The Sweetest Marriage Ch.41

Chapter 41 – Only You Can

A dark cloud floated past, covering the moonlight, the moonlight disappeared, and the sky became much darker again.

Wei Chen and Wei Yan stood opposite each other. As Wei Yan’s words fell just now, Wei Chen’s gaze fell on Wei Yan’s rare and serious face, as if he was trying to see something in Wei Yan’s face. In the end, he said a little confused: “I don’t know.”

“When you treat Chen Li, you first treat him as an autistic person, with care everywhere. They are sensitive, and although you haven’t realized the difference in the way you treat them, they can feel the subtle differences. Everything you do to Chen Li now reminds Chen Li that he is an autistic person.” Wei Yan saw that Wei Chen didn’t understand, so he explained: “I don’t know what happened today, or what others said in front of Chen Li, which led to the current result. I think you know the reason for this better than me.”

“Ah Chen, in fact, autism is not terrible. As long as you have enough patience and care, I believe that Chen Li will come out of that lonely world.” Wei Yan patted Wei Chen on the shoulder and said solemnly: “And I can see that Chen Li trusts you very much, and only you can save him from that world.”

“Thank you.” Wei Chen still didn’t have any expression on his face, but the sincerity in his eyes was beyond doubt.

“Thank you for what?” After Wei Yan finished speaking, he patted Wei Chen on the shoulder again, then turned and left, with a straight back and a calm pace.

It wasn’t until Wei Yan’s figure disappeared around the corner that Wei Chen withdrew his gaze, thinking about something unknown with his head down. When he looked up again, he glanced at the window with the light still on, and there was an imperceptible warmth in his eyes.

That dark cloud slipped past the moon, and the mercury-like moonlight poured down again, enveloping the entire world.

Wei Chen let out a faint, unnoticeable sigh before stepping away to prepare to go back to his room. Passing by the kitchen, Wei Chen went inside. He did not watch Li Li at night, and did not know if he had eaten.

In almost ten minutes, Wei Chen came out of the kitchen with a bowl of noodles. At this point, the servant of the Wei family had already gotten off work. The noodles were the scallion oil noodles that Wei Chen cooked by himself. This was the only thing Wei Chen could cook.

Wei Chen returned upstairs with the noodles, opened the door of his room, and saw Chen Li sitting by the bed in a daze. What kind of posture Chen Li was in when he left, and what kind of posture he is still in now. He didn’t know if it had changed in the middle.

There was dinner on the table not far away, which was what he asked the maid to bring up earlier. The chopsticks were still neatly placed in the tray, the food was already cold and remained untouched.

Wei Chen said in his heart, sure enough. He walked to Chen Li with scallion oil noodles and said, “Are you hungry?”

Chen Li didn’t respond, his eyes lowered.

Wei Chen picked up a chopstick of noodles and brought it to Chen Li’s mouth, saying, “Eat the noodles, I cooked it for you.”

Chen Li raised his eyelids and glanced at Wei Chen, with timidity and struggle in his eyes.

Facing Chen Li’s gaze, Wei Chen’s heart twitched, and his tone couldn’t help softening, “Li Li, eat the noodles first, and we’ll talk about what happened today later, okay?”

Chen Li slowly opened his mouth, and Wei Chen fed the noodles into Chen Li’s mouth. Just after taking the first bite, Chen Li stopped taking the second bite. No matter what Wei Chen said, Chen Li just didn’t open his mouth. Just when Wei Chen was about to give up, Chen Li raised his hand and pointed to Wei Chen.

Wei Chen knew in a second what Chen Li meant, Chen Li wanted him to eat together. Originally, Wei Chen didn’t eat dinner because he had something in his heart. Chen Li somehow knew about it, so he wanted Wei Chen to eat too.

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