The Sweetest Marriage Ch.42

Chapter 42 – You Are Amazing

The two of them ate together, and a bowl of simple scallion oil noodles also felt like the delicacies of the mountains and the sea. Soon, a small bowl of scallion oil noodles bottomed out.

“Are you still hungry?” Wei Chen put the bowl on the table, and when he looked at Chen Li again, his eyes were full of tenderness, full of Chen Li.

Chen Li’s eyes were blank, and he had no emotions.

Wei Chen stretched out his hand and rubbed the top of Chen Li’s hair. Chen Li made a dodging movement. In the end, Wei Chen put his hand on the top of his head, but his neck was a little stiff.

Chen Li’s hair was soft, lying obediently on his head. Wei Chen’s hands shuttled between them. The soft touch made Wei Chen a little addicted. Even if he knew that Chen Li was a little resistant, he couldn’t bear to put his hand down from the top of Chen Li’s head.

“Li Li, will you teach me how to draw?” Wei Chen rubbed Chen Li’s hair again and again, and said sincerely with his eyes.

Chen Li looked at Wei Chen. Although Chen Li didn’t speak, Wei Chen knew that Chen Li was wondering, wondering how could he teach others when couldn’t do anything by himself.

“I haven’t learned to draw. Li Li, can you teach me how to draw?” Wei Chen asked again.

Chen Li still didn’t make a clear response, but when Wei Chen took the pen and drawing paper, Chen Li still picked up the pen and looked at Wei Chen, as if he was going to teach Wei Chen to draw, but he didn’t know how to teach it.

“Li Li, let’s draw that plate of fruit, you draw a stroke, and I will follow you to draw a stroke,” Wei Chen pointed to the fruit plate not far away and said. There were apples, bananas, and grapes in the fruit plate. They were not difficult things to draw. Wei Chen believed that he would draw well after following Chen Li’s drawing.

In fact, Wei Chen overestimated himself too much.

Painting really paid attention to talent. Wei Chen felt that he was clearly drawing according to Chen Li’s strokes, but the result was a different picture. In Chen Li’s pen, it was like taking a camera to paint it, or a professional cameraman took it with a DSLR. Not only was it painted exactly the same, but there was even an indescribable beauty added to it.

The student, Wei Chen, handed over his finished product to the teacher, Chen Li. Although there was no expression on his face, there was a little embarrassment in his eyes. Wasn’t it just a few kinds of fruits? How could the drawing be so different?

Chen Li took Wei Chen’s drawing, took a look at Wei Chen, and then took a look at the messy lines on the drawing paper, the muscles on his face twitched for the first time, showing a bewildered expression. Wei Chen said he couldn’t decipher the meaning of this expression, and couldn’t help but show embarrassment in his eyes.

“Li Li.” Wei Chen grabbed back the drawing paper in Chen Li’s hand, and said dryly: “This ghostly drawing, let’s just pretend that there is no such thing, okay?”

Chen Li was silent, his gaze fell fixedly on the drawing paper in Wei Chen’s hand, the meaning was obvious, he didn’t want Wei Chen to destroy the drawing paper.

Wei Chen hesitated for a while, then handed the drawing paper to Chen Li, swallowed, and said, “Li Li, you want this drawing paper…”

Before the word “okay” came out, Wei Chen saw Chen Li picking up a pen and carefully sketching it on the drawing paper.

As Chen Li’s sketched strokes increased, Wei Chen looked more and more intently, and his pupils shrank slightly, showing a look of shock. When Chen Li’s last stroke fell, he blurted out a compliment – “Li Li, you are amazing!”

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