The Sweetest Marriage Ch.44.1

Chapter 44.1 – When did he fall?

The night was getting darker, the dark clouds in the sky wandered away, the moonlight was unobstructed, and the silver light leaked to the ground, like mercury covering the whole world.

Wei Chen came out of the bathroom, wearing a bathrobe, the strap of the bathrobe was not fastened, revealing Wei Chen’s honey-colored chest. As Wei Chen walked around, the well-defined abdominal muscles faintly appeared.

It was a pity that the only person in the room who could appreciate such beauty was devoted to the primary school textbook in front of him.

Wei Chen wiped his hair while walking in front of Chen Li. Without speaking, he stared at Chen Li with tenderness in his eyes.

After an unknown period of time, Wei Chen withdrew his gaze. He sat back on the bed by himself, and turned on his laptop to check the news and changes in the stock market.

The two of them were busy with their own business and there was no communication, but under the hazy yellow light that protected the eyes, there was a warm atmosphere lingering.

Time moved forward, Wei Chen dealt with some things that had been neglected in the past few days, picked up his mobile phone, and glanced at the time. It was already past ten o’clock in the evening. He turned off the computer, walked to Chen Li’s side, and said softly, “Li Li, it’s time to go to bed.”

Chen Li glanced at the book, and then at Wei Chen, and found that Wei Chen had nothing but tenderness and determination in his eyes, so he obediently closed the book and put it neatly on the table, before slipping on his slippers and walking reluctantly to the bed.

Chen Li lay down on the bed very consciously, left a place for Wei Chen, and then looked at Wei Chen with his eyes wide open, his innocent and blank appearance was very tempting.

Wei Chen only felt that there was a stream of heat surging in his body, not very strong, but it made him feel a little hot and dry. Looking away in a panic, Wei Chen stretched out his hand for the remote control and lowered the air conditioner a few degrees. He was worried that Chen Li would catch a cold as a result, and he adjusted it back to the original temperature.

Chen Li was still looking at Wei Chen, as if puzzled by Wei Chen’s behavior just now. Wei Chen didn’t dare to look at Chen Li, he even felt that he was a beast and reacted to Chen Li just now!

Wei Chen was a little embarrassed to open the quilt and lie down. When he lay down, he was stiff from the tip of his hair to the toes. He put his hands on his lower abdomen honestly, his legs were straight, and he forced himself to close his eyes and let go of his thoughts.

After Wei Chen forcibly suppressed the heat and dryness, he reached out and turned off the light in the room. The curtains had been closed, and without the light, darkness poured into the room in an instant.

In the past few days, Chen Li might have become accustomed to sleeping with Wei Chen. In the dark, Chen Li turned over and rolled into Wei Chen’s arms again. The darkness made people’s perceptions more sensitive. Wei Chen felt Chen Li’s temperature getting closer and closer to him, and the touch that finally fell on his side made him nervous, and his body turned even stiffer. As if frozen by ice, he didn’t dare to make any movements.

It wasn’t until there was a sound of even breathing in his ears that Wei Chen’s body slowly relaxed and turned his body slightly so that Chen Li could sleep more peacefully in his arms.

With his hand gently resting on Chen Li’s waist, Wei Chen sighed deeply before going to sleep.

He didn’t expect he’d fall so quickly. Did he fall when he watched Chen Li in a soul state in their previous life? Or when he saw Chen Li doing his last effort for himself before he died? Wei Chen didn’t know it himself, but when he realized it, Chen Li had already fallen into his heart, causing waves in his heart.

Another sigh sounded in the silent room, a little helpless and full of tenderness.


The next day, when the sun was up, Wei Chen woke up. Chen Li was still sleeping peacefully in his arms. He gently changed his posture so as not to disturb Chen Li by getting up.

After Wei Chen came out after washing up, Chen Li also woke up, staring blankly at the ceiling with his messy hair. There was no focus in his eyes, and when he saw Wei Chen, the focus of his somewhat lax gaze slowly gathered, and finally looked at Wei Chen without blinking.

“Awake?” Wei Chen walked to the side of the bed, reached out and rubbed Chen Li’s already messy hair into a birds nest before withdrawing his hand contentedly, “Get up, wash your face and brush your teeth. We will leave Shanghai later. I will take you to Beijing. We will live in the capital from now on.”

Chen Li obediently got up and went into the bathroom with his slippers on.

At this time, neither Chen Li nor Wei Chen realized that after going to the capital, their lives would be drastically changed. The good and the bad came in waves, which caught them off guard, but also made their relationship even stronger.

But before they went to the capital, there was already trouble waiting for Wei Chen downstairs.

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