The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.79

Chapter 79 – The Second Wild System

The speed of the law enforcement sword was very fast, and 0329 chased after it. But the law enforcement sword didn’t seem to find the wild system in the end, and only stopped in front of a woman. Ordinary people naturally couldn’t see the law enforcement sword, she was still smiling and talking to another team about something.

0329 walked over curiously.

When 0329 walked over, it was a little surprised, because this person was the one who told it the story of Snow White a long time ago. At that time, she also gave 0329 several story books.

Chen Bing, who was talking, seemed to have sensed something too. She lowered her head to find out that it was the child who gave her food in exchange for stories two months ago.

Chen Bing’s eyes moved suddenly.

Talking to Chen Bing was a tall man in a green coat with fierce eyes. He was dissatisfied with Chen Bing’s distraction and said, “Hey, what you just said is true?”

Chen Bing returned to her senses as she smiled and said, “Naturally.”

“But your words have no proof, what if we join your safe zone and the promises you made before don’t count anymore?” the man sneered.

“I can pay some compensation first,” after speaking, Chen Bing took out three boxes of trauma medicines.

So many medicines made the other party’s eyes move.

It had been almost three months since the end of the world, and all local medicines had been searched very cleanly. The people who could take out so many boxes of medicine now couldn’t be underestimated. It seemed that the other party’s safe zone did have a certain ability.

“Boss, let’s go to her base to have a look,” someone suggested.

The team boss thought for a while and agreed.

It’s just that when the men in the convoy pushed a few women and a few teenagers to let them get in the car together, Chen Bing spoke, and she said calmly: “Our base doesn’t have the materials to support idlers. Either leave these burdens behind, or you don’t even go.”

The team boss’s face changed slightly when he heard this.

He frowned at Chen Bing and said, “What about when we are bored?”

“Then I will prepare something fun for everyone,” Chen Bing said mysteriously with the corners of her lips raised.

This aroused everyone’s interest.

It’s just that some people in the convoy still couldn’t bear to leave these looted people, but they were about to go to a well-supplied base, and there was still fresh fun. These people, they had long been tired of playing with them, a change of taste was also good.

So the team boss let the people throw these people away.

The people who were left behind were a little unbelievable, and they didn’t know if they should be happy or sad. Happy that they were out of the clutches, and sad because in this end of the world, the consequences of being left behind could be imagined.

“Take us too, please!” someone was really scared, kneeling on the ground, grabbing Chen Bing’s pants and crying.

Compared to being eaten alive by zombies, being tortured was a blessing.

“I said, we don’t want waste in our base,” Chen Bing said coldly.

But having said that, Chen Bing still asked people to bring a bag of food and throw it to these people.

The team boss was a little puzzled by Chen Bing’s approach.

Chen Bing said indifferently: “This place is too close to our base, I don’t want these people to die around the base, it’s bad luck.”

The team boss didn’t ask any more when he heard the words.

After that, Chen Bing went to other teams stationed around. She attracted a lot of people from the convoy to join her base, but she didn’t want to take women and children. Everyone only regarded the woman as a weirdo, and no one thought much about it.

As for those who had families, some were unwilling to choose to leave their wives and children, so they chose not to go. Some ruthlessly kicked away their wives and children, and then quickly followed Chen Bing’s convoy, wanting to live a good life.

During this period, 0329 had been watching Chen Bing curiously.

Chen Bing didn’t care at first, but later coldly asked 0329 to leave and not follow her.

0329 was a little puzzled.

Chen Bing glanced at the little guy who was stunned and in a daze. She wanted to turn around and leave, but in the end, she didn’t hold back and called someone over, and said coldly: “Who brought this kid? Send him back, I hate children, don’t die around my base, it’s bad luck.”

Chen Bing’s subordinate understood what Chen Bing meant, and hurriedly walked to 0329 and asked with a straight face where his family was. He could send him back first, so as not to be abducted by someone with a bad heart.

“No, I can go back by myself.”

It was just curious now how the gentle and loving sister before became like this now. She had a very good personality and could tell stories to itself, but now, she had become a different person. But this didn’t matter. What it was wondering was why the law enforcement sword kept pointing at her?

The law enforcement sword only sensed the wild system. Was she bound to the wild system? 0329 frowned and scanned her, but it found that the other party was not bound to the wild system.

There were generally only two possibilities for this situation.

The first is that she didn’t have a wild system bound to her body, but she had been bound before. The other is that she made some kind of soul transaction with the wild system, which led to a connection.

0329’s expression suddenly became solemn. Just when it was about to follow up to find out what happened, it was suddenly picked up from the ground. It turned its head and looked around, and found that it was a lazy host senior.


“What are you running around for?” Xi Xun narrowed his eyes and asked.

Hearing this, 0329 lowered its voice and whispered to Xi Xun: “Host, the law enforcement sword seems to have sensed the wild system just now, and it has something to do with a person. I want to go and have a look.”

“Go to sleep first,” Xi Xun said while holding 0329 back.

“No way! I am the law enforcement system! Seeing a wild system and not catching it, it’s not in line with my professionalism! And what if something happens after time is delayed? The wild system likes to devour human souls very much, and it is very likely that something big will happen if I go one step late!”

“Go to sleep first,” Xi Xun still said indifferently.



Xu Chuan and the others also saw Chen Bing.

In fact, Xu Chuan and the others did not leave the vicinity of the convoy. Originally, they wanted to leave. But after leaving the convoy, Zhang Qiang regretted it. He remembered that he followed Yu Ti because there was a small town that ate people. Although he heard that only children were eaten, but there was no guarantee that adults were safe.

This made him a little angry.

The other three were the same, so everyone planned to stay around for a while.

Then they saw Chen Bing.

Xu Chuan hurried over before Chen Bing left, and said, “I heard that your base wants capable people who can kill zombies? What do you think of us brothers? Don’t worry, we are not a burden and can make a great contribution to the base.”

Chen Bing glanced at a few people when she heard the words, then smiled and said, “Really? So what do you use to prove it?”

“I can prove it, but what treatment does your base give?”

“Treatment?” Chen Bing raised her eyebrows, then hooked her lips and said, “As long as you can kill zombies, then you will have meat to eat, and you will never be treated badly. I just don’t know if you can do it.”

Xu Chuan’s eyes lit up, he had wanted to eat meat for a long time!

He said, “Really?!”

“Of course.”

Zhang Qiang grabbed Xu Chuan and said, “It’s been almost three months since the end of the world, how can they have meat? I think she’s a liar.”

Xu Chuan also pondered for a while, and the next second, he suddenly took out a knife and inserted it into Zhang Qiang’s abdomen.

Zhang Qiang was stunned, he looked at Xu Chuan in disbelief.

Xu Chuan put away the blood-stained dagger, and then said to Chen Bing: “I think your base should need someone like me, right? I don’t know if you are satisfied with this proof?” Xu Chuan had been observing Chen Bing for a long time, and he found that the people Chen Bing selected were all with that kind of strength, but she didn’t care about their character at all.

What she hated most was women and children.

Therefore, Xu Chuan understood that the other party’s base should be for the strong, the more ruthless the better, which was also common in the end times.

Sure enough, Chen Bing’s eyes narrowed instantly.

She stared at Xu Chuan without blinking, and said, “Just you, you can enter the base directly without assessment.”

The corners of Xu Chuan’s mouth hooked up.

Wang Lin and the other person panicked when they saw this, and they wanted to go with them, otherwise, they would be left here without a car. One could imagine what the result would be. Wang Lin was the first to say: “I can do it, I can kill zombies, and I can kill people. As long as it’s for the good of our base, I can do anything.”

The man next to Wang Lin also said, “I can do it too.”

Chen Bing looked at a few people, and then asked, “Even children?”

“As long as there is meat to eat, yes!”

Chen Bing smiled. She looked at a few people and said, “Very well, in that case, let’s get in the car together.”

Chen Jing, who saw this scene from a distance, always felt that something was wrong. Xu Chuan also saw Chen Jing. He glanced at Chen Jing coldly and thought to himself that she would be ensl*ved to death in that convoy. He was different, he had now found a suitable base for him and was about to have a good life.

If Chen Jing were the same as she was back then, he might take Chen Jing with him, but now, just forget it.

Yu Ti noticed that Chen Jing’s expression was wrong and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Brother Yu, I think something is wrong with that convoy.”

Yu Ti heard the words and looked into the distance. He didn’t see anyone, he could only see the exhaust of the car. Yu Ti was distracted just now, so he didn’t pay attention to the surroundings, so he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t tell…”

Yu Ti frowned thoughtfully.

At this time, there were bursts of sad cries not far away, those who were left behind by the convoy. Some children were only seven or eight years old, but their fathers didn’t want them anymore, and the children were crying helplessly in the same place.

Upon seeing this, Yu Ti frowned and walked over.

He first coaxed these children who had been abandoned by their father, and then asked Chen Jing to take them to eat. There was also milk powder found before in the convoy, which was also soaked for these children.

It seemed that they could feel that the big brother in front of them was a good person, and the children’s crying gradually stopped.

Several teenagers who were also abandoned also came over when they saw this scene, and they looked at Yu Ti cautiously.

Yu Ti could feel the fear in their hearts, so he asked his people to get more food and distribute it to these people.

This scene made the rest of the abandoned people come over.

There were women holding young children and some thin but good-looking men. Yu Ti did not refuse, but let Chen Jing settle these people.

It’s just that the food was limited in the end, so they were still a bit reluctant to accept so many people at once. The most important thing is that they had other things to do and couldn’t leave with these people.

So in the end, Yu Ti made a decision.

He left half of the people around him, let them send these people to the base first, and left most of the food. He took two or three people to that small town.

Chen Jing immediately disagreed, she said, “But that’s too dangerous!”

“It’s okay, I have a sense of proportion.”

Chen Jing wanted to say more, but Yu Ti stopped her, and Chen Jing had to shut up helplessly.


The other side.

Although 0329 was carried back, it kept holding Xi Xun’s hand and talking about its responsibilities as a law enforcement system. It explained what the wild system might do if it was not stopped.

0329 talked for a total of two hours.

Finally, Xi Xun opened his eyes in silence. He looked at the little white ball beside him looking at himself with bated breath and said: “Let’s go.”

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