The Sweetest Marriage Ch.47

Chapter 47 – Leaving the Wei House

Although Wei Chen had already said that it didn’t hurt to be slapped, Chen Li’s hand still didn’t leave Wei Chen’s face. His fingertips gently swayed on Wei Chen’s face, and then he stood on tiptoe, pursed his lips, and gently blew air to the place where Wei Chen had been hit.

With the warm breath blowing on his face, Wei Chen only felt the hair all over his body stood up. When he lowered his eyes, he saw Chen Li’s long curly eyelashes and beautiful nose. A feeling of heat and dryness crawled all over him, and there seemed to be an electric current flowing in him, causing numbness all over his body.

‘This is really a sweet torture,’ Wei Chen thought.

“Li Li, it’s really okay.” Wei Chen took a step back without a trace. In his heart, he wanted to continue to enjoy it, but his reason made him retreat. Because reason had already issued a warning, if you don’t retreat, reason will follow your lusts and run away.

Chen Li tilted his head, a little confused why Wei Chen wanted to avoid, but did not continue to lean in, and only stared straight at Wei Chen. Although there was no emotion in his eyes, Wei Chen felt his sadness.

It could be said that at this moment Wei Chen’s heart had softened into cotton, rising and hot, making his eyes unconsciously smile. He stretched out his hand and rubbed Chen Li’s hair, and said softly: “Li Li, I’m going to take you to the capital. Do you have anything to bring?”

Chen Li still didn’t answer, but turned to the bedside table and pulled out the small wooden box, holding it in his arms like a baby. The meaning was also obvious. If he was leaving, even if he didn’t bring anything related to painting, he would bring this small wooden box.

When Chen Li moved out of the Chen’s house with Chen Li, Chen Li also had to bring this small wooden box. Now he wanted to take Chen Li to the capital. What Chen Li couldn’t let go of was also this small wooden box. For a while, Wei Chen was very, very curious about what was in this small wooden box, which made Chen Li so reluctant to give up. Or perhaps, what kind of story did the things in this small wooden box symbolize?

“Is it only this wooden box?” Although Wei Chen was curious in his heart, he would definitely not open the small wooden box to find out without Chen Li’s consent.

Chen Li looked at Wei Chen and hugged the small wooden box tighter, fearing that Wei Chen would not let him take things away.

“Okay, let’s take it to the capital together,” Wei Chen promised.

Only then did Chen Li relax.

Wei Chen was in the capital before the Dragon Boat Festival, most of the things were in the empire, instead of sorting things out, it was better to say that Wei Chen just took some important things. Not to mention Chen Li, he couldn’t wear his previous clothes anymore. In the past few days at Wei’s house, Wei Chen also added a few clothes to him, and he sorted them out quickly. As for Chen Li’s painting materials, Wei Chen did not take them away. These things were available in the capital. He had already entrusted someone to purchase the latest set for Chen Li in the capital.

So almost half an hour later, Wei Chen left the room with Chen Li in one hand and a suitcase in the other.

When they went downstairs and passed by the living room, Fang Yun and Wei Zhenxiong were both there. Even if Wei Chen was pulling his luggage at the moment, neither of them said a word, and they pretended not to see Wei Chen.

Wei Chen also passed by the two of them without saying a word. The living room was very quiet, with only the sound of the wheels of the suitcase rolling across the floor.

After leaving the gate, the driver of the Wei family drove over. He was ordered by the old master to take Wei Chen to the airport.

Wei Chen put away his luggage and sat in the car with Chen Li. The car started and gradually moved away from the Wei family mansion, but Wei Chen didn’t look back.

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  1. I wish the author would explain why the mum hates MC & dad ignores him. Is she not the biological mum? Did mc kill their other child? Did the grandfather replace the father as an heir or something? What is it ?

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