The Sweetest Marriage Ch.38

Chapter 38 – Young and Frivolous

At the age of eighteen or nineteen, it is when you are young and frivolous. Even if you are timid in your heart, you don’t want to show it on your face. You will even bluff and show a fierce appearance. You can’t even control your mouth. You know what words are taboo, but you still can’t help saying it.

Zhou Zhuoran’s best friend was like this. He was born in a wealthy family and grew up coddled since he was a child. Therefore, although he saw Wei Chen’s cold eyes at this moment and felt a little scared, he still straightened his chest and said to Wei Chen disdainfully: “What? You don’t allow people to tell the truth? A fool is a fool. Does it make him normal if people don’t say it?”

Zhou Zhuoran glanced at his friend inexplicably, and then at Wei Chen. As soon as he met Wei Chen’s eyes, Zhou Zhuoran knew that this person was not easy to deal with. But after all, he was young and vigorous, and he thought that this was the time for him to show his painting skills. If the fool in his friend’s mouth occupied this position, wouldn’t he miss this rare opportunity?

Therefore, Zhou Zhuoran didn’t say anything to stop his friend, but frowned and looked at Chen Li to express his dissatisfaction.

Wei Chen just glanced at the two of them coldly, and left them alone. During the period when he was just reborn, he held a fire in his heart, so he acted like that in the Wei family house. And now, Wei Chen’s mood had slowly settled down, and he really didn’t care if irrelevant people said a few irrelevant things.

It was enough that only him knew that his Li Li was good.

Wei Chen’s eyes fell back on Chen Li, where there was still a little coldness, but full of tenderness.

Zhou Zhuoran and his friend only felt that the punch hit the cotton, which was a bit uncomfortable. Zhou Zhuoran’s friend squinted his eyes, attracted the salesperson in the store, and said to the salesperson with contempt: “Can just anyone in your shop come in? A fool can occupy a position casually, what can he draw? Isn’t this an insult to your store?”

Zhou Zhuoran, a good friend, was used to being arrogant. He was not from the painting and calligraphy world, and he didn’t know the status of this store in the painting and calligraphy world. Talking like this now, regardless of whether it made sense or not, made other customers in the store unhappy.

Zhou Zhuoran didn’t like what his friend said, but in order to be able to draw as soon as possible, he just frowned and let his friend pester the salesperson.

The salesperson had obviously never faced such a customer. For a while, he didn’t know how to deal with it. He looked at the store manager not far away and asked the store manager for help.

The store manager walked over with a smile and said, “Our store is wide open and welcomes visitors from all over the world. As long as they don’t cause trouble to my store, they are all guests. How can there be any insults?”

“What the hell do you mean?” Zhou Zhuoran’s friend was in a bad mood. At this moment, after listening to the store manager’s sarcasm, he completely exploded, and stared at the store manager angrily.

“It doesn’t mean anything, this is my shop, come if you want, leave if you don’t want to!” The smile on the store manager’s face also condensed, and he looked at Zhou Zhuoran’s friend coldly.

Zhou Zhuoran squinted his eyes, but instead of entangling with the store manager, he walked in the direction of Chen Li. That fool loved to occupy the table, didn’t he? Then just overturn it, let’s see how that fool could still occupy it!

But Chen Li, who was the party to this matter, had already fallen into the world of painting, as if everything around him had nothing to do with him, he devoted himself to a piece of rice paper and a few brushes in front of him, completely unaware that someone was coming towards him.

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