The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.76

Chapter 76 – White-eyed Wolf

At that time, Xi Xun was sitting in front of the tent cooking porridge.

His expression was cold, and it could be seen that he was not willing to cook porridge. Of course, he was indeed forced to cook porridge, and it was the small system that ‘forced’ him.

The reason is that when 0329 was playing around, he found a few more bad guys.

0329 was very angry, so after it ran back, it held the host’s hand and asked him to cook porridge. It planned to poison those people!

At that time, Xi Xun looked at it in silence for a long time after hearing it.

0329 didn’t know why, it raised its head and looked at the host, puzzled. In the end, after 0329 kissed and hugged and coaxed him for a long time, Xi Xun reluctantly agreed.

During this period, 0329 went out to patrol again.

Unexpectedly, it happened to see Yu Ti!

0329 first glanced in the direction of the host, and after confirming that this was far away from the host and should not be visible, it quickly ran towards Yu Ti.

Yu Ti caught the little guy running towards him.

“Why are you here? Hmm?” Yu Ti picked up the little guy and smiled.

“My brother and I are camping here.”

“Where did your brother set up the tent? I’ll take you back. Don’t come out by yourself, it’s too dangerous outside,” Yu Ti taught.

“It’s okay! It’s very safe here. I’m not going back now. My brother is busy killing bad guys.”

“Busy killing bad guys?” Yu Ti frowned.

“Yes, my brother is boiling poison,” 0329 whispered in Yu Ti’s ear. It liked Yu Ti very much, so after thinking about it, it wouldn’t hide it. Anyway, Yu Ti was also a good person.

“Boiling poison?” Yu Ti’s face sank suddenly.

He didn’t know where Xi Xun found the poison. Although it should be said that people like him didn’t need poison to kill people, even if he needed to kill people with poison, there was no need to tell a child!

Xi Xun didn’t care if his brother was afraid or not!

The more Yu Ti thought about it, the more ugly his face became, and that face was so heavy that the people in the convoy became a little nervous for a while. They didn’t know what happened to Brother Yu, why he was so angry. It must be said that Brother Yu had the best temperament.

In the end, Yu Ti suppressed his anger.

He didn’t want to get angry in front of a child and scare him, Yu Ti asked softly, “Have you eaten yet?”

“I did! I ate three packs of dried sweet potatoes!”

“Just these?” Yu Ti frowned, these were difficult for children to digest.

“Yes, my brother likes it too.”

Yu Ti didn’t know what to say when he heard these words. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something, he looked slightly at 0329’s arm. He was so happy just now that he forgot about the mark on the little guy.

But when Yu Ti went to see it, he found that there was nothing on his arm.

‘Could it be that I was dazzled before?’

0329 glanced at the horizon and found that it had been out for more than ten minutes. It decided to go back and take a look at the host first, because the host was very sticky, and he would sulk when he couldn’t see itself for a while.

Thinking of this, 0329 sighed, the host was too difficult to raise.

“I’m going back first! My brother should have finished cooking porridge,” 0329 said to Yu Ti.

“Isn’t your brother boiling poison?”

“Poison is in the porridge,” 0329 replied somewhat puzzled.

But when Yu Ti heard this, his face changed. The poison was in the porridge, which meant he put the poison in the food. And the little guy was going back to eat, which meant this poison was for the child?

Is he going to kill his brother?!

Yu Ti’s face instantly looked terrible, he looked at 0329 and asked, “Is the food poisonous?”

0329 nodded obediently.

It must be poisonous, he almost poisoned 0329 to death before! But for the sake of the reputation of the host senior, 0329 still whispered: “Yes, but don’t tell others.”

Yu Ti didn’t listen to the next sentence, but said in a deep voice: “He wants to give you these meals?!”

“My brother actually disagrees, but I’m afraid of wasting food.”

Yu Ti breathed a sigh of relief.

Although he didn’t know what Xi Xun meant by cooking poison, hearing that he didn’t mean to kill his brother made Yu Ti let go, he still told him: “Don’t eat the food cooked by your brother. My team will cook for a while. There is the corn you loved last time and candied sweet potato. Do you want to eat it?”

0329’s eyes lit up, it nodded again and again, and said, “Want!”

“If you want it, then you are not allowed to eat your brother’s meal, you know?” Yu Ti instructed.

He was afraid that even if Xi Xun didn’t want to kill his brother, the little guy would be curious for a while. What if he accidentally ate it and was poisoned to death? Although he didn’t know what Xi Xun was going to do.

“Okay!” 0329 nodded.

“You sneak over after an hour, I will prepare it for you,” Yu Ti whispered.

“Okay!” After speaking, 0329 bounced away.

Fortunately, the two camps were not close. As long as Yu Ti stepped back a little bit and camped in a place with many bushes, Xi Xun would not be able to see Yu Ti’s side.


When 0329 bounced back happily, Xi Xun’s porridge was already ready.

“Host! Is it ready?” 0329 asked happily.


The porridge this time was corn pumpkin porridge, which looked very good in color and smelled very fragrant, which surprised 0329.

Xi Xun appeared to be lazily leaning against the stone, but he was actually observing Zhuo’s expression. After noticing the change in its expression, Xi Xun said indifferently: “You can taste it.”

“Huh?” 0329 was at a loss.

“See if it’s delicious.” The reason why Xi Xun agreed to cook porridge for 0329 was not only that he was too bored, but also that he suddenly wanted to try cooking.

He suddenly wanted to see how much Zhuo enjoyed eating his own meal.

This idea appeared suddenly, but Xi Xun thought it was a good idea, so he actually cooked the porridge just now. This was the first time in Xi Xun’s life that he had cooked so solemnly and seriously.

It was definitely not an exaggeration, it was really the first time.

Although it was a simple pumpkin porridge, the recipe book was almost torn by Xi Xun’s flipping, and even the size of each piece of pumpkin was put in proportionally, and the size was exactly the same.

0329 was a little hesitant.

In fact, it was okay to eat it, as long as it removed the toxins, it was a trivial matter for 0329. But now it was thinking about what the big brother said just now, and it hesitated a little.

Xi Xun saw the little white ball’s hesitation, and the anticipation on his face gradually faded. He didn’t say anything, he just closed his eyes to refresh his mind, but 0329 keenly noticed that the host senior was unhappy.

Seeing this, 0329 had to step forward and hug the host, and coax him: “Okay, okay, I’ll eat. Host, don’t be angry.” After speaking, 0329 kissed Xi Xun on the forehead.

Xi Xun slowly opened his eyes and looked at the little white ball.

And 0329 had already run to the campfire at this moment, it took out a bowl of porridge and drank it directly!

The taste was really different this time!

It was not the kind of bad taste before, but it was still bad, it was just that the two ‘bad tastes’ were different.

But in order not to hurt the host, 0329 still planned to say it was delicious!

It’s just that before 0329 could speak, it suddenly spit out all the porridge, and then its body twitched violently a few times and then completely stopped moving.

Xi Xun’s face changed.

He picked up the little white ball and called in a deep voice, “Zhuo? Zhuo?”

In fact, he had tasted the porridge himself, and even ate about two or three bowls, he felt that there was no problem before he asked Zhuo to try it. But he didn’t expect the same result.

Xi Xun’s eyes were flooded with cold killing intent.

He looked at the porridge, his eyes were cold. And just as the pot of porridge was about to split in pieces, the little white ball in Xi Xun’s arms suddenly coughed a few times, and then 0329 slowly woke up.

“Zhuo?” Xi Xun stared at it tightly.

0329 shook its little head, then stretched out its little hand and patted the host to comfort him: “It’s okay, host, I’m awake! It may be because of something wrong with my body that I accidentally crashed. It has nothing to do with the host.”

When Xi Xun heard that Zhuo was okay, the coldness in his eyes dissipated a little, and his slightly cold hands held Zhuo tightly.

0329 didn’t know why, but it thought the host was blaming himself, so 0329 patted the host and said, “It’s okay, host, it’s really not your problem. The porridge is delicious! I like it very much, but don’t make it in the future.”

Xi Xun was silent.

But he was really not interested in cooking at this time.

He stroked the little guy and said, “Hmm.”

“Then I will take this pot of porridge away now, I can definitely poison those bad guys to death!” It could feel that the toxins this time were stronger than before. 0329 was really close to dying just now.

This was the result of 0329 having removed the toxins from it.

It could imagine what would have happened if it was not cleared.

“Hmm,” Xi Xun responded faintly. He didn’t care about the whereabouts of the pot of porridge anymore.”

After getting permission, 0329 started tossing the pot of porridge. This large pot of porridge was ‘immovable’ in its current state, so 0329 divided it into several parts.

And it had been almost an hour since 0329 finished tossing, it looked at the time and hurriedly ran towards Yu Ti.

The other side.

At this time, Yu Ti was cooking. The team’s pot of rice had already been prepared by Chen Jing and the others, and Yu Ti was cooking this meal alone. Of course, it was for that little guy.

Candied sweet potatoes were easy to make, as long as there was sugar.

Yu Ti’s cooking skills were very good, and after a while, the fragrance spread everywhere. People in other camps also smelled the scent, but they saw that there were a lot of people in the convoy, so some people who were about to move calmed down.

“My god, it smells so good,” the people in Yu Ti’s team sighed.

In the last two months, everyone basically ate instant food. When people were hungry, all they asked for was to be full. But if you could eat a little bit, you would ask for the taste of the food.

The mouths of these people had long been tasteless, and now that they smelled such a delicious dish, they were salivating crazily.

But this was Brother Yu’s own food, and no one dared to ask for it.

Although it was okay if you asked for it, they didn’t have that thick of a face. After all, Brother Yu ate the same as them usually, and the food of the boss was supposed to be different from the rest of the team. Now he finally made something for himself, if they asked for it, wouldn’t that be a bit too much?

But what everyone didn’t expect was that Brother Yu didn’t do it for himself.

At that time, when Yu Ti said that he was going to cook for the little guy, no outsiders heard it, so they thought that the food was for Brother Yu… until 0329 ran over.

After Yu Ti saw 0329, his eyes suddenly softened a bit.

“I’m here!” 0329 blinked.

Yu Ti smiled. Although Yu Ti was slightly lost after discovering that the child did not have the mark on his body, it did not affect his love for the little guy in the slightest. He beckoned the little guy over, then asked him to sit on his lap and fed him by himself.

These two dishes were fragrant. Although they were not meat dishes, they were also very attractive to the taste buds.

“Which one do you want to eat first?” Yu Ti asked the little guy.

0329 looked at the corn and then at the candied sweet potatoes, but in the end, it couldn’t choose, so it had to say, “Eat them all!”

Yu Ti was amused, and he said, “Hmm.”

So he fed him one after another, and from time to time, Yu Ti would feed him a mouthful of milk. Yu Ti knew that this little guy liked to drink milk, he used to watch him drink milk in his brother’s arms, so Yu Ti also prepared it for him.

Some people were envious and some were jealous of this scene.

But there were obviously more jealous people. At this time, Xu Chuan suddenly came over. He said to Yu Ti: “Brother Yu, it stands to reason that I shouldn’t say anything, but I still can’t help but say something for everyone. If this thing is for Brother Yu, you can eat it yourself, but this kid is not from our team, which is equivalent to sharing our team’s food.”

Yu Ti’s smile faded, and he said calmly: “These things belong to me, I can distribute them myself.”

“But it’s also from the team!” Xu Chuan said unhappily.

“Xu Chuan, don’t make trouble. This is Brother Yu’s own food. Brother Yu can give it to whoever he wants. Besides, after the establishment of our team, most of the supplies were exchanged by Brother Yu for killing zombies, right?” Chen Jing stood up and said.

“Yes, I won’t deny it, but these foods belong to our team. You and I are both members of the team. Since Brother Yu doesn’t eat them, then these things should be eaten by all of us. How can it be this child’s turn? You ask other people to see if they agree with me!” Xu Chuan looked at the rest of the team.

About five or six seconds later, some people really stood up.

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White-eyed Wolf – Ungrateful person

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