The Sweetest Marriage Ch.43

Chapter 43 – Not a Fool

Wei Chen knew how hot in the eyes the painting he had just painted was. Although it was drawn according to Chen Li’s drawing, the lines combined under his pen became a pair of messy lines. Obviously, the fruit and the fruit plate were painted, but in the end, what appeared in his pen was a cloud of black paint. Black and indescribable things, even Wei Chen himself couldn’t bear to look directly at it, and wanted to destroy the drawing with all his heart.

However, this painting was taken by Chen Li. When he drew on the drawing paper with a pen, the pitch-black painting became a perfect work in an instant.

Wei Chen’s praise came from his heart, and the shock in his eyes was not mixed with any impurity. With Chen Li’s sensitivity, he could naturally feel that and his originally dull eyes were a little brighter.

Wei Chen had been paying attention to Chen Li. At this moment, Chen Li’s slight emotional performance was accurately captured by Wei Chen. He couldn’t help but rub Chen Li’s soft hair with his hand, and said again: “Li Li, you are really amazing.”

Chen Li looked at Wei Chen, there seemed to be a light in his eyes.

“So, Li Li, you are not a fool, and you are not a burden to me.” In the next second, Wei Chen’s tone became incomparably serious, and he met Chen Li’s eyes with an unprecedented seriousness in his gaze.

Chen Li’s pupils shrank slightly, and he was obviously a little puzzled by Wei Chen’s words.

“Li Li, don’t you believe me?” Wei Chen looked at Chen Li sincerely, “Then let’s do a test.”

After speaking, Wei Chen took a book from the edge of the bookshelf and took a closer look. It turned out to be a Chinese textbook from an elementary school, and Wei Chen somehow managed to find it.

“If you have time, study this book. By tomorrow evening, I will select a piece from it for you to see if you can draw its content. Um, it’s to study calligraphy and painting it.”

Chen Li didn’t answer, but stretched out his hand to take the book handed over by Wei Chen, and looked at the cover in a daze. After a long time, he carefully opened the cover.

Wei Chen looked at Chen Li, his gaze could not help but become softer, as if there was a starlight twinkle.

When a person had been regarded as a fool by others since he was a child, no matter where he went, that contemptuous title would always follow him. This was the case with Chen Li. He had become accustomed to being a fool, and he was also used to being a “fool” in other people’s mouths. He used to live in a closed world, and the outside world had little influence on him.

And now, the door of his heart quietly opened to Wei Chen, and he wanted Wei Chen to live inside. So he cared about Wei Chen’s thoughts, so when that person said that he was a fool and a burden to Wei Chen, Chen Li’s reaction would be so great.

Instead of saying that Chen Li was resisting Wei Chen before, it would be better to say that Chen Li was resisting himself, resisting that “fool” self.

After thinking about it all afternoon, Wei Chen also thought of this. He didn’t agree with all of what Wei Yan said, but there was one sentence that reminded him, that he treated Chen Li as an autistic person. Chen Li was sensitive, and his own thoughts would indeed be conveyed to Chen Li, causing Chen Li to fall into the fact that he was an autistic person again and again.

Whether it was Chen Li’s growth environment or outsiders’ views on Chen Li, Chen Li had already preconceived that autistic people were fools or mentally handicapped.

Therefore, when Zhou Zhuoran’s friend said that Chen Li was Wei Chen’s burden, Chen Li exploded.

Wei Chen might not have studied psychology. Although he had read a lot of autism-related knowledge recently, Wei Chen was completely a novice in psychology, but he was very attentive to Chen Li’s affairs, so he could speculate on Chen Li’s psychology.

Now, what Wei Chen had to do was to change Chen Li’s inherent concepts and let Chen Li know that autistic people were not fools, and that his condition could also improve with therapies.

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  1. So understanding and supportive. Even if a person was intellectually disabled you don’t got the right to treat them like shit.

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