The Sweetest Marriage Ch.46.2

Chapter 46.2 – My Child

Fang Yun hurried over and tried to hold Wei Wei back from Wei Chen’s side, but Wei Chen turned around, blocked Fang Yun, and once again pressed Wei Wei in front of Chen Li, “I told you to apologize.”

Wei Wei didn’t listen to Wei Chen’s words, and cried to himself, one cry sharper than the other, and one cry more pitiful than the other.

Fang Yun felt distressed, so she started to pull Wei Chen. Wei Chen ignored her, picked up Wei Wei with one hand, and slapped Wei Wei’s buttocks heavily.

“This one, because you don’t know how to respect.” As the words fell, a slap fell on Wei Wei’s buttocks again, “This one, because you don’t know how to repent!”

Wei Wei was stunned by the beating. He grew up to nine years old, and he had never been beaten. Wei Chen was definitely the first. He froze for a while, sniffed in an aggrieved manner, and was about to cry when Wei Chen slapped Wei Wei’s buttocks again.

Wei Wei didn’t dare to cry anymore, calling “Mom” and “Dad” pitifully, hoping to escape from Wei Chen’s clutches.

Fang Yun was distressed by Wei Wei’s scream. She suddenly gained strength, took Wei Chen’s hand, and slapped Wei Chen’s face hard. A loud slap exploded in the dining room.

“Wei Chen! Who are you to teach my child a lesson?” After Fang Yun slapped Wei Chen, she fiercely glared at Wei Chen and questioned.

Wei Zhenxiong put down the newspaper, his eyes were faint, looking at everything just now as if he was watching a farce.

Wei Yan wanted to say something, opened his mouth, stopped, and swallowed the words again, his eyes a little complicated.

Chen Li suddenly stood up from his position. At that moment, it was unknown what Chen Li was thinking. He stood directly in front of Wei Chen, his expression still dull, but his upright body showed Chen Li’s unprecedented surge.

Fang Yun’s slap was very heavy, and Wei Chen’s face turned red immediately, but Wei Chen’s facial nerves were weak, and he didn’t feel much pain, but Fang Yun’s two words “my child” turned into a sharp sword, and it pierced Wei Chen’s most vulnerable place, making it bleed.

Although he no longer expected it, when such words came out of Fang Yun’s mouth, Wei Chen’s emotions still couldn’t help fluctuating, and he couldn’t help but feel pain.

Fortunately, at this time, Chen Li stood up, and Chen Li stood in front of Wei Chen, as if to use his body to block all the damage for Wei Chen, so brave and so resolute.

Chen Li’s straight back turned into a warm current in Wei Chen’s body, starting from the limbs, and finally flowing into the most fragile place to repair the place that had just been mercilessly stabbed.

Wei Chen didn’t have the qualifications to quarrel with Fang Yun, but slapped Wei Wei on the buttocks again, his tone still cold, “This one, to your eyes with no respect.”

When Wei Wei saw his mother stand up and hit Wei Chen, but Wei Chen still dared to beat himself, he knew that it was useless to call anyone for help now. He choked and stopped crying, but stared at Wei Chen fiercely, as if he had a deep hatred with Wei Chen.

Wei Chen noticed this and stopped. Seeing Wei Wei’s current appearance of daring to be angry but afraid to speak, he put Wei Wei down and said again: “Apologize.”

Wei Wei originally wanted to refuse, but Wei Chen glanced at him coldly, and reluctantly said to Chen Li: “I’m sorry.” He looked a little bit aggrieved as he huffed and puffed.

After getting the result he wanted, Wei Chen let Wei Wei go, took Chen Li’s hand, and left with Chen Li.

Wei Wei escaped from Wei Chen’s “devil’s claws” and immediately rushed into Fang Yun’s arms, his mouth flattened and his eyes watery, looking like he would cry out at any moment. But at this time, Wei Chen passed by him and gave Wei Wei a cold look. Wei Wei’s mouth that had just opened closed again, and the cry that was about to be released was swallowed by himself.

It wasn’t until Wei Chen’s figure disappeared on the stairs that Wei Wei cried out, but he didn’t dare to speak out, for fear of attracting Wei Chen, the great devil.

Fang Yun patted Wei Wei on the back distressed, comforting him softly, but her eyes sank when she looked in the direction of Wei Chen’s departure.


At this moment, in Wei Chen’s room.

As soon as Wei Chen closed the door of the room, he stretched out his hand and hugged Chen Li into his arms, clasped his hands tightly around Chen Li’s waist, and buried his head in Chen Li’s neck.

“Li Li, let me hug you for a while,” Wei Chen said, his voice hoarse and deep.

Chen Li didn’t move, his body froze and let Wei Chen hug him.

It took a long time before Wei Chen let go of Chen Li. There were no other emotions in his black eyes. He stretched out his hand and rubbed Chen Li’s soft hair, and said, “Li Li, thank you.”

Chen Li still didn’t respond, but slowly raised his hand and landed on Wei Chen’s face with a slap mark, lightly stroking it, as if asking Wei Chen if it hurts.

Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand and shook his head, “It doesn’t hurt, don’t worry.”

At this moment, Wei Chen’s heart was already filled with warm currents. To be able to make Chen Li awkwardly express worried emotions, Wei Chen felt that the slap he had just received was not in vain.

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