The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.80

Chapter 80 – Chen Bing and Ying Xuan

The night was silent, and it was already early in the morning when Chen Bing returned to the base. She kept her smiling face all day, and only when she entered a room did her smile completely disappear.

At this time, a tall man with long legs and a handsome appearance was sitting on the sofa cutting apples. After hearing Chen Bing come in, he didn’t lift his eyes.

“Xia Duo!” Chen Bing said coldly.

Xia Duo slowly raised his head, his tone undulating, and said, “What?”

“I just returned to the base and saw the new group of people you brought back. I said, my bottom line is not to kill good people and children! You broke the agreement between us,” Chen Bing’s eyes were fierce.

“The world is dirty, is there a distinction between good people and bad people?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s dirty or not, but I said, don’t do it to good people and children. This is my bottom line.”

Xia Duo smiled sarcastically.

He felt that there were no good people in this end times, and the world was already dirty. Only when everyone was dead and clean could the world be truly reborn.

Chen Bing had no intention of telling Xia Duo more, she knew that Xia Duo had already gone crazy.

She just told Xia Duo her opinion.

After speaking, Chen Bing left the room and returned to where she lived. After returning to her room, Chen Bing’s eyes gradually became sad. She first sat by the bed and was distracted for a long time, then reached out and touched the small clothes that had been placed on her bed.

These were her son’s clothes.

While touching it, Chen Bing’s tears couldn’t help falling down.

But soon she was in a good mood. She looked at a black ball in her hand and said, “The sacrifice is ready. When will you resurrect my child?”

In the next second, a figure slowly appeared in the room, and this person was Ying Xuan.

Ying Xuan said curiously: “So fast?”


“But I only need the voluntary sacrificial souls, I can’t do it if it’s not voluntary,” Ying Xuan was very principled. It was not a bad wild system. It obtained human consent every time it asked for something, and humans agreed to exchange it.

“Don’t worry, they are all voluntary,” Chen Bing’s tone was calm.

“Then, five days later.”

“Okay, do you…need to prepare anything else?”

“Your child’s skeleton will do.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

After Ying Xuan disappeared, the door of the room was pushed open, and Chen Bing’s husband, Lin Jun, came over. He looked at Chen Bing, who was holding the child’s clothes tightly, and said in a hoarse voice: “Xiaobing, stop doing that kind of thing with Xia Duo.”

“What did I do?!” Chen Bing raised his head, his eyes bloodshot.

“Do you think it’s right to exchange someone else for our son’s life?” Lin Jun looked at Chen Bing and asked.

Chen Bing heard the words as if she had heard some joke.

She stared at Lin Jun and said, “I did nothing wrong! Those people ate our child, do you know that?! You’re asking me right now?! I never thought I was right. As for the people recruited later, none of these people are good people! I have a bottom line. I won’t touch a good person. Those people are all heinous or dirty-minded people. I don’t know how many people will die in their hands if they stay alive! I can also be regarded as doing justice for the heavens.”

“But what about you?”

“What about me?” Chen Bing sneered.

“You use your soul as a guide, is it really worth it? We can have another child, Xiaobing,” Lin Jun held Chen Bing’s shoulder and said hoarsely.

Chen Bing pushed Lin Jun’s hand away, with tears in her eyes, but said fiercely: “I don’t need it! I just want my child to come alive, I don’t need other children. Lin Jun, Xia Duo is to resurrect his sister, and I am to resurrect my child. If you can help, you can help. If you can’t, please leave here and don’t stop me.”


The next day, Chen Bing, who had gotten up early in the morning, came to the west residence. There were people brought back by Xia Duo who lived here. She heard from her subordinates that there seemed to be a few good people in it, and Chen Bing didn’t want to do anything to good people.

Knock Knock Knock!

There was a knock on the door, and the door opened within four or five seconds.

What caught her eye was a man in his thirties. He was followed by several people, all from his team, both men and women.

“Excuse me, what’s the matter?” the man asked.

“You guys leave here today,” Chen Bing said concisely.

“Why?!Why let us go?!” a seventeen-or eighteen-year-old boy behind the man said. Gao Hai was very angry, he finally found a place to rest.

“That’s right, that’s right,” several other people also said.

If 0329 was here, it would find that these young people looked familiar. These people were rescued by 0329 in the small town a month ago. It’s just that after saving them, their demands were too high, and they asked Xi Xun to help them save their family, and Xi Xun directly told them to get lost.

“No reason, just leave,” Chen Qing said indifferently.

“I’m not leaving! Why should I leave? You said before that you have to take care of food and drink, but now you want to drive us away?” Gao Hai said.

Gao Hai winked at his companion as he said this.

After receiving his friend’s eyes, Sun Peng also said to Chen Bing: “You have to give us a reason, otherwise we won’t leave.”

The remaining two girls were a little embarrassed, but they didn’t want to leave either.

In the end, the man in the lead sighed and said, “This lady, I’m helping them find their families. They can’t walk anymore. Can you let them live here for the time being? I’ll leave by myself.”

“Looking for their family? You’re going to help them find their family?” Chen Bing’s eyelids jumped.

She had never met such a Holy Father since the end of the world.

“They’re all a bunch of poor kids who are worried about the whereabouts of their families,” the man sighed.

“Then why don’t you just let them find them on their own?”

“Hey, aren’t you too vicious? How old are we? If we have the ability, do we still need to ask others?” Gao Hai rushed over as soon as he heard this, for fear that Fang Hao would really do so after listening to this woman.”

Chen Bing’s eyes suddenly became cold.

Sun Peng coughed softly when he saw this, and said, “I’m sorry, this sister, my classmate has such a temper. I hope you will forgive him. But his family is very rich, and when his parents are rescued, they will also give you a little reward. His family runs a supermarket chain and has a lot of supplies.”

Chen Bing was silent.

She didn’t know for a while whether these children were naive or something else. Everything before the end of the world was yours because there was legal protection, but materials belonged to whoever had a big fist after the end of the world, even if his parents were alive, they might not be able to get those supplies.

She was too lazy to bother with words, “I don’t want to say it twice.”

“I’m not leaving anyway.” Gao Hai went directly back to the bedroom and lay on the bed, with the look of ‘what can you do about it.’

Sun Peng didn’t want to leave either, so he did the same as Gao Hai.

Chen Bing’s eyelids twitched, she had never seen such an annoying child. In the end, she let the man leave first in order not to create loose ends. As for these children, she planned to knock them out in the middle of the night and send them directly to the nearest safe area.

Fang Hao nodded slightly after listening, and said, “I’m sorry, I’m causing you trouble.”

“It’s okay,” Chen Bing turned and left.

After watching Chen Bing leave, Fang Hao looked at the children and said, “Since everyone else has said that, I think you should leave with me. Don’t you want to save your family? It just so happens that we are almost there.”

Gao Hai’s face changed immediately when he heard this, and he said, “We are not going. It’s so dangerous outside. Do you want us to go with you? What if I get bitten by a zombie at that time? We are still so young.”

“That’s right, I haven’t been in a relationship yet,” Sun Peng said.

Fang Hao was silent for a while.

Fang Hao was a veteran, which was why he agreed to help these children find their families and take care of them along the way. He had a strong sense of responsibility.

Seeing that these children were really unwilling to move, Fang Hao sighed and no longer asked, only said: “Then I will talk to that lady again, I hope she agrees to let you stay. After all, you are not big and you don’t have much to eat. Maybe the other party will agree.”

“Okay, you can talk about it,” Gao Hai thought this was a good idea.

But the answer was unsatisfactory. Chen Bing wouldn’t let them stay, so Fang Hao could only leave.

They looked at Fang Hao’s back as he left, but in the end, they still didn’t have the courage to say that they’d go with him. After all, they had already seen the horror of zombies.


In another place, Xi Xun saw Yu Ti’s convoy before driving off. He squinted his eyes. This could no longer be said to be a coincidence. It’s fine if it was just one or two times, but it was already three or four times.

But Xi Xun didn’t do anything and just directly started the car and drove away.

On the road, Xi Xun’s expression had always been cold.

0329 poked Xi Xun’s law enforcement sword with its small hand in the co-pilot and let it move. Originally, it relied on the law enforcement sword to lead the way, but the law enforcement sword was too lazy to fly, and it couldn’t move it, which made 0329 very sad.

“Baby? Baby, how about flying for a while?” 0329 coaxed.

This was what Xi Xun heard after he came back to his senses. His brows frowned slightly, and the next second, he directly took the law enforcement sword and threw it out the window. The law enforcement sword drew a perfect arc.

0329 was stunned, it looked at it for a while before thinking of going down to find it.

Xi Xun held the little white ball and said, “Don’t move around.”

“But the law enforcement sword fell.”

“Just leave it.”

0329 naturally wouldn’t agree, but before it could go down, the law enforcement sword that was thrown outside flew up and began to lead the way ahead.

0329 blinked and suddenly realized.

Xi Xun continued to hug the little guy, looking ahead with calm eyes, he said: “Do you hunt down wild systems every time?”

“That’s right.”

“After hunting for so long, are there only tens of millions of points?” Now that Xi Xun had recovered part of his memory, he remembered some of his previous past in the law department.

It only took Xi Xun 3 million years to save up 3 billion points, so now when he thought about the small system taking 30 million years to save up 50 million points, it was a bit unbelievable for a while.

Even a poor ordinary law enforcement system was not so bad.

0329 immediately became depressed when it heard the words, and said: “Maybe I haven’t hunted hard enough, I will continue to work hard!”

Xi Xun chuckled, and he rubbed 0329’s head.

Then he moved his mind and ordered the natal sword to go directly to the wild system. He could actually order the enforcement sword to kill that wild system directly, but then the merit points obtained would not be given to Zhuo, it could only be executed by Zhuo himself.

0329 was a little sleepy, it yawned and hugged Xi Xun.

Xi Xun put a warm palm around 0329, but at this moment, Xi Xun suddenly felt a tingling pain. He frowned slightly and moved his palm away, and found that it was the hidden mark on Zhuo’s body that burned him.

This made Xi Xun’s eyes narrow slightly.

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