The Sweetest Marriage Ch.44.2

Chapter 44.2 – When did he fall?

The Lin family also had a certain status in Shanghai. It had been very popular in both official and commercial administrations. The head of the Lin family was a figure of both left and right. Among the big guys in Shanghai, his words also had some weight.

The Lin family head was an easy-going person, even if he was criticized in person, he could laugh and drink tea with that person, always looking like Maitreya Buddha. But everyone also knew that the Lin family head also had an inverse scale in the family, and this inverse scale was his only child.

Lin Binrui was the son of the Lin family head. He was the only seedling of the Lin family head, and he had him when he was in his fifties. Lin Binrui was naturally loved and had never suffered any grievances since he was a child.

However, just yesterday, Lin Binrui was hospitalized, and the reason was, he was actually beaten. When the Lin family head heard the news, he was naturally furious. He went to the hospital and asked about Lin Binrui’s condition. Only then did he know that two of Lin Binrui’s ribs had been broken. At that time, the Lin family head had the urge to skin the perpetrator and pull out his tendons.

Later, after learning from Zhou Zhuoran that the person who injured his son was Wei Chen of the Wei family, except for breaking a vase, the Lin family head could no longer show anger on his face. And after learning the reason for Lin Binrui’s beating, the Lin family head asked his subordinates to prepare gifts. Looking at the situation, it seemed that he was going to make an apology instead of asking for an explanation.

Therefore, early this morning, the Lin family head came to visit the Wei family with gifts.

“Mr. Lin, please come in.” The housekeeper personally went to the gate to invite the Lin family in, with a warm smile on his face, and completely regarded the Lin family as a distinguished guest. At this moment, he led the people to the Wei family’s living room.

“Steward Zhang is too polite,” the Lin family head said with a smile, and sat down politely under the guidance of the housekeeper.

“Mr. Lin, sit down for a while, and the old master will be down soon.”

The housekeeper had just finished speaking, and a servant came over to add fresh tea for the Lin family head without making a sound, as if afraid of disturbing the guest.

The Lin family head thanked them with a smile. He didn’t look like a big boss with tens of billions of assets, but a kind-hearted old man.

It didn’t take long for Old Man Wei, who had finished exercising in the garden, to come to the living room.

When the Lin family saw Old Man Wei, they hurriedly greeted him, and by the way, handed him the carefully prepared gift, and said, “I’m really sorry for coming to disturb so early in the morning, Brother Wei, but if I don’t come here, I’m always uncomfortable in my heart.”

Old Man Wei accepted the gifts handed over by the Lin family head, handed it to the housekeeper and asked him to put it away. He invited the Lin family head to sit down, and sat down on the main seat himself, asking lightly: “What is the reason for Shuhe’s visit this time?”

“I’m really sorry, Brother Wei.” There was a look of guilt on his face that was still smiling just now, “I am here to apologize to Young Master Wei Chen on behalf of my unpromising son. My son is ignorant and collided with Young Master Wei Chen yesterday. I’m really sorry. I also want my unpromising son to personally come to the door to apologize to Young Master Wei Chen, but he is still lying in the hospital and can’t get up.”

How could Old Man Wei not hear what the Lin family head was saying, saying that he was here to apologize, but in fact he was here to complain and seek justice for his son.

“Old Zhang, go and call Ah Chen down,” Old Man Wei took a sip of tea and said to the housekeeper standing behind him.

The housekeeper immediately retreated and went to the main house to find Wei Chen.

As soon as the housekeeper left, the living room became quiet. The Lin family head thought that Old Man Wei would ask what happened, but he didn’t expect that Old Man Wei would just sit calmly and say nothing.

The Lin family head was helpless, and he could only sit with him and wait for Wei Chen’s arrival.

When the housekeeper found Wei Chen, Wei Chen and Chen Li were having breakfast, and Wei Yan was at the same table.

The housekeeper walked directly beside Wei Chen and said respectfully: “Young master, the old master is looking for you.”

Wei Chen put down his chopsticks, “I see.” After the words fell, he looked at Chen Li, “Li Li, I’ll go to Grandpa first, you wait for me here.”

Chen Li glanced around timidly, and then set his gaze on Wei Chen again.

Wei Chen stretched out his hand and rubbed the top of Chen Li’s hair, and said, “Good boy~” Although he saw the struggle in Chen Li’s eyes, he also saw Chen Li’s brave step. He dared to try to stay alone in the living room.

This made Wei Chen very happy. Every step Chen Li took would fall on the tip of Wei Chen’s heart, his progress brought Wei Chen endless joy.

Wei Chen and the housekeeper went to the living room, and Chen Li lowered his eyes to look at the porridge in the bowl, eating breakfast mechanically, his face expressionless.

Wei Yan looked at Chen Li, and did not rush to disturb Chen Li. When Chen Li finished breakfast and sat blankly waiting for Wei Chen to come back, Wei Yan tried to speak, “Hello Chen Li, my name is Wei Yan. Nice to meet you.” The voice was low and magnetic, and the end tone was slightly raised upward, and there was a surge of romance.

Chen Li sat blankly and did not respond, he probably fell into his own world again. When Wei Chen left, the door of his world closed tightly, and no one could spy on him.

Wei Yan didn’t feel embarrassed when he was ignored. Instead, he continued to look at Chen Li with his chin on his hand. Looking closely, he felt that Chen Li’s facial features were good. Wei Chen and Chen Li got married, and they didn’t lose anything.

Just when Wei Yan was distracted, there was a sound of walking upstairs, bouncing, and the sound spread from the top of the stairs to the end of the stairs, and was finally replaced by a crisp childlike voice, “Eh, why are you still here, you idiot? Why don’t you get out of my house!”

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