The Sweetest Marriage Ch.35

Chapter 35 – Building a Bridge

Hearing the housekeeper’s voice, Wei Chen gently responded and planned to get up from the bed. As soon as Wei Chen moved here, Chen Li woke up, opened his eyes wide, and looked at Wei Chen. There was no confusion in his eyes indicating that he had just woken up. It might be that he woke up at this moment, or he woke up a long time ago, and just because he was greedy for the warmth brought by Wei Chen, he closed his eyes and pretended to be dreaming.

“Do you want to sleep again?” Wei Chen had already stood up and looked down at Chen Li. The early morning sun fell in from the window, illuminating Wei Chen’s face. Although he was expressionless, his eyes were full of tenderness.

Chen Li sat up from the bed, some of his hair curled up, he glanced at Wei Chen, turned around, and put his feet on the edge of the bed.

Wei Chen saw what Chen Li meant and rubbed Chen Li’s hair. The hair that was messy when he woke up was rubbed by Wei Chen, turning into a bird’s nest. Chen Li didn’t even reach out to fix it, he just looked at Wei Chen.

Wei Chen squatted down and put on his slippers for Chen Li before leading Chen Li into the bathroom. Watching Chen Li wash from the side, like taking care of a child. Even though they were all trivial things, Wei Chen enjoyed it.

After that, Wei Chen set up the painting tools for Chen Li, rubbed Chen Li’s already combed hair again, and said, “You draw first, Grandpa is looking for me, I will go there first, and we will have breakfast together later.”

Naturally, Chen Li still didn’t respond, and pulled the corners of Wei Chen’s clothes. As before, Wei Chen understood Chen Li’s meaning in seconds and said, “I will be back as soon as possible.”

After receiving Wei Chen’s promise, Chen Li grabbed a pencil and began to draw on sketch paper. Wei Chen saw that Chen Li was already immersed in painting, so he got up and left the room and headed towards Old Man Wei’s study.

Old Man Wei was already waiting for Wei Chen in the study. When he heard Wei Chen come in, he didn’t look up at Wei Chen, still concentrating on his calligraphy.

“Grandpa,” Wei Chen stood still in front of the old man and greeted.

Only then did Old Man Wei put down the brush in his hand, straightened up and looked at Wei Chen, and asked straightforwardly: “When will you set off for the capital?” There was not much emotional ups and downs in his voice, it was clear, light, and unreadable.

“The day after tomorrow,” Wei Chen replied, without any expression on his face, both his eyes and his tone were cold and calm.

The old man stopped talking, and took up the brush again and began to sway on the rice paper, as if to leave Wei Chen hanging.

If in the past Wei Chen would have waited for the old man to finish expressing what he wanted to say before leaving, but now he was in a bit of a hurry because he knew Chen Li was still waiting for him, so he said, “If grandpa has nothing else to say, I’ll go back first.”

“Stand still,” Old Man Wei’s face sank, and he scolded: “Why are you so impatient?”

Wei Chen did not speak, his face was cold.

“Are you blaming me for agreeing to your marriage with Chen Li again?” Old Man Wei asked.

“No, I also want to thank Grandpa for letting me marry Li Li.” When it came to Chen Li, the coldness in Wei Chen’s eyes couldn’t help but soften. Although his expression was still paralyzed, the look in his eyes couldn’t deceive people.

“It’s good that you are satisfied.” The old man smiled lightly, and after speaking, he took out a business card from the drawer of the table and handed it to Wei Chen, “Do you remember your Grandfather Xu? This is your Grandpa Xu’s granddaughter. She studied psychology abroad and only returned home last month. She is now a psychologist at Ci’en Hospital.”

Wei Chen took the business card in the old man’s hand and immediately understood the old man’s thoughts. The old man was building a bridge for himself. The Xu family in the capital had a prominent position in the business circles of the capital. If he could be associated with the Xu family, his job in the capital would be much easier.

Knowing Old Man Wei’s mind was one thing, but accepting it or not was another matter. Wei Chen put away the business card, looked directly into Old Man Wei’s eyes, and said, “I will take Li Li to Dr. Xu, but I forgot to tell Grandpa about one thing. I have already accepted the job offer from Changfeng Group. Next month, I will serve as the marketing director of Changfeng Group’s headquarters in the capital.”

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