Li and Wei Chen with their fingers clasped, frowning slightly, only to feel that today’s tea was more bitter than in the past.

“Mrs. Chen, you must already know that Li Li and I are married. I came here today to help Li Li pack his bags. From now on, Li Li will live with me.” He had already torn face with the Chen family that day, so when he said this now, Wei Chen’s tone was also cold, showing no emotions at all.

Du Lixun probably didn’t want to see them either, so she waved her hand and asked the housekeeper to take Wei Chen to Chen Li’s room to help pack Chen Li’s luggage. But when she looked at the backs of Wei Chen and Chen Li leaving together, Du Lixun’s eyes added a touch of deep thought.

Chen Li’s room was still the same as it was half a month ago. When he opened the door, a smell of inferior quality watercolor raw materials and heat came on his face, as if he had entered a sauna. Obviously, no one had come in to clean this room in the past half a month.

Wei Chen’s eyes sank slightly, and when he saw that Chen Li wanted to enter the room again, Wei Chen pressed Chen Li’s shoulders with both hands and said, “You wait here, I’ll go in and clean it up for you.” After that, he rolled up his sleeves and went into the attic.

Chen Li didn’t have many things, and those things didn’t even enter Wei Chen’s eyes. The fabric of the clothes was rough, and the shoes were also opened. None of them could be worn. Wei Chen felt sorry for Chen Li and silently added the purchase of clothes for Chen Li to the schedule.

After a few minutes, Wei Chen packed Chen Li’s things. Except for some of Chen Li’s necessary documents, Wei Chen didn’t pack anything that Chen Li left in this room. These things were either too inferior, or they were not a good memory for Chen Li. This time, he took Chen Li away, he wanted Chen Li to say goodbye to all the bad things in the past and give Chen Li a brand new life. And these things in this room, there was no need for Chen Li to take them away.

Wei Chen put away Chen Li’s documents and left the hot room. When he was about to leave with Chen Li, Chen Li looked at the room blankly.

“Li Li, let’s go,” Wei Chen gently rubbed Chen Li’s hair and said softly.

Chen Li didn’t answer, turned his head to take a look at him, and then turned back to look at the room.

Soon, Wei Chen discovered that Chen Li’s gaze was focused on one place. No need to guess, Wei Chen knew what Chen Li meant almost immediately.

“Is there something that hasn’t been brought out?” Wei Chen asked.

Chen Li did not respond, his eyes still fell on that place.

This time, Wei Chen didn’t ask again, but directly followed Chen Li’s gaze, walked to the side of the cabinet in the room, and reached out to open the drawer of the cabinet.

There was nothing in the drawer, only a small wooden box lying quietly. Wei Chen naturally didn’t know what was in the wooden box, but he didn’t have the intention of exploring the privacy of others. He picked up the small wooden box and looked at Chen Li.

Sure enough, Chen Li’s gaze fell on the small wooden box in his hand. It seemed that the contents of this small wooden box were very important to Chen Li.

When he walked to the door, he handed the small wooden box to Chen Li’s arms. Chen Li immediately took the small wooden box and hugged it cherishedly in his arms. Although the expression on Chen Li’s face was still as dull as before, Wei Chen could faintly feel that Chen Li seemed to be happy.

For a while, Wei Chen was a little curious about what was in that little wooden box.

But curiosity was just curiosity, Wei Chen just put this curiosity in his heart, stretched out his hand, rubbed Chen Li’s hair, and asked again: “Can we go back this time?”

Chen Li turned his head and stared at Wei Chen. Wei Chen immediately knew what Chen Li meant, took the initiative to take Chen Li’s hand, and said with a smile: “Then let’s go back.” After the words fell, he took Chen Li and left.

Chen Li didn’t stand still this time, and when Wei Chen said the four words ‘then let’s go back’, there seemed to be a flash of light in his big eyes, and he walked behind Wei Chen.

When they left, Wei Chen didn’t look back. This was not his home, and he naturally didn’t have a trace of nostalgia. Chen Li didn’t look back either. Although this house symbolized the existence of a big man in the capital where every inch of land was gold, for Chen Li, there were no good memories. Moreover, Chen Li’s heart was probably looking forward to it, but he had been numb for too long before, and Chen Li had forgotten the feeling of expectation for a long time.

And now, there seemed to be another feeling in his heart, which was filling his whole heart completely. Chen Li didn’t know what kind of emotion this was, but he was someone who obeyed his heart the most. This kind of emotion made Chen Li keep staring at Wei Chen. From the Chen family’s departure to the Wei family where Wei Chen was now living temporarily, Chen Li’s gaze had never left Wei Chen’s face.

Chen Li’s gaze was not fiery, it was without a trace of emotion, but Wei Chen felt it all the way. When the car arrived at Wei’s house, Wei Chen leaned over to untie Chen Li’s seat belt, the smile in his eyes was almost soaring.

“Li Li, we are here,” Wei Chen stroked Chen Li out of the car and said.

Chen Li did not look around curiously, his eyes fell ahead, somewhat dazed and dull, but obediently stuffed his hand into Wei Chen’s hand and let Wei Chen take him to Wei’s house.

The Wei family was not as quiet as it used to be at this moment, and it was unknown who sent the news. The fact that Chen Li and Wei Chen received a marriage certificate spread among the Wei family earlier. There was always no shortage of people who wanted to see the hilarity in this world, and the Wei family was the same. In Shanghai, they have put aside their affairs and rushed back to the Wei family’s residence. They just wanted to see Wei Chen. More precisely, they should want to see Wei Chen’s joke. After all, Chen Li and Wei Chen’s marriage was a joke in their eyes from the beginning.

Wei Chen gently took Chen Li back to Wei’s house. After Chen Li saw the young and old people in the living room, he shrank in Wei Chen’s direction with some fear. He was still afraid of seeing strangers. Moreover, how sensitive Chen Li was to the emotions of others, even if the malice of these people was not manifested, Chen Li clearly felt it.

Wei Chen gently squeezed Chen Li’s hand, and while comforting Chen Li, his eyes slowly sank, revealing a chill.

“Uncle Ji, bring mine and Li Li’s meal to my room later.” After the words fell, he took Chen Li and walked in the direction of his room. When he reached the center of the stairs, Wei Chen turned to look at the people in the living room and said coldly: “As you know, Chen Li and I are married, and Chen Li will be my, Wei Chen’s, person from now on.” The last few words were loud, but Wei Chen’s gaze was like an ice blade, hitting the hearts of everyone present.

It wasn’t until Wei Chen’s figure disappeared around the corner that there was a discussion in the living room, some disdain, and some ridicule, but they didn’t dare to show their emotions in front of Wei Chen.

“Che, what is there to be proud of? Didn’t he just marry a fool?”

“The person of Wei Chen? He, Wei Chen, can’t even protect himself now, can he still protect that fool? What a joke!”


Old Man Wei came out of the study, and it was these words that fell into his ears. His expression remained the same, and he asked the housekeeper behind him, “Is it true that Wei Chen has received a marriage certificate with the Chen family boy?”

“Yes.” The housekeeper replied. As the housekeeper of the Wei family, he naturally had clear hands and eyes.

“In your opinion, how does Wei Chen treat the Chen family boy?” The old man squinted slightly, as if nothing had happened, as if he was casually talking about a topic.

The housekeeper blurted out and replied: “Good, Wei Chen is very good to Young Master Chen.”

Old Man Wei stopped talking, hooked the corner of his mouth, and smiled.

The housekeeper had been with Old Man Wei for so many years, and he couldn’t see through the old man’s mind. At this moment, he didn’t understand what the old man meant by this smile. He didn’t guess anymore, but followed the old man quietly.

After everyone in the hall saw the old man coming down, they all closed their mouths, and the people sitting stood up, and all shouted respectfully, “Old Master.”

The old man smiled and said, “Today is quite lively, all of you have come?”

The leading people glanced at each other, and one of them said, “We came to see the old master.”

Almost as soon as this person’s words fell, a soft provocative voice came from the doorway, “I don’t think the old man has such a great charm to make all the uncles and aunts take time out of their busy schedules to come over to see him.”

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