The Sweetest Marriage Ch.34

Chapter 34 – His Li Li

The night wind was slightly cool, blowing away the heat of the day, and the moonlight poured down like mercury, splattered and fragmented.

In the room, Wei Chen had already coaxed Chen Li to take off his shirt, revealing Chen Li’s fair skin hidden under his clothes.

The young man was too thin, nothing could be seen with his clothes on, but at this moment, without the cover of his clothes, the ribs on the young man’s body could be clearly seen.

What was even more shocking was the bruises on the young man’s body, big and small. During this period of time, the young man followed Wei Chen and naturally suffered no more injuries, and these bruises gradually faded away. However, the young man’s skin was fair, even if the black and red bruises faded, it would still be very scary when they appeared on the young man’s skin.

Wei Chen looked a little distressed and a little angry, and secretly thought in his heart that Chen Li must be fed more later. Then he asked Chen Li to turn over. He wanted to check the injury on Chen Li’s body that had been hit by the ball not long ago.

Chen Li listened to Wei Chen’s words very much and believed in Wei Chen very much. Although he hadn’t said a word so far, he would generally obey what Wei Chen asked him to do, and this time was no exception. He turned around and lay on the bed, exposing his back.

Chen Li’s back, like his chest, was thin and bony, and his fair skin was covered with large and small bruises and scars. One of them was particularly obvious to the left near the waist, it was the one hit by Wei Wei’s ball.

Wei Chen took out a bottle of blood circulation spray from the drawer, and his slender knuckles gently touched Chen Li’s circle of bruises that had just been dyed black. He felt angry and even regretted that the ball did not cause substantial damage to Wei Wei.

Wei Chen took a hot towel and applied it to the bruise. He first warmed up the skin, but he didn’t dare to rub the skin that looked black, red, and green. He was afraid that an uneven force would make Chen Li’s pain worse.

“Does it hurt, Li Li?” Removing the towel that was almost getting cold, Wei Chen couldn’t help but ask feeling distressed as he sprayed the spray.

Chen Li didn’t respond. When Wei Chen finished treating the injury and told Chen Li to get up, he found that Chen Li was already asleep, even snoring slightly.

Chen Li was also tired after running outside all day today.

Wei Chen didn’t wake Chen Li up. He picked up the remote control and turned up the air conditioner in the room. When the spray on Chen Li’s back was about to dry, Wei Chen took the quilt and gently covered Chen Li. After doing all this, Wei Chen changed his clothes and lay down beside Chen Li, turning his head to stare at Chen Li’s sleeping face.

Chen Li, who was asleep, had a peaceful face, and all the vigilance and timidity during the day were dormant in the darkness. At this moment, he was like a young master of a noble family who was ignorant of the world, with a carefree expression on his face.

When he was half asleep, Wei Chen thought, one day he would drive away all of Chen Li’s worries and let all of the bad emotions lying dormant in the darkness be filled with sunlight. No matter day or night, he wanted his Li Li to be this carefree.

Yes, this was his Lili, and he would do everything he could to spoil Li Li.

Wei Chen felt soft in his heart and gradually fell into a sweet dream.


Early the next morning, the sun enveloped the whole world. Before the morning dew dissipated, a few drops of crystal-clear water hung on the tip of the leaves, and there were birds singing on the branches, babbling, and the world that had been silent all night became lively.

Wei Chen opened his eyes, he found that Chen Li, who was sleeping on his stomach last night, had rolled into his arms at some point, bent his body with his back against him, and was still sleeping soundly.

Wei Chen didn’t rush to get up, put his hand on Chen Li’s waist, and wrapped him in his arms.

This morning was quiet and beautiful until the knock on the door from the housekeeper.

“Young master, it’s time to get up, the old master has called for you.”

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