The Sweetest Marriage Ch.33

Chapter 33 – People’s Hearts Are Biased

When Wei Chen’s words exploded in the living room again, the atmosphere in the living room instantly became tense.

The nerves on Wei Chen’s face were already weak, and now his face was even more paralyzed, his eyes were dark and cold, and there was no trace of emotional fluctuations. Anyone who was touched by these eyes would probably tremble.

Perhaps because of being intimidated by Wei Chen’s aura, Wei Wei hid in Fang Yun’s arms and gasped for breath. Fang Yun rubbed Wei Wei’s hair with her hands, her eyes were lowered, and her face seemed calm, but no one could know what she was feeling at this moment.

Wei Zhenxiong narrowed his eyes, looked at Wei Chen up and down, and finally had to admit that the person in front of him made him feel strange. Have they not seen each other for too long?

“If there is nothing else, I will go back upstairs with Li Li.” Wei Chen withdrew the coldness in his eyes, he didn’t care whether Wei Zhenxiong still wanted to say something to him, he took Chen Li’s hand and walked upstairs. He was a little anxious, and worried about Chen Li’s back injury. Even so, Wei Chen still took care of Chen Li very carefully, so as not to let Chen Li have a little accident because of himself.

Wei Zhenxiong frowned and kept looking at the backs of Wei Chen and Chen Li until the two disappeared at the corner of the stairs. He withdrew his gaze, called a maid, and asked calmly: “Has Wei Chen always treated Chen Li like this? “

The maid lowered her eyes and said, “Yes, Young Master Wei Chen is very kind to Young Master Chen Li.”

Wei Zhenxiong stopped asking, and tapped his knuckles on the sofa, his eyes were indifferent.

The maid had been working in the Wei family for many years, and knowing that Wei Zhenxiong’s action was a sign of thinking, she stopped disturbing Wei Zhenxiong’s side and retreated silently. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Fang Yun and Wei Wei. Wei Wei had already been coaxed by Fang Yun, and was now holding his fists and saying grand words. The maid didn’t dare to listen much. When she retreated, she could vaguely hear Wei Wei say “fool”, “lesson”, and the like, but Fang Yun didn’t interrupt Wei Wei’s words, which seemed to be an acquiescence. Wei Wei could do what he said.

The little master really didn’t understand respect. Young Master Wei Chen was right, the little master really needed someone to teach him how to respect people. When the maid left, she thought silently in her heart, but she also knew that this was impossible. With the second master and the second wife, no one would want to cross them to teach the little master.

There was nothing wrong with being biased in people’s hearts, but the second master and the second wife put their whole hearts on the little master.

Instead of saying a family of four, it would be better to say a family of three. Second master and second wife should never have considered Young Master Wei Chen as family, even though Young Master Wei Chen is their own son.


As soon as the door of the room closed, everything outside was isolated.

Wei Chen leaned on the door the moment he closed the door, closed his eyes, and looked a little tired.

Chen Li stood by Wei Chen’s side, his gaze fell on Wei Chen’s body. For an instant, he seemed to feel Wei Chen’s depression again, but he didn’t know how to comfort Wei Chen. He could only learn from Wei Chen’s usual way of comforting himself. Chen Li stood on tiptoe, hesitantly stretched out his hand, and put his palm on Wei Chen’s hair, and then he didn’t know what else to do, and there was no other movement.

Wei Chen raised his hand and covered Chen Li’s slightly cold hand, and opened his eyes. All the complex emotions in his eyes had already settled, and all that was left was overflowing tenderness.

“I’m fine, don’t worry,” Wei Chen said, his expression calm and undisturbed.

He would always remember the way they looked at him on the day of the car accident in his previous life – cold and detached with a bit of joy. If he still longed for warmth from his parents in his previous life, then from the moment he saw this relieved look in their eyes he had stopped hoping for warmth from them.

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