The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.77

Chapter 77 – It’s Time for the Host to Get Married

There were a total of three people who stood up. These three people had a better relationship with Xu Chuan, but they were all rescued by Yu Ti in the pile of zombies. For example, Zhang Qiang and Wang Lin, the two of them were abandoned on the road by their original team because of fever. At that time, more than a dozen zombies came, and they almost died under the zombie’s mouth.

At that time, Yu Ti’s convoy happened to pass by there.

The people in the convoy were not in favor of saving people, especially Xu Chuan. He felt that there were a lot of zombies, and he didn’t know if those two people had been bitten by zombies. But Yu Ti still chose to rush into the group of zombies to kill those zombies and save them both.

But now they betrayed Yu Ti, who was kind to them, for their own benefit.

Zhang Qiang and Wang Lin also knew that this might be a bit ungrateful.


Zhang Qiang said confidently to Yu Ti: “Brother Yu, we are very grateful to you for saving us in the first place, but we have also made a lot of contributions to the team in the past month, right? These contributions can also be offset, we can’t keep giving to others for nothing, right?”

Seeing that his brother had spoken, Wang Lin also said, “I think the same as Zhang Qiang, Brother Yu, I think we have paid enough, but you don’t treat us as brothers. Xu Chuan is right, the food originally belonged to the team, even if most of it was obtained by you killing zombies, we still have part of the credit.”

When someone supported him, Xu Chuan’s confidence also rose.

Xu Chuan immediately said: “Look, Brother Yu, this is not just my own opinion, this is the entire team’s. In fact, we don’t want to say that it’s you who has gone a bit too far this time.”

“Brother Yu did go too far,” Chen Jing said coldly: “The most wrong thing Brother Yu did was to save you guys! If Brother Yu didn’t save you, you would have been reincarnated long ago, and you still had the audacity to point fingers here as if you were owed.”

“Chen Jing, I never hit women, but I hope you don’t challenge my bottom line.” Xu Chuan was completely angered by Chen Jing. This was not the first time Chen Jing had attacked him, and he had been unable to keep his face every time.

“You don’t hit women? You are afraid of the gun in my hand, you just cherish your life.”


Seeing that Xu Chuan was really irritated, his face was blue with anger. The girl next to Chen Jing was a little scared. She quickly grabbed Chen Jing and told her to stop talking. Xu Chuan looked weird and scary.

“It’s okay. In this doomsday, we might die one day. I’ve thought about it a long time ago. For me, I should be happy every day. If you encounter a beast, you should scold it. At least you won’t feel aggrieved and suffocated,” Chen Jing said to the girl.

The girl was silent. Although this seemed a bit weird, it made sense if you think about it carefully.

At this time, the atmosphere in the convoy began to tighten.

The remaining dozen or so people looked at Brother Yu and Xu Chuan, but no one spoke.

“Brother Yu, what do you mean? I hope you will give us a proper answer. If you keep being so unfair, then brother, we can only leave.” Actually, Xu Chuan was just talking casually.

He just wanted to take this opportunity to improve his position in the team. If Brother Yu compromised, then his position in the team would naturally increase, equivalent to the second-in-command, maybe he could be promoted again to have an equal share of power or something.

If Brother Yu didn’t compromise, he’d pretend to leave.

At that time, Brother Yu would definitely keep himself, after all, now was the time to hire people.

Yu Ti’s expression was flat.

He continued to clip food to feed the little guy, and said softly while feeding: “Do whatever you want.”

Xu Chuan’s face suddenly changed.

He didn’t expect Yu Ti to really agree! With Brother Yu’s slightly saint-like character, he shouldn’t be the kind of person who is so reckless for a little food?! This made Xu Chuan start to panic a little, including the other three.

They didn’t want to really leave!

Everyone knew what the other teams outside were like. Some team bosses gave less food. If you encounter another one that is a little more unpredictable, life and death may not be guaranteed.

To be honest, although they were sometimes a little speechless about Brother Yu’s habit of saving people from time to time, they would still choose Yu Ti. Any normal person would choose Yu Ti, at least their lives would be guaranteed, and they wouldn’t be afraid to be stabbed in the back one day.

“Go, aren’t you going? Hurry up and go,” Chen Jing blasted.

Several people looked ugly.

After a few minutes, Xu Chuan said with a livid face: “Brother Yu, I didn’t expect us to become like this one day. All right, since you can’t tolerate me and Zhang Qiang and the others, we’ll leave, but half of the supplies in the caravan will be ours, right?”

“Half? You’re crazy for food, aren’t you?”

In the end, Yu Ti asked people to give them five packs of instant noodles, five packs of compressed biscuits, and five bottles of water each. This was already considered benevolent and righteous, and Zhang Qiang knew it, so he picked it up and left. When Xu Chuan saw that Zhang Qiang and the others were all gone, he also suppressed the slight unwillingness in his heart, gritted his teeth, and left.

And Yu Ti fed 0329 from beginning to end, his eyes didn’t seem to change much.

0329 touched its little chin, thinking about what happened just now.

It didn’t understand much, but it also knew that Yu Ti didn’t seem to have enough food here, but he still made delicious food for itself. This moved 0329 very much, so after it finished eating, it said thank you to Yu Ti, and then ran back and came over with a bag of flour.

Chen Jing was scared to death when she saw this little guy dragging a bag of flour over, and wondered if anyone else saw it.

Yu Ti was also surprised.

He walked over and said, “What are you doing with this?”

“It’s for you!”

“Hmm?” Yu Ti was puzzled.

“Well, I just ate at your place. This is for you. If you’re short of it, tell me. I… my brother still has it! And this bag of flour was also given to you by my brother.” 0329 put the emphasis on the word ‘brother’.

0329 now liked Yu Ti more and more, so it now wanted to match Yu Ti and the host senior. It felt that it must be destiny for it and the host to meet this big brother again and again! The place where the host senior took itself to every time was very remote, but in the end, they still cleverly encountered him!

This was clearly destiny ah!

“And this, this dried sweet potato, potato chips, and coke! My brother asked me to give it to you too!” 0329 excitedly opened another small package.

This scene made Chen Jing and others couldn’t help swallowing.

Yu Ti’s eyes were soft.

He bent down and said to the little guy: “Then you go back and help me thank your brother, I am very happy.”

“Hmm!” 0329 responded, and then ran away.

Although it had an inexplicable sadness in its heart, the host would need to marry someday, and it couldn’t protect it all the time.

And after the little guy left, Yu Ti’s expression faded.

“Brother Yu, what does the other party mean? Wouldn’t it be for you…” Someone asked Yu Ti in a low voice.

“Don’t eat these foods. If I’m not wrong, they should be poisonous,” Yu Ti said.

Those who were originally looking at the Coke and potato chips while drooling were shocked at once, and Chen Jing said in a daze: “No, it’s not that bad, right? I don’t think these packaging bags have been opened.”

“This kid’s brother has always wanted to kill me, so he won’t show kindness all of a sudden. These snacks were either stolen by the child, or Xi Xun poisoned them and wanted my life,” Yu Ti said calmly.

Like Xi Xun, Yu Ti actually didn’t like Xi Xun very much.

It was okay at first, Yu Ti had no prejudice against anyone, so it was the same for Xi Xun. After seeing Xi Xun’s attitude towards his younger brother later, Yu Ti’s feelings towards Xi Xun were not so good since then.

“Then should we throw these things away?” Chen Jing felt a pity.

She was thinking what if the food was not poisoned?

After all, the packaging bag was not opened.

Well, she admitted that she was indeed craving. Before the end of the world, Chen Jing liked coke the most, but now she couldn’t drink coke, which was more uncomfortable than not eating for a day.

“Don’t throw it away, give it to the team next door,” Yu Ti said.

Chen Jing’s eyebrows twitched.

The convoy next door was about 100 meters away from here. Although Yu Ti’s convoy had only been here for more than an hour, there had been several screams from the convoy next door. So… Brother Yu meant to… poison them with these foods?

Chen Jing laughed out loud, she nodded and said, “I see!”


The other side.

0329 came back after giving Yu Ti snacks, and it quietly watched the sleeping host distracted. Xi Xun felt its gaze, he opened his eyes, and asked lazily, “What’s the matter?”

Hearing this, 0329 couldn’t help but sigh in worry.

“What is it?”

Hearing this, 0329 glanced at the host again and said, “Host, I visited another convoy before. A father in that convoy said to his daughter, ‘You are already twenty-one, and you are at the age of marriage.’” Actually, that’s not the case. It was a father who wanted his daughter to follow the boss of the team so that he didn’t have to worry about being sent out to kill zombies.

As for his daughter’s thoughts, he couldn’t care less.

The boss of the team was actually not very nice, and it was him that 0329 wanted to poison. By the way, counting the time, the effect of the drug should have kicked in by now, right?


“The host is two years older than her,” 0329 said euphemistically.


“So the host is also at the age where he should marry someone.”

Xi Xun opened his eyes, he did not care about the word ‘marry’, but looked at 0329 and said, “Oh?”

But having said that, the host was really lazy, and there were many small problems on his body. 0329 hadn’t noticed it before, but now, thinking that the host would have a spouse in the future, it was not okay to keep doing this. After all, the spouse would not spoil the host.

“Host.” 0329 sighed and then held Xi Xun’s palm.


“Get up and take a walk!”


“You’ve been lying down for a day, get up and walk,” 0329 coaxed softly.

“Too lazy to move,” Xi Xun closed his eyes again and said lazily.

“Just get up and walk for a while!”

But Xi Xun still had one long leg bent, and he didn’t move in the face of Zhuo’s pull, which made 0329 suddenly sad. It said sadly: “Host, you can’t do this, others won’t like you like this.”

“What does it have to do with me whether others like me or not.”

“But how do you find a partner in the future? I want to make the host particularly good so that the host can find a spouse who is as good as the host.”

“Haven’t I found it already?” Xi Xun said lightly.

“What? When did you find it? Why don’t I know?” 0329 asked, stunned.

Xi Xun didn’t speak again.

“Host? Host? Host!” 0329 shook Xi Xun’s shoulders, but Xi Xun was motionless, at most, he raised his hand and pressed 0329 on his chest to stop its movement.

In the end, 0329 chose to give up changing the host.

‘Forget it, even if the host is really abandoned in the future, it’s not a big deal, just raise the host when I come back!’

Thinking of this, 0329 depressed mood was a little better.

In fact, speaking of it, 0329 liked the lazy character of the host. No, it should be said that 0329 really liked everything about Xi Xun. For example, his beautiful eyes! Other aspects were also perfect, whether it be looks, a beautiful body, and strong strength!

‘Eh? Thinking about it, the host only has advantages everywhere!’

‘Who would dislike the host? The ones who dislike the hosts have bad eyesight!’

While thinking, 0329 stretched out its little hands and hugged Xi Xun, humming: ‘The host is the best!’

‘What’s wrong with being lazy?’

‘The host is like a lion when he’s lazy, very cute, super like! It feels especially good to the touch!’

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