The Sweetest Marriage Ch.45

Chapter 45 – Dissatisfied with Wei Chen

Wei Chen left the main house followed by the housekeeper, after thinking about it, he reminded Wei Chen: “Young master, the Lin family head is in the living room right now.” After saying this, the housekeeper didn’t say anything else. He knew Wei Chen would know what he meant.

“Hmm.” Wei Chen nodded slightly, but didn’t give much response, as if he didn’t know the meaning of the housekeeper’s words.

The two walked all the way along the cobblestone path of the Wei house, and it didn’t take long to reach the living room. At this moment, Old Master Wei was holding a teacup and sipping tea. The Lin family head was talking to the old master about something, and when he saw Wei Chen coming in, he immediately stopped talking. There was no ugly expression on his face, and he glanced at Wei Chen lightly.

When Old Master Wei saw Wei Chen come in, he slammed the teacup in his hand on the table with anger, frowned, and said, “I heard that you had a conflict with Young Master Lin yesterday and sent Young Master Lin into the hospital?”

“Yes.” Wei Chen didn’t deny it, his gaze was straightforward.

“You are getting more and more impetuous lately, how did I teach you?” The old master stared at Wei Chen closely, his eyes filled with a majesty that could not be ignored.

Wei Chen was silent, but there was no flinching in the gaze of looking directly at Old Master Wei.

After the Lin family head had seen enough of the drama, he smiled and came out as a peacemaker, “Brother Wei, you can’t say that. It was my son who collided with Young Master Wei, it’s right to learn some lessons. You can’t scold Young Master Wei for him.”

“Old Zhang, go to the hospital with Shuhe later and help Ah Chen visit Young Master Lin.” Old Master Wei’s expression didn’t ease at all. He instructed the housekeeper, but he didn’t say that Wei Chen should go in person. Obviously, he didn’t think Wei Chen was wrong in the conflict with Young Master Lin.

Of course, the head of the Lin family realized what Old Master Wei meant, and he had a concern in his heart. The outside world said that Old Master Wei had now abandoned Wei Chen, but looking at it like this today, there was something else to say about this matter.

Now that Old Master Wei had already said so, the Lin family head did not bother him anymore. When he came here today, he never thought about how much convenience he would get from the Wei family. He expressed what he wanted to express and knew what he wanted to know. If the goal was achieved, the merit would be complete. So the Lin family head got up to leave, and the housekeeper got the instructions from Old Master Wei, so he went out with the Lin family head.

“Housekeeper Zhang, I heard that Young Master Wei is going to the capital? Brother Wei agreed?” When he got into the car, the Lin family head asked casually as if he was talking about the family matters.

“The master has always respected the choices of the young master,” the housekeeper replied lightly, the answer was somewhat ambiguous.

The Lin family head saw that the housekeeper had this attitude, so he didn’t ask any more questions. There was a smile on the corner of his mouth, which had no deep meaning.

At this moment, in the living room, the atmosphere was a little frozen. Old Master Wei seemed to be really dissatisfied with Wei Chen this time. When only he and Wei Chen were left in the living room, Old Master Wei’s stern face did not loosen up, and his majesty remained.

Wei Chen didn’t seem to feel Old Master Wei’s emotions, and said, “Grandpa, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back. I have to go to the capital later.”

“Okay, go.” Old Master Wei waved his hand to let Wei Chen go, but his dissatisfaction with Wei Chen did not disappear.

Wei Chen left without saying a word, his back was still a little anxious when he left. Probably because he was worried about Chen Li being alone, he rushed back to accompany Chen Li.

Old Master Wei stared at Wei Chen’s back as he hurriedly left, his eyes deep.

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