The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.78

Chapter 78 – Ying Xuan’s Identity

Something happened to the team next door. The boss of the team and several of his younger brothers were all poisoned to death. The cause of death was unknown, but they all seemed to have suffered extreme pain before they died. This frightened everyone, and they thought about it carefully, except for Yu Ti, who took snacks and exchanged some water with them, the only one left was the kid’s porridge.

But the problem is that the porridge was also drank by that kid’s brother, some of them saw it, but he was fine in the end.

As for the pack of snacks and coke, it was even more impossible.

The packaging bag was not opened.

Everyone looked at each other, a little dumbfounded for a while, but in the end, they tacitly chose to ignore the matter. They were not familiar with the boss of the team and the dead subordinates, and they usually oppressed themselves. Since they were dead, it was probably God’s punishment. They were just relieved, and by the way, they could get all the supplies in the team.

And that girl was more pitiful.

Her father wanted to forcibly dedicate her to the boss of the team. Although she hated her father, her father was also poisoned to death when the accident happened suddenly. In an instant, the girl who lost her father had no backbone, and she was a little panicked.

Naturally, some of the remaining teams were eyeing the girl.

But before the other team members came over, Chen Jing and another girl walked over. She said to the girl, “Are you the only girl in your team? Do you want to join our team?”

The girl was startled.

Chen Jing continued: “As long as you can work, it doesn’t matter if you don’t kill zombies.”

“I, I can! I can do anything!” The girl hurriedly said as if she had grabbed a lifeline. Facing Chen Jing, who was also a girl, she obviously had a little more sense of security.

“Good, then you can follow our team. Our boss, Brother Yu, is very nice. At least you don’t have to worry about your personal safety or who has a bad heart for you. But if you want to survive in the end times, you still have to learn to kill zombies, but don’t worry, I can teach you,” Chen Jing comforted the girl.

Yu Ti’s team currently had the most girls in all teams for this reason.

And unless men were very upright, such as Yu Bo, most of them only felt grateful to Brother Yu at first and then become a little restless later. The reason was that Yu Ti’s management was strict and did not allow any forced things to happen in the team.

But who wanted to follow orders without some benefits?  Some men felt that they were already at the end of the world and didn’t need to abide by the law. Other teams were not like this, but their team was like this. Isn’t this a loss for them?

So some people left the team every once in a while.

Chen Jing walked with the girl, explaining some rules of the team to her as she walked.

At this moment, a figure suddenly fell at her feet!

Chen Jing: “……”

The girl was taken aback, and after a closer look, she found out that it was a boy. The boy was covered in injuries and fell in front of them. Then he raised his trembling hand and said, “Can you give me something to eat?”

Chen Jing: “……”

The girl had never seen this posture before, she had been well protected by her mother and brother, until her mother and brother died at the mouth of zombies, and she gradually became depressed after living with her father. She gave the little biscuit that she had left on her body to the boy.

“Thank you, thank you.” After Ying Xuan finished speaking, he slipped up, leaving the girl dumbfounded.

“Don’t be kind in the last days,” Chen Jing said to the girl.


But Chen Jing wasn’t angry either. After all, she had seen Ying Xuan frame Lu Ke with her own eyes. She was used to it, and she was mentally prepared the first time she saw Ying Xuan. But then again, how did he get here?

Although she was a little puzzled, Chen Jing didn’t care too much, maybe he came here by hitchhiking?


0329 came out to play after coaxing the host to sleep. It especially liked to wander around now, especially in the surrounding camps. It could see a lot of new things, just like listening to stories.

Then…it saw a familiar figure.

“Sorry, it wasn’t this brother who hit me.” Ying Xuan fell to the ground and coughed, while next to him stood a furious, cursing young man.

The team boss obviously liked the taste of beautiful boys, so naturally he didn’t blame him.

It’s just that when the team boss was about to take advantage of Ying Xuan, he was directly punched by Ying Xuan. That punch should be very heavy, the team boss fainted on the spot. Ying Xuan patted the dirt on his body, regardless of the strange eyes of others, and continued to the next camp.

So 0329 saw him hit five teams in succession.

After Ying Xuan finally got enough food to survive today, he found a quiet place to sit down and start eating biscuits.

At this moment, Ying Xuan noticed something strange.

He turned his head and saw 0329. Ying Xuan was taken aback as if he didn’t expect to meet him again. But meeting was fate. He hesitated for a while, then broke one-tenth of the corner of the biscuit and shared it with 0329.

0329 stared blankly at the biscuit in his hand, which was no bigger than a fingernail.

“Eat,” Ying Xuan invited him.

0329 tilted its head, it didn’t eat in the end, because it was useless to eat food given by others, only the host’s was useful. Eh? No, then why was the food given by the big brother useful?

“You won’t eat it? Then I’ll eat it,” Ying Xuan took it over again.

For Ying Xuan, mosquito leg meat was still meat.

“How did you get here?” 0329 sat aside and asked curiously.

“I walked over.”

“Walk over?” 0329 curiously asked.

“Hmm.” After Ying Xuan finished speaking, he glanced at the direction in the distance, which was the direction of Xi Xun’s camp, and said, “Are you not accompanying your brother?”

0329 shook its head.

Ying Xuan pursed his lips and continued to lower his head to eat biscuits.

“You didn’t tell me last time, what did you mean by what you said to my brother?” 0329 asked and blinked.

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s when you said whether my brother recognized you or not or something like that.”

As soon as Ying Xuan heard this, he suddenly became sad. He whispered: “He shouldn’t remember it, he should have forgotten it a long time ago.”

Somehow, 0329’s mood dropped to the bottom in an instant.

This looked like a bit of a story with the host senior, which made 0329 poke at the soil on the ground, a little unhappy.

Ying Xuan was also in a very low mood at this time.

In fact, Ying Xuan was not itself, it was a wild system. The owner of this body was dead, and it possessed this body before he died, but it was approved by the original owner!

The original owner’s request was to kill those who had violated him, and the wild system agreed. It’s just that even if it possessed the human body, it still couldn’t see human hearts clearly, or it could see too clearly.

In the eyes of systems, humans were all skeletons.

Until it saw…Xi Xun, in fact, it couldn’t see Xi Xun’s appearance, it could only see the extremely strong black aura, but Xi Xun had the law enforcement sword that Ying Xuan was very familiar with! Ying Xuan was very excited at that time.

Because it had an object of admiration.

A law enforcement system.

In terms of time, Ying Xuan was now three million years old. A million years ago, it saw a law enforcement system, and the other party was executing another wild system. Ying Xuan couldn’t see what the other party looked like, because it was a wild system, and it could only see a little bit of the edge outline and the law enforcement sword.

Ying Xuan was a little scared at that time, and it was so scared that it accidentally made a movement.

It originally thought that it would also die at the hands of the other party, but it did not expect that the other party did not intend to kill it. At that time, the wild system was stunned, because it had heard of the law enforcement system, and it had heard that the law enforcement system was ruthless, and it would never show mercy when it saw the wild system.

Because wild systems could not exist in the world.

Whether they were evil or not, they would be hunted and killed.

But the other party just looked at itself, as if it was checking whether there was any killing on its body. After finding out that there was none, it gave itself a little merit, and then Ying Xuan heard the other party’s ethereal voice, “I have redeemed you and given you some merit. As long as you don’t commit any crimes, you can cultivate a righteous path in the future.”

It gave itself a chance to lead to the right path.

Let’s put it this way, the wild system was equivalent to a black household, and the other party’s approach was to give Ying Xuan a temporary ID card, as long as it cultivated well, it could be reincarnated.

Although this would cost a little bit of the other party’s merit.

It was only later that Ying Xuan learned from other wild systems that this law enforcement system had already redeemed countless wild systems, and as long as there was no evil in their body, they would be given a chance to live.

It was simply a great good system.

It was completely different from the previous law enforcement systems with ruthless methods.

Ying Xuan didn’t expect to see it one day.

So it specially transformed to the outline of the other party a little bit. In fact, Ying Xuan didn’t understand the difference in appearance, just like how humans look at kittens and puppies, they all look similar to the naked eye. But it tried its best to look a little similar to that great system, maybe it could recognize itself.

Although it didn’t understand how the other party was in the human world, it didn’t know why it was surrounded by black aura. It still remembered that it was covered with golden-red light, and there was also a light golden mark on its forehead.

But it recognized the law enforcement sword, so it should be the benefactor!

It was a pity that the other party kicked itself in the air before it finished speaking.

After not seeing it for a million years, Benefactor System seemed to have become a lot colder and grumpy, which made Ying Xuan a little scared and didn’t dare to approach it anymore.

It was afraid that it would be killed if it stepped forward again.

“He once helped me, which is equivalent to saving my life to me, but he probably doesn’t remember me,” Ying Xuan reluctantly explained to the child.


Ying Xuan sighed, and stood up, planning to find something to eat.

It spent many years observing humans and finally learned the skill of touching porcelain. Although it didn’t understand why the humans could get food when they fall, it still followed the customs.

Now it had been used perfectly.

It couldn’t snatch human luck like other wild systems, it always remembered the words of the benefactor, so an equal exchange with humans should be fine, right?


The other side.

After chatting with Ying Xuan, 0329 went back to the host’s tent. It got into the tent and looked at the host sleeping with his eyes closed, and couldn’t help but sigh slightly. The senior was really kind, and it was still helping others anytime, anywhere, 0329 was still far from it.

At this moment, the law enforcement sword suddenly sprang out——

It seemed to sense that there was a wild system around it, and the sword body was cold and glowing.

“Baby?” 0329 was puzzled.

The law enforcement sword came to 0329’s side, as if to guide it to find the wild system. The law enforcement sword had now been restored to 50%, and it could sense all wild systems, whether they were evil or not.

For the law enforcement sword, just kill them all.

It seemed that 0329 was too slow, and the law enforcement sword rushed out by itself.

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