The Sweetest Marriage Ch.39.2

Chapter 39.2 – Uncut Jade

The person who caused the commotion left, and the onlookers dispersed. The store manager and the salesperson felt the strange atmosphere between Chen Li and Wei Chen, and they retreated silently without getting closer.

When only Chen Li and Wei Chen were left in this space, the hostility in Wei Chen’s eyes faded, he looked at Chen Li tenderly, and said softly: “Li Li…”

Chen Li stood silent as if he hadn’t heard it, and confined himself to a lonely world, rejecting all the emotions of the outside world, including the light that drove away the darkness.

People with autism were always sensitive and fragile. Wei Chen didn’t know that the person’s words just touched Chen Li’s sensitive point, so Chen Li’s opened door to his heart slammed completely shut. So at this moment, Wei Chen didn’t dare to get close to Chen Li without permission. He could only look at Chen Li tenderly, hoping that Chen Li could feel the true emotions in his heart through his own eyes.

Chen Li stood in a daze, standing in front of Wei Chen, but Wei Chen felt that Chen Li was far away from him at this moment, clearly within reach, but so far away.

Wei Chen knew that this was not the place to talk. He took a step forward and approached Chen Li cautiously. Chen Li did not push him away, but his gaze stopped facing Wei Chen’s eyes.

“Li Li, shall we go home first?” Wei Chen approached Chen Li and said softly and gently.

Chen Li narrowed his eyes and said nothing.

Wei Chen tried to touch Chen Li’s hand, Chen Li’s hand trembled, but did not avoid it.

This made Wei Chen happy in his heart. He didn’t avoid himself, which meant that Chen Li didn’t completely reject him.

“Li Li, let’s go home,” Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand tightly, repeated it softly, and tried to lead Chen Li to take a step forward. Chen Li didn’t move at first, and Wei Chen didn’t urge him. He looked at Chen Li gently and patiently. Chen Li hesitated and took a small step.

The smile in Wei Chen’s eyes lit up all of a sudden, and he slowly led Chen Li away, not caring about the surprised glances projected by the people around him.

It wasn’t until Wei Chen and Chen Li left that Zhuge Yu and Sylvester walked to the position where Chen Li had just painted.

If it weren’t for the instructions of the two of them just now, the store manager wouldn’t have sent one of them away and put a dark face on that person.

The store manager also walked over at this time, his gaze fell on the painting that Chen Li had just painted, and then he couldn’t move his eyes anymore.

There was more than one person who had the same reaction as the store manager. Zhuge Yu and Sylvester were the same. The thin rice paper that Chen Li had painted was like being endowed with magic power, attracting both of their minds and hearts.

Traditional Chinese painting emphasized “Regarding nature as one’s teacher outside and thinking spirit as one’s origin inside”, requiring “the idea is present before the first stroke of the brush, when the last stroke is placed the idea shines through”, emphasizing the melting of the object and the creation of the artistic conception, so as to express the spirit with form, with both form and spirit, and vivid charm.

And Chen Li’s Chinese painting truly captured the essence of Chinese painting. With just a glance, he was deeply attracted by the artistic conception revealed in the painting.

Cold weather, heavy snow, and dead branches were the only three intentions in this painting.

After several cold days, heavy snow fell, smashing on the dead branches, and stacking layer after layer on the dead branches. The originally straight dead branches were bent by the heavy snow. The snow was still falling, and there seemed to be a storm coming, and the whole world was shrouded in swirling heavy snow. In the vast world, only the dead branches were bearing the devastation of the snowstorm.

The people who were looking at the painting couldn’t help but feel worried, fearing that the dead branches would no longer be able to withstand it. Under the raging blizzard, they would be broken in the middle.

However, after looking at it for a long time, a sense of loneliness and sorrow rose from their hearts.

In the vast snow, the weak dead branches resisted the ravages of wind and snow alone, lonely and fragile, full of helplessness.

After an unknown period of time, the three people who were looking at the painting recovered from the artistic conception brought about by the painting, and they all sighed heavily.

Sylvester looked at the painting over and over again, and in the end, he said, “Zhuge, I can now understand your heart of cherishing talent, and I also want to receive the angel who painted this painting under my own tutelage. However, I only know the surface of your traditional Chinese painting, and I can’t teach him anything. If this angel is an oil painter, Zhuge, even if I have to destroy our friendship of many years, I will let him be my apprentice. This is a genius, a genius who will soon be able to surpass us!”

It could be said that Sylvester was shocked. The shock brought to him by this painting was too great. A few strokes sketched a silent world, not only showing this silent world on paper, but also showing it in the hearts of onlookers, so that onlookers could empathize and even cry.

Sylvester was shocked, but even Zhuge Yu was shocked. He saw Chen Li painting oil paintings at the entrance of the hospital that day. He only felt that Chen Li had an outstanding talent in oil painting, but when he looked at it today, Chen Li had an outstanding talent not only in oil painting, but he was also a heaven-defying existence in Chinese painting!

Zhuge Yu did not reply to Sylvester’s words, he already had a plan in his heart.

Chen Li was a beautiful jade that was already very dazzling without carving. If it was carved too, this jade would bloom with a more dazzling brilliance. Before today, Zhuge Yu felt that he was fully capable of carving Chen Li’s beautiful jade.

But now, Zhuge Yu had denied this idea. He could not fully refine Chen Li’s ability. If he wanted Chen Li to shine the most dazzling light, he still needed the help of others, and he believed that the old man would come out of the mountain.

No one would be able to resist being moved after seeing such a rare and beautiful jade.

Zhuge Yu let the shopkeeper carefully frame the painting, and ignored Sylvester calling himself behind him. He held the painting in his arms like a baby, dying to appear in front of that old man right now and show him what a treasure he’d brought him!

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