The Sweetest Marriage Ch.46.1

Chapter 46.1 – My Child

Not long after Wei Chen had left the dining room, a clear child’s voice rang out in the dining room.

Wei Wei was standing at the bottom of the stairs wearing a small suit, with a small face, and a pair of eyes full of malicious gaze, not like a child at the age of innocence should have, but at this moment, it really appeared in Wei Wei’s eyes.

Following Wei Wei were Wei Zhenxiong and Fang Yun. For Wei Wei to say such rude things, the two of them as parents seemed to have not heard them. For them, Wei Wei was just being frank rather than doing a wrong thing, and there was no need to interfere.

No one stopped or persuaded, Wei Wei would naturally not realize his mistake, and he became even more aggressive. He walked to Chen Li’s side, and the disgust on his face was obvious. He tiptoed and stretched out his hand to overturn the white porridge in front of Chen Li, and said arrogantly: “Who told you to eat my family’s food?”

Today’s white porridge was cooked a bit watery. After being overturned by Wei Wei, it spilled all over the table and also spilled on Chen Li’s clothes. The summer clothes were already thin, and as soon as the white porridge was spilled on Chen Li’s clothes, it stuck to Chen Li’s body. Fortunately, the white porridge was already a lot cooler, otherwise, Chen Li would’ve been burned.

“Wei Wei!” Wei Yan was too late to stop it, and all the white porridge had been spilled everywhere.

Chen Li glanced down at Wei Wei, but there was no other response.

At this time, Wei Yan had already walked to Wei Wei’s side, intending to take him away. At this moment, Fang Yun walked over and glanced at Wei Yan faintly. Wei Yan’s stretched-out hand to hold Wei Wei paused for a moment, and then retracted, his eyes a little complicated and he sat back in his seat.

“Wei Wei, come and eat breakfast, after eating we have to go to school,” Fang Yun found a place to sit down, and said softly to Wei Wei.

“I don’t want to! I won’t eat with this fool!” Wei Wei shook his head and refused, still trying to reach for the other things on the table, with that look as if he would not stop until he knocked over the things in front of Chen Li.

Wei Yan wanted to say something but stopped. Wei Zhenxiong walked over to the servant and said, “Invite Young Master Chen down. If he is not full, prepare another breakfast and deliver it to Young Master Chen’s room.”

Wei Zhenxiong had already spoken, and it was impossible for the servant of the Wei family not to listen. He walked to Chen Li’s side without much respect in his tone, “Young Master Chen, you should leave first.”

All the malice of the outside world turned into sharp blades one after another, and they plunged straight into Chen Li’s body. Although Chen Li’s face was still rigid, helplessness and vigilance slowly surged in his eyes. He stared straight at his toes in a daze. A wall had been built around him, in a vain attempt to isolate the harm brought by the outside world in this way.

The servant saw that Chen Li was unresponsive, so he was about to make a move. Just when the servant’s hand was about to touch Chen Li, Wei Chen came back. Seeing the scene in the dining room, his heart suddenly constricted, as if he had been punched heavily. A thought rose in his heart at once, to take Chen Li away and leave this disgusting environment.

Wei Chen walked straight to Chen Li’s side, waved the servant’s hand away, stared coldly at the servant who was trying to drive Chen Li away, and said coldly: “What are you doing?”

The servant numbly bowed his head, Wei Chen’s icy gaze made a layer of cold sweat crawl on his back.

“I…Young Master…I…” The servant defended himself, “It was the master who asked me to invite…Young Master Chen to go back…”

Wei Chen turned to look at Wei Zhenxiong when he heard this. Wei Zhenxiong sat calmly in a chair with a newspaper in his hand as if nothing had happened.

His cold eyes glanced at everyone at the dining table, and when they finally fell on Chen Li, Wei Chen had already restrained all his anger, and his eyes were full of pain. It was also at this time that Wei Chen saw the porridge stains on Chen Li’s body. He quickly drew the paper towel on the table and wiped it for Chen Li.

“Li Li, don’t be afraid, I’m back.” Feeling Chen Li’s tense muscles, Wei Chen gently comforted while wiping.

When Chen Li saw Wei Chen coming in, his alert eyes seemed to be searching for light, and his whole body was lit up. Now he sat quietly, his tense muscles slowly relaxed.

After dealing with the stains on Chen Li’s body, Wei Chen turned his gaze on Wei Wei. When he spoke, his tone was like falling into an ice cave, “Did you spill the porridge?”

After the previous encounter, Wei Wei was actually a little afraid of Wei Chen. When Wei Chen looked over at this moment, Wei Wei instinctively shrank back in fear, but he didn’t dare to admit what he had just done.

After seeing it, Wei Chen understood everything. He stretched out his hand and pulled Wei Wei in front of Chen Li, saying, “Apologize.”

Wei Wei bit his lip, tears were already forced out of the corners of his eyes, and he looked at Fang Yun aggrieved.

How could Fang Yun see that her baby son was wronged like this, so she scolded Wei Chen: “Wei Chen, what are you doing?”

Wei Chen didn’t hear it, but when he turned to Wei Wei, he increased his tone, “Apologize!”

Wei Wei finally couldn’t bear the fear in his heart and cried out loudly.

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