The Sweetest Marriage Ch.37

Chapter 37 – Zhou Family’s Zhuoran

In the eyes of ordinary people, Freewheeling was a completely inconspicuous shop. It was located in a bustling city square with a lot of people. Compared with other facades in this square, the customer flow in Freewheeling could be described as pitiful.

However, for those in the painting and calligraphy industry, Freewheeling was a special place that sold the world’s top painting and calligraphy materials, and the paintings of famous artists were hung on the walls of the shop as if they didn’t cost anything.

Therefore, those who knew the existence of Freewheeling in the painting and calligraphy world would go to this shop for a stroll when they had time. In any case, there would always be gains.

Zhou Zhuoran was one of these people.

Zhou Zhuoran was born into a family of calligraphy masters, and several generations of their family were famous calligraphy masters in China. And Zhou Zhuoran was the most talented painter in the younger generation of the Zhou family. No, last year, Zhou Zhuoran didn’t even take the art exam. Zhou Zhuoran was directly admitted to the ZY Academy of Fine Arts. He just needed to report directly to ZY Academy of Fine Arts in September this year.

Every Saturday and Sunday, as long as there was nothing particularly important, Zhou Zhuoran would go there for a walk. He knew who the boss of Freewheeling was, and he had also fantasized that he could meet their boss in Freewheeling. Even if it was just one of them, even if he was not appreciated by them, it would be of great benefit to him to exchange a few words to them.

This Saturday, Zhou Zhuoran walked into the shop as usual. After looking around, Zhou Zhuoran’s eyes condensed, and an indescribable look of ecstasy appeared on his face, because he saw Zhuge Yu and Sylvester sitting in the corner sipping tea.

Zhuge Yu and Sylvester were definitely important figures in the contemporary painting and calligraphy world. Zhou Zhuoran naturally knew them. Today, he finally saw them in the shop. It was worth it to come to this shop every Saturday and Sunday.

However, Zhou Zhuoran did not rush forward to disturb the two masters, he just turned his head and said a few words in the ear of his friend who was accompanying him.

The friend nodded and made an OK gesture towards Zhou Zhuoran.

Zhou Zhuoran then withdrew the gaze placed on the two masters, and walked towards the store with his head held high, a little proud on his face.


There was a counter in the shop equipped with various painting materials, and there was a table next to it for customers who wanted to try painting.

However, few people would normally paint on this table. Generally, people who often came here were people who knew the details of this shop and who opened this shop. Painting here made them feel a bit pressured.

However, Chen Li and Wei Chen naturally didn’t know this. When Chen Li was brought to this position by Wei Chen, Chen Li stood still, his eyes nailed to the table, and he couldn’t move away.

“Do you want to draw?” Wei Chen noticed Chen Li’s changes and leaned in front of Chen Li to ask.

Chen Li still stared at the table for a long time.

“If you want to paint, go paint,” Wei Chen rubbed Chen Li’s hair and said encouragingly.

With Wei Chen’s permission, Chen Li’s eyes lit up suddenly, and he walked to the material area to choose the materials for painting. Wei Chen followed Chen Li, only to find that the materials Chen Li were now using were all needed for painting Chinese paintings.

When the materials were ready, Chen Li spread rice paper on the table, picked up a brush, and began to paint.

The customers in the store saw that someone was going to paint here, and they all surrounded them. Zhou Zhuoran and his friend also came over at this time. Zhou Zhuoran’s friend knew Chen Li, and when he saw Chen Li painting, he automatically blurted out, “Why is this fool here?”

As soon as these words fell, this person saw a cold gaze falling on him, which made him inexplicably terrified.

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