The Sweetest Marriage Ch.40

Chapter 40 – Withdrawal

At noon, the sun was as strong as throwing countless burning torches on the world, the asphalt road was distorted by the baking, and there seemed to be light smoke lingering on the road.

Although the air conditioner was turned on in the car, it was not as hot as it was outside, but Wei Chen was very anxious in his heart. The flames thrown by the big sun seemed to be burning in his heart. Sitting in the driver’s seat, he felt like the cushion was covered with pins and needles, he couldn’t sit still.

At the red light, Wei Chen couldn’t help turning his head to look at Chen Li. Chen Li lowered his head, revealing his white neck, motionless, and thinking about something.

“Li Li…” Wei Chen wanted to say something to Chen Li, but when he was about to say it, he took a turn and swallowed the words again. He was afraid that what he’d say now would touch Chen Li’s sensitive nerves, and the problem would be more serious than it is now.

Afterward, there was silence all the way, until reaching Wei’s house, Wei Chen didn’t say a word. Even this quiet atmosphere continued until they returned to the room.

As soon as Chen Li returned to the room, he sat in a corner in a daze, as if isolating himself in a layer of cover. He was the only one in the whole world, and no one should try to overstep the bounds. Unable to resist this world, then he could only shape a world of his own. In his world, he’d be free to have everything he wanted, no harm, no sadness, and he could be allowed to do what he wanted to do.

His world had the strongest city wall. Before today, Wei Chen was allowed to enter this world, the city gate of the city wall opened a small gap for him. Chen Li, who was hiding in this world, also quietly poked his head out to greet Wei Chen’s arrival.

However, that person’s words caused Chen Li in this world to shrink back, and the wall that was specially opened for Wei Chen closed suddenly.

Wei Chen knew this, but there was nothing he could do. He could only watch Chen Li close the door and shut him out.

Wei Chen looked at the dazed Chen Li, and finally sighed and exited the room without saying anything.

Hearing the sound of the closing door, Chen Li’s long and slender eyelashes trembled, and the whole person remained in a daze.


When the heat of the day quietly faded, the night came as scheduled.

At this point in time, the night breeze was still carrying the heat that had not dissipated during the day, and it was a little hot and dry on the body.

Wei Chen stood in the garden, pulling the collar of his shirt irritably, and looked up at his room. The light was on, but Wei Chen knew that Chen Li’s heart should be dark at this moment.

“Why don’t you go to your wife, why be here alone in a daze?”

Wei Yan’s voice sounded behind him. Wei Chen withdrew the gaze projected in his room and turned to look at Wei Yan who was walking towards him. The corners of the man’s mouth were smiling, looking playful.

Wei Chen remained silent.

“How long do you think it takes to warm a person’s heart?” Wei Yan seemed to see through Wei Chen’s mind, walked to Wei Chen’s side, and then his gaze fell on the lighted window of Wei Chen’s room.

Wei Chen looked at Wei Yan with cold eyes, still silent.

Wei Yan raised his lips and smiled, “Ah Chen, I have traveled to so many countries and met many autistic people. Some of them are lucky to be slowly recovering from withdrawal, while others can only continue to fall into the darkness until they can’t bear it anymore, they will desperately go to the world they imagined.”

“So, what are you trying to say?” Wei Chen finally spoke, with a tone of concern and urgency that he himself could not detect.

“Ah Chen, you are too cautious,” Wei Yan collected his smile and looked at Wei Chen seriously.

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