The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.81

Chapter 81 – Hunting Ying Xuan

This mark…

He seemed to have seen it somewhere before, but Xi Xun couldn’t remember.

“Host, host wife, hug…” 0329 muttered while leaning into Xi Xun’s arms.

Xi Xun raised his hand and heavily rubbed the little white ball.


The other side.

Yu Ti’s group was also heading towards that small town day and night, to where Li Qingqing’s and Xi Nan’s kidnappers were. The road was not far, but it was not smooth, it was a bit steep, and they needed to drive carefully.


At this moment, a mournful cry came, and Yu Ti looked out and saw that on the edge of the deserted road not far away, a man pressed another young man on the car, and then directly pulled off his pants. The pressed young man kept struggling and crying.

The faces of Li Qingqing, Xi Nan, and others sitting in the car turned ugly.

Yu Ti’s face also became cold for a moment.

He immediately stopped the car, then after walking out, he grabbed the man above by the shoulder, and then threw him out ten meters away. The pressed young man’s lower body was not even dressed, and he was in a mess.

Yu Ti took off his coat and put it on him.

The young man looked at Yu Ti in doubt.

Yu Ti asked Chen Jing to take out three packs of biscuits and a bottle of water from the car, plus a gun. Chen Jing was silent, but sighed and did as she was told.

Yu Ti gave the young man something and said, “These foods are enough for you to eat for three days. I still have something and can’t take you to the safe zone. Just keep this gun for self-defense,” after instructing, Yu Ti turned around and prepared to get into the car.

But the moment he got into the car, a gunshot sounded—

Yu Ti was shot in the abdomen, and blood spread.

Chen Jing was stunned.

Li Qingqing and the others in the car were also stunned. Gan Jing and Xi Nan came down to check on Yu Ti’s injuries. The young man who fired the gun put it away indifferently, gave Yu Tie a cold look, hooked his lips and sneered, “Arrest them.”

The man who was still pressing the young man before limped over, and the other people hiding in the dark also came out.

Only then did Chen Jing know that this was a robbery.

At this time, Yu Ti had a burst of blackness in front of his eyes, and the loss of blood made Yu Ti’s face gradually pale.

He was the only one in the team who could fight.

Chen Jing barely counted.

But Li Qingqing, Gan Jing, and Xi Nan were not capable of fighting. In the face of so many people with guns, they naturally had no ability to resist.

The youth walked up to Yu Ti at this time, he casually picked up his clothes and wiped the dirt between his legs, then bent down and sized up Yu Ti, sneering, “I hate hypocrites like you the most, it’s people like you who deserve to die.”

After saying that he got up coldly and ordered to his subordinates, “Take them all away.”



Today’s weather was clear and sunny. 0329 and Xi Xun stopped in a suburb, and they didn’t know what the law enforcement sword was doing here. Is it too lazy to fly? Or is the wild system around here?

0329 drank Wangzai baby milk while meditating.

Xi Xun was sitting by the campfire, noodles were being boiled in the pot. Of course, the noodles were put in by 0329. Now Xi Xun could no longer touch any food. As long as he touched it, it would be poisonous. This made 0329 wonder if the host was reincarnated as a poisonous herb.

But it wouldn’t ask, it would hurt the host’s feelings.

After the noodles were cooked, 0329 picked up the bowl and served it out, and then it picked up the chopsticks and prepared to feed the host. This was strongly requested by 0329, because it didn’t know if the host would poison himself to death by eating by himself.

People passing by were a little surprised when they saw this scene.

There were even people who tsked and mocked, “So grown up and still let your brother feed you.”

0329 was very angry when it heard this, it stood up and argued with the man rationally: “What’s wrong huh?! My brother broke his hand, can’t I?!”  After disliking that person, 0329 turned his head and hugged the host and comforted him: “Host, don’t be angry. I like to feed the host!”


“Then, host take another bite, it will piss others off!”

Xi Xun responded, and then continued to enjoy Zhuo’s feeding. Now he wouldn’t be angry anymore, he even liked others to trouble him, because every time, Zhuo would stand up for him.

In short, Xi Xun liked the feeling of being protected and cared for by Zhuo.

“Here,” 0329 blew and continued to feed.

Xi Xun looked at the little white ball without blinking, and ate while watching. When he was at the end of eating, Xi Xun suddenly said, “Zhuo.”


“Do you like me?”

“Like!” That’s for sure. The room of 0329 was plastered with copybooks from the host senior! Even the books that the host senior had flipped through were all sorted out and collected.

“Which part of me do you like?” Xi Xun looked at the little white ball and asked.

“Hmm? I like everything! I like to look at your eyes, nose, and mouth, but I think the best-looking parts are your eyes and hands. No, the hands are still more good looking. My favorite is the host’s hand!”

“Except for these?”

“Except for these? Why do you want to exclude these? I like everything about the host!”

“Don’t you find it difficult to get along with me?”

“Not at all.”

“Do you love me?” Xi Xun asked suddenly, staring at the little white ball.

“Love? What is love?”

“It’s a deeper relationship than liking,” Xi Xun said.

“Then I love the host! I especially love the host!”  Speaking of this, 0329 suddenly lowered its voice and said mysteriously: “Host, I secretly told you, I think you are so perfect, even when you are sulking, unhappy, and angry, you are just the right cuteness, I like it so much.”

Xi Xun hooked the corners of his lips, and he said, “Very well, this is what you said. If you break your vows in the future, you will regret it. I will lock you by my side forever, do you understand?”

0329 stared wide eyed, it blinked and said, “Huh? Is that so? I also want to be with the host forever! Great!” After speaking, 0329 hugged Xi Xun, looking very happy.

“It’s punishment.” Xi Xun reminded lightly.

“It’s not punishment! It is a great happiness to be with the host forever!” 0329 paused after speaking, and said, “Doesn’t the host think so?”

Xi Xun’s eyes were deep, he stared at Zhuo deeply, and said, “Well, I feel happy too.”

“Then I will always be with the host!”

“Okay, I’ll wait and see.”

After eating an unscheduled meal, 0329 was about to continue to set off with the host, when he heard a commotion not far away. After talking to the host who was packing up, 0329 ran over to watch the excitement.

At a glance, it found that it was an acquaintance.

In front of a convoy not far away, Ying Xuan was lying on the ground, with blood flowing from the corners of his mouth and looking very weak.

“Damn, dare to touch the porcelain on me, are you f*cking looking for death?!” A tall, fleshy man dragged Ying Xuan’s clothes on his chest and said fiercely.

Ying Xuan frowned, he was even a little puzzled.

Just three hours ago, Ying Xuan saw this group of people robbing other people’s things and robbing other people’s cars. Ying Xuan didn’t feel much about this, but he was a little unhappy.

Because the small fleet that was robbed was Ying Xuan’s target.

So seeing them robbing his target, Ying Xuan followed them all the way. When it was time for these people to eat, Ying Xuan came over and lay down.

Forget it, just touch porcelain with this team, it’s the same.

“This kid is probably too hungry and went crazy.” Another tall, thin man glanced at Ying Xuan up and down, and said with bad intentions: “Boy, how about this, if you serve the master comfortably, the master will give you something to eat, how about that?”

Ying Xuan frowned. Naturally, he couldn’t let others touch him, because then others would know that he was not a human being.

So Ying Xuan gave him a punch.

Those people were immediately annoyed when they saw that the young man dared to resist, but as a result, everyone was knocked down.

After taking down those people, Ying Xuan gave all the supplies and cars to the small team that had just been robbed. Before the small team could feel grateful, Ying Xuan lay down directly and touched porcelain with the small team on the spot.

“I’m injured, can you give me something to eat? Plus the labor fee just now, there must be two, no, should be three packs of cookies, right?”

This was the routine of the previous group.

They just let a fifteen-year-old child do this first, and after deceiving the attention of those people, he stood up in an instant, injured these people and robbed them. But… if the boy did this before he was robbed, it would be fine.

He had already knocked out those people and got everything. He could take it away by himself. Why should he return it to them and lie down on the ground again?

Everyone was at a loss for a moment.

Seeing that they were silent, Ying Xuan lowered his request: “Then two and a half packs.”

The people in the small team were still very confused.

Ying Xuan was a little upset, he said: “The minimum is two packs.”

Seeing that the people in the small team were still silent, Ying Xuan twisted his eyebrows and limped up. Forget it, just find another team, the people in this team were too cheap.

And the people in the small team finally recovered.

Although they were a little taken aback, the eldest of them still took three or four packs of instant noodles and canned biscuits, put them in the bag, gave it to Ying Xuan, and said, “Thank you, little brother. Thank you for helping us get it back. These foods are our reward.”

Ying Xuan looked at the food in his hand a little blankly.

Are these exchanged by him, or are they the food given by others?

Should he eat them or not?

Just when Ying Xuan was entangled, it suddenly felt an inexplicable danger. It felt this danger last time, which made Ying Xuan’s face change.

He quickly ran towards the forest, at a speed that could be called a rocket.

0329 was thinking about something, but Ying Xuan suddenly ran in the opposite direction. It might be that Ying Xuan was too scared. When he ran fast, he accidentally leaked a trace of fluctuations that belonged to the wild system.

This fluctuation made 0329’s eyes flash with blue light.

[A wild system has been detected, please arrest or kill it immediately.] The sound of machinery sounded. 0329 looked at the direction of Ying Xuan’s escape, and after wondering for a while, it turned into light and chased him up.

And Xi Xun was still waiting for Zhuo to come back.

But an hour passed, two hours passed, and finally, a night passed, and he still didn’t see Zhuo at all.

Xi Xun’s eyes suddenly darkened.

Very good, just said that it wanted to be together all the time, but it turned its head and ran away with his natal sword.

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