The Sweetest Marriage Ch.30

Chapter 30 – Very dependent on you

The sky was bright, and sunlight slipped quietly through the gaps in the windows, driving away the darkness brought about by the night, making the entire room shrouded in a layer of light.

Wei Chen stared at Chen Li for a while. Seeing that Chen Li showed no signs of waking up, he got up and tuck Chen Li into the quilt. When Wei Chen finished washing up and came out, Chen Li had already opened his eyes and was staring at the ceiling unblinkingly. Sunlight fell on Chen Li’s eyes, making Chen Li’s long and slender eyelashes seem to be shining with a faint light.

“Awake?” Wei Chen walked to the side of the bed and stood still, looking at Chen Li with a smile in his eyes.

Chen Li shifted his gaze from the ceiling and fell on Wei Chen. He stared for a while, as if to confirm that he was not dreaming, and then slowly got up. After a night of sound sleep, his slightly longer hair already raised a few dull hairs on Chen Li’s head.

Wei Chen couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to rub Chen Li’s hair, and said, “Get up, let’s go down to eat breakfast and then go out. You promised me yesterday that you would get a haircut.”

Chen Li’s eyes were blank, and his expressionless face was stunned for a long time. He seemed to have just remembered what happened. He didn’t respond to Wei Chen, but just looked at Wei Chen without blinking.

“You can’t go back on your word, you promised me yesterday,” Wei Chen said with emphasis. As if he heard a telepathic response, Wei Chen didn’t understand why he could understand what Chen Li wanted to express all of a sudden.

Chen Li stopped looking at Wei Chen, opened the quilt, and put his feet in the slippers Wei Chen had prepared. Chen Li stood still, his eyes did not leave Wei Chen.

Wei Chen helplessly stretched out his hand to take Chen Li’s hand, firmly wrapped Chen Li’s hand in his own broad palm, and led the person to the bathroom to wash. Chen Li obediently followed, his expression still dull, but there was no vigilance in his eyes, and every muscle in his body was relaxed.

By the time Wei Chen and Chen Li came out of the room, it was already eight o’clock. After leaving the room, Wei Chen could clearly feel that Chen Li’s muscles were beginning to tighten. Although his eyes were still dull, he was alert and timid again.

“It’s okay, I’m here.” Wei Chen gently squeezed Chen Li’s hand.

Chen Li leaned on Wei Chen’s body, and there was no other movement.

Wei Chen knew that he shouldn’t rush to improve Chen Li’s condition. Now that Chen Li was willing to let go of his guard in front of him, it was already a very surprising thing for Wei Chen, and the rest could be taken slowly.


After breakfast, Wei Chen took Chen Li out. He first found a hair salon to cut Chen Li’s slightly longer hair short. During the haircut, Chen Li’s whole nerves became tense, his back was stiff, and the fear in his eyes seemed to overflow from his eyes.

The barber didn’t know why, so he was a little afraid to cut it. He looked at Chen Li and then at Wei Chen, holding the tool in his hand, and some guilt rose in his heart for no reason. This guest had big eyes, and when these big eyes were filled with negative emotions, it felt distressing to see.

“Cut it.” Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand. Although he was talking to the barber, his gaze fell on Chen Li, and he looked at Chen Li tenderly, giving Chen Li strength.

Wei Chen could feel the trembling from his hands, and his heart was a little sore, but the tenderness in his eyes was deep, soothing Chen Li’s heart little by little.

Perhaps it was because he realized that the barber would not hurt his head, or perhaps it was because Wei Chen’s comfort worked, Chen Li’s tight emotions slowly relaxed. The barber noticed it, so he stopped being cautious when cutting Chen Li’s hair and he also cut it a bit faster than normal. After another ten minutes or so, the barber gave Chen Li a handsome hairstyle, which made Chen Li look a lot more energetic.

At the checkout, the barber quietly said to Wei Chen: “Sir, I can see that you are a good person and take good care of your partner, and your partner is…” Speaking of this, the barber paused, his eyes filled with pity, “He is very dependent on you, I hope you can continue to be nice to him in the future.”

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  1. Thay last line nake sme sad. Chen li. Is a pure sweetie but completely dependent on wei Chen. And if he ever breaks thay or misses it a complete tragedy.

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