The Sweetest Marriage Ch.39.1

Chapter 39.1 – Uncut Jade

Chen Li didn’t notice, but it didn’t mean Wei Chen didn’t notice. When Zhou Zhuoran’s friend took a step in Chen Li’s direction, Wei Chen stood in front of Chen Li and looked at Zhou Zhuoran’s friend coldly.

Although Wei Chen looked handsome, he didn’t have any expression on his face. Because of his cold eyes, Zhou Zhuoran’s friend was stared at felt a little nervous, but his face was bluffing and he yelled at Wei Chen: “Get out of the way.”

Wei Chen was silent, motionless as a mountain.

“I told you to get out of the way, did you hear me?!” Zhou Zhuoran’s friend’s face was hideous, and he suddenly calmed down again. He said with a gloomy smile: “Young Master Wei, because of such a fool, you have lost the inheritance rights of the Wei family. Why are you so protective of this fool now, don’t you think this fool is a burden to you?”

“My life is none of your business,” Wei Chen said, his gaze unchanged.

“Oh, hahaha.” Zhou Zhuoran’s best friend laughed out loud, “I say, Young Master Wei, you are really useless. If your family asked you to marry a fool, you would really marry a fool. Do you think this fool can bring you the benefits of the Chen family? Don’t you—”

Before this person could finish speaking, a pot of water was splashed on his face, still smelling of ink, it was obviously water for washing brushes.

Everyone’s eyes focused on the hand of the person who splashed the water this time. The person who splashed the water turned out to be Chen Li. Perhaps Zhou Zhuoran’s words touched the sore point in Chen Li’s heart. Chen Li just threw down the brush directly, almost subconsciously, the water used to wash the brush on the table was splashed out by Chen Li.

The store, which was already quiet, was now even more silent, and everyone’s eyes were focused on Chen Li’s face, as if trying to see through the dull expression to Chen Li’s inner emotions.

Wei Chen’s gaze shrank, and even though he wanted to vent the anger in his heart, he was more worried about Chen Li’s mental condition. He didn’t know if Chen Li had heard what the person had just said. He turned his head to look at Chen Li. Chen Li, who had always stared at him, turned his head to avoid his gaze this time. Wei Chen felt cold in his heart and hurriedly stepped forward, trying to reach out to hold Chen Li’s hand, but Chen Li avoided it.

“Li Li…” Wei Chen called out worriedly.

Chen Li’s face was blank and unresponsive.

Zhou Zhuoran’s friend was splashed with water by Chen Li, and the fire in his heart naturally exploded. A fool dared to do this to him. Did he just give this fool too much face!

Zhou Zhuoran’s friend had a hideous face and wanted to smash Chen Li with his fist. Fortunately, although Wei Chen was paying attention to Chen Li’s emotions, he also paid attention to the surrounding situation. When Zhou Zhuoran attacked with his fist, Wei Chen reflexively kicked him. At this time, he didn’t care about the severity, and kicked Zhou Zhuoran’s friend directly into the table behind him.

The sudden conflict made the shop noisy all of a sudden.

“F*ck off!” Wei Chen stared directly at Zhou Zhuoran’s friend, his face twitching a little, coupled with the cold pool-like gaze, it looked extremely terrifying. When these words fell, the shop suddenly became quiet, only to hear the person who was kicked by Wei Chen wail on the ground while covering his stomach.

At this time, the security guards called by the store manager also arrived. It was unknown if they were instructed by the store manager, the security guards did not push Wei Chen, who was beating people, out, but surrounded Zhou Zhuoran’s friend.

“We received notice that you are causing trouble in the store, be smart and get out now, or don’t blame us for throwing you out.” The fat uncle security guard in the lead was selectively blind, ignoring Zhou Zhuoran’s friend’s injuries, and said in a stern voice.

Zhou Zhuoran only reacted at this time. He hurriedly stepped forward to help his friend up. He didn’t know what was going on, he just felt that the eyes of the people around him were full of ridicule. His face burned up all at once. He asked the security guards to help him, and together, he helped his friend out and headed towards the nearby hospital.

Wei Chen had no control over his kick, and it was estimated that the injury was a bit serious. The man’s face was pale and he was sweating profusely. But no one sympathized with this person. He was obviously seeking death himself by stepping on someone else’s landmine. If it were someone else, someone crazy, it might not be as simple as being kicked.

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