The Sweetest Marriage Ch.32

Chapter 32 – That Fool

The night was getting late, and the heat during the day slowly dissipated with the night wind.

The night breeze was slightly cool, and the moonlight was just right.

After Wei Chen parked the car, he led Chen Li out of the car. There was a cobblestone path from the garage to the house. The flowers on both sides of the path were blooming in full bloom, and the fragrance of flowers lingered on the tip of the nose, which was indescribably pleasant.

Wei Chen carried the painting materials he bought today in one hand and held Chen Li’s hand in the other. He walked on the cobblestone path leisurely.

The lights in the Wei family’s main house were brightly lit. As soon as Wei Chen opened the door, he heard laughter from the living room. The familiar laughter fell into Wei Chen’s ears, but the smile in Wei Chen’s eyes slowly sank.

“Young Master, you are back.” When the maid saw Wei Chen and Chen Li enter, she immediately welcomed them and tried to pick up the bag in Wei Chen’s hand.

Wei Chen handed the bag to the maid and told her to put it in his room. He led Chen Li to the living room and said to a pair sitting on the sofa: “Father, mother.”

The people in the living room finally discovered Wei Chen’s existence, and the smile on their faces immediately froze. The man sitting on the sofa glanced at Wei Chen indifferently, but did not speak.

And the woman sitting next to the man didn’t even raise her head, concentrating on talking to a child.

The couple were Wei Chen’s parents, Wei Zhenxiong and Fang Yun, and the child playing on the floor was Wei Chen’s nine-year-old younger brother, Wei Wei, who was fifteen years younger than him.

Wei Chen didn’t want to say anything to them either. After saying hello, he took Chen Li back upstairs with a paralyzed face. There was not even a polite word between the family.

Just as Wei Chen was holding Chen Li and preparing to go upstairs, a small ball hit Chen Li’s back accurately. The ball was full of energy and hit Chen Li with a “thud!”. The sound was heavy, it hurt just listening to it.

However, the culprit didn’t feel guilty at all. He threw himself into Fang Yun’s arms with a giggle and said to Chen Li: “Hey, that fool, throw the ball over.”

Chen Li naturally didn’t react, and when he was hit by the ball, he just shrank. Wei Chen felt distressed, and he couldn’t wait to take off Chen Li’s clothes at this moment to check the skin on Chen Li’s back. At this moment, he heard Wei Wei’s bossy words, making him even more angry.

“Fool, I told you to throw the ball over, did you hear me?” Wei Wei shouted again when he saw Chen Li unresponsive.

“Want the ball, right?” Wei Chen stepped on the ball under his feet, turned around and looked at Wei Wei coldly, and asked a little gloomily.

Wei Wei shrank instinctively, but thinking that his parents were by his side, he suddenly felt emboldened, and made a face at Wei Chen, “I let that fool beside you throw it, but I didn’t let you throw it, you shut up!” After speaking, he straightened his chest and looked proud.

Wei Chen stopped talking, coaxed Chen Li to stand on the stairs, raised the ball with his foot, and glanced at Wei Wei gloomily. With a jerk of his foot, the ball was sent flying in the direction of Wei Wei with a parabola.


Wei Chen’s action came so suddenly that Wei Wei even forgot to dodge, and his instinctive fear made him start screaming. And Wei Chen’s parents didn’t have time to react, so they watched as the ball smashed into Wei Wei.

When Wei Chen was in high school and college, he was on the school football team, and even the professional football team threw an olive branch at Wei Chen. This uncontrollable kick made the ball move forward fast. Even if Wei Chen’s parents reacted now, it was too late to stop it, not to mention that both of them were a little stunned now.

Fortunately, Wei Chen didn’t really want to hurt Wei Wei. The ball flew over Wei Wei’s face, except for a strong wind, it didn’t cause any substantial damage. But a vase in the corner of the living room was hit by the ball and broke with a bang.

Wei Wei couldn’t bear the shock and cried out of breath, Fang Yun felt distressed and glared at Wei Chen fiercely. Wei Zhenxiong even stood up from the sofa and said to Wei Chen with a cold face: “Wei Chen, come and apologize to your brother!”

“Apologize?” Wei Chen sneered: “No one taught him what respect is. As an older brother, don’t I have the right to teach him?”

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