The Sweetest Marriage Ch.36.1

Chapter 36.1 – Precursors to Conflict

Beijing was a big market, and the Wei family also had a branch in the capital, but compared with the Shanghai branch, this small industry in the capital was as insignificant as the legs of a fly.

Old Man Wei thought that Wei Chen would choose to stay in the capital because he wanted to run the Wei family’s industry in the capital and help the Wei family improve the situation in the capital. So, he thought about helping Wei Chen connect with the Xu family, so Wei Chen would not be so isolated and helpless in the capital.

But Old Man Wei never expected that Wei Chen’s final choice was not to stay in the Wei family’s company in Beijing, but to choose Changfeng Group.

Changfeng Group was mainly engaged in the import and export trade of automobiles. It was now the largest automobile import and export trading company in China. It was not a family industry, this enterprise was crowned with a state-owned surname.

The position of marketing director of Changfeng Group was considered a very decent job and could be regarded as an executive of Changfeng Group. However, compared with the head of the marketing department of the Wei family in the capital branch, many people would choose the Wei family’s job, not to mention that Wei Chen was a descendant of the Wei family.

Therefore, for a while, it was difficult for the old man to understand the reason for Wei Chen’s choice.

However, Old Man Wei didn’t ask. Wei Chen was cultivated by him. He knew in his heart what his work ability was, Changfeng Group valued this aspect. And so, Old Man Wei was actually a little proud in his heart, Changfeng Group was not so easy to enter.

“Since you have accepted the job offer from Changfeng Group, do it well,” Old Man Wei said, and then continued to wave the brush in his hand, with an indifferent expression and an irrelevant appearance.

“Yes.” Wei Chen nodded, “I’ll go back first.”

“Go,” the old man said without raising his head.

After seeing that Wei Chen had left, Old Man Wei said to the housekeeper who came in to pour him tea: “He still blames me.”

The housekeeper handed the teacup to Old Man Wei with both hands, and said respectfully: “Young Master Wei Chen will understand Old Master’s painstaking efforts.”

Old Man Wei took a sip of tea and stopped talking.

The housekeeper stood aside and waited, his eyes lowered, his expression indifferent.


After Wei Chen came out of Old Man Wei’s study, he met Wei Yan. Wei Yan smiled and greeted Wei Chen, “Ah Chen, good morning.”

Wei Chen nodded to Wei Yan, greeting him back.

“I heard that you are going to the capital, why don’t you stay in Shanghai?” Wei Yan asked curiously as he walked side by side with Wei Chen.

“I’ll go and have a look,” Wei Chen replied ambiguously.

“Yes, you are still so young, you should go out and venture, or you can follow me for a casual trip. The world is so big, it’s a pity not to go and see it.” Unlike Wei Chen’s facial paralysis, Wei Yan always had a bright smile on his face, affectionate eyebrows, and handsome facial features. He was also a sought-after existence outside.

“If there’s a chance,” Wei Chen said as he thought about something, his cold eyebrows were stained with a touch of tenderness.

Just as they reached the stairs, Wei Chen walked straight to his room. Wei Yan was about to go downstairs. The two had nothing to say anymore, and they naturally separated.

When Wei Chen returned to the room, Chen Li was still painting, and he didn’t look back when he heard the sound of the door opening. He held a brush pen in his hand and drew on the drawing paper with a focused expression, as if he hadn’t noticed that Wei Chen was back.

Wei Chen walked to Chen Li’s side lightly, his eyes fell on the drawing paper. The painting was almost completed. Wei Chen could already see the outline of the painting. Chen Li was painting him. His long fingers waved the brush pen, Wei Chen’s appearance was vividly reflected in the paper.

Wei Chen didn’t bother Chen Li. This was the first time he had seen Chen Li painting such a realistic thing. At the same time, he was also very curious about what he looked like in Chen Li’s heart.

However, before Wei Chen could observe carefully, Chen Li stretched out his hand and tore up the drawing paper. His strength was also a bit strong, and the pieces of paper were scattered on the ground. Not only that, after Chen Li spent a lot of energy tearing up the drawing paper, he stood quietly, his eyes fell straight on the pieces of paper on the ground, the hand holding the brush pen was tightly clenched, and on the pale fingers, every blood vessel was clearly revealed, as if in a desperate attempt to restrain something.

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