The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.83

Chapter 83 – Yu Ti Learns the Identity of 0329 Cub

The autumn sky was clear, the air was crisp, and the clouds were light.

0329 walked forward quietly alone. Because this location was not hidden, 0329 couldn’t transform into a human form to find the host, so it had to find a remote and uninhabited place.

But it didn’t know if it was its illusion, 0329 always felt a little uncomfortable.

0329 frowned and carefully checked its body again!

Surprisingly, it really found something this time!

It found a black aura swimming in its transparent arms. This made 0329 very puzzled, what is this thing? It raised its arm and looked at it again, but it still didn’t see anything special.

Forget it, let’s go to the host first!

And just as 0329 was walking, a car in front of him suddenly stopped. The person in this car was Chen Bing’s father, Chen Guoqiang, who got out of the car and came to the child.

0329 was also surprised when it saw Chen’s father, and it blinked.

“Why are you here alone?” Father Chen frowned. Only less than three months had passed since the end of the world, and when 0329 saw Father Chen, he was now as old as if he was 60 or 70 years old.

His face was full of vicissitudes and a kind of exhaustion.

It’s just that when facing children, Father Chen was still as kind and patient as before.

“I’m going to find my brother.”

“Your brother got separated from you?” Father Chen continued to ask.

“Hmm,” 0329 nodded.

“No, how are you going to find your brother by yourself? Do you remember where you and your brother were before you got separated? Uncle will take you back and look for him,” Father Chen frowned.

0329 naturally refused, but its rejection was useless.

In Father Chen’s view, 0329 was just a child. Even if a child refuses, can an adult really put him in danger? So Father Chen carried 0329 into the car.

0329 was a little helpless, but just when it wanted to sneak away, it suddenly noticed a familiar aura on Father Chen’s body.

It was the smell of soul trading with the wild system.

0329’s expression suddenly became solemn.

Father Chen’s car was running out of fuel. He said to 0329: “I’ll go back and add some fuel first, and then I’ll take you to my brother.”

0329 continued to look at Father Chen seriously, as if looking for something.

Father Chen only regarded this as a child who was a little bored, and didn’t care. After he finished adding fuel, he drove towards the outside of the base. He asked the little doll while driving, and said, “Little friend, uncle doesn’t know your name yet?”

“My name is 0… my name is Zhuo,” 0329 remembered that humans had no number, so it turned around and said another name.

“Zhuo? Is your surname Zhuo?” Father Chen asked while driving.

“Hmm? Is there any difference?” 0329 was at a loss.

Father Chen was amused by his little appearance, so he didn’t delve into whether it was his last name or his first name. It seemed that the child didn’t know it himself, since he didn’t know it, it was useless to ask.

He gave the child a piece of candy and continued to drive.

Father Chen was Chen Bing’s father, and travel was naturally extremely smooth. Therefore, when Father Chen was about to go out, the gatekeeper naturally let him go, but before Father Chen could go out, there was a loud noise in the base.

“Help! Help!” a young man shouted loudly!

Father Chen turned his head and looked, and then saw two young men running towards him. The people chasing them behind seemed to want to shoot, but they didn’t pull the trigger several times.

It wasn’t until Gao Hai and Sun Peng were about to run out that someone finally couldn’t help but raise their guns.

“Stop it!” Father Chen shouted.

When Father Chen got out of the car, Gao Hai and Sun Peng looked like they had seen a savior. They hurriedly came to Father Chen’s side, shivering and said, “Uncle! Uncle, save us! They eat people at this base! We saw with our own eyes that many people were tied up in the basement, and they all lacked a piece of meat!”

Father Chen’s face changed slightly.

At this time, the people chasing after them came over, and they called out Uncle after seeing Father Chen.

Gao Hai and Sun Peng suddenly understood something.

Sun Peng pointed to Father Chen and those people and said sternly: “Okay! It turns out you are together! If you eat people, people like you will go to hell!”

Father Chen ignored the accusations of the two teenagers, but looked at the man in front of him and asked in a deep voice, “What’s the matter?”

“Uncle Chen, you misunderstood, we didn’t want to do anything to these two kids. Sister Bing asked us to send them to the safe area, but they ran out of the room in the middle of the night to steal food, so we didn’t find them. And they both went into the basement by mistake.”

The real animals were held in the basement.

They were so bloody because those beasts ate their closest relatives, so they were tortured all night long. But the two teenagers misunderstood, moreover, they even let those animals out!

Although the base tried its best to catch them, one or two still managed to escape.

Sister Bing would definitely be angry now.

Because those people were the ones who had eaten her child, Sister Bing instructed them not to kill any of them. Although they didn’t know why, they just followed.

But now that they had lost two, they didn’t know what would happen.

Father Chen’s face suddenly sank when he heard this, because if he wanted to resurrect his grandson, then he would need those animals that had eaten his grandson as sacrifices, and none of them should be missing.

While they were talking, a car suddenly stopped next to them, and the next second, Chen Bing got out of the car. She looked at her subordinates and said, “Where are they?”

The subordinates did not dare to hide it and told her what happened honestly.

After hearing that two people had already run away, Chen Bing’s face instantly turned ugly, and her eyes slowly turned to the two teenagers.

Gao Hai was a little afraid of Chen Bing’s eyes.

He backed up while saying, “What are you looking at me for?! Your base eats people, we are doing a good deed, even if we are killed by you, we don’t regret it!”

“We eat people?” Chen Bing smiled and said, “Do you two know? Those animals you let go are the real animals! They ate my child. Don’t meddle in someone’s affairs without knowing anything, didn’t your family teach you?!”

Chen Bing is really going to explode at this moment.

She had just gone to let Yu Ti and others go, and when she came out, she heard the news that the beasts had been rescued and ran away. Even the other beasts that she had finally caught before were released.

Gao Hai was taken aback. He never thought that this was the case, but he frowned and still said, “That person has also repented, and they may be very hungry so they ate your child. It’s the end of the world now. Sacrificing a child for a few adults is not a loss in the long run. Children will not be able to live in the end of the world.”

“You—” Chen Bing’s face was ugly.

She directly grabbed the clothes on Gao Hai’s chest, her eyes were sinister and said, “Well, since you are so enlightened, then you two will replace the people who ran away.”

Gao Hai and Sun Peng were scared to pee on the spot when they heard it.

The two of them shivered and looked at this terrible woman, and finally realized and reacted to their situation at this time.

“Xiao Bing.” Chen’s father held the muzzle of Chen Bing’s gun.

After he moved his daughter’s gun away, Father Chen said to the others: “Let these two children out.”


“Let them out!” Father Chen ordered in a deep voice.

The subordinates were confused for a while, but in the end, they let the two teenagers go according to Father Chen’s order. Gao Hai and Sun Peng breathed a sigh of relief when they heard that they didn’t have to die. They hurriedly got into the nearest car, but their bodies kept trembling.

In fact, Chen Bing didn’t mean to kill those two people either.

Even though she wanted to do it.

But after all, they were still underage, and Chen Bing’s sense of morality prevented her from doing this.

After the two teenagers left the base, Chen Bing turned to look at her father and said, “Dad, you first find a place to hide. Now the base is a little unsafe.” She was going to catch those who escaped by herself. She would not allow anything to go wrong with this formation, she wanted her child to be resurrected, no matter what the price was.

0329 had been listening to their conversation.

At the same time, 0329 was sensing the surrounding movement again, and it felt that the base seemed to be wrapped in an invisible magic array. And the breath of this magic array was too much like the magic array set up when the wild system absorbed the human soul.

In the end, 0329 decided to investigate by himself.

As for the host…

Well, wait until it’s done before going back to the host. The host should be able to take good care of himself. After all, he had grown up.

Father Chen frowned, he couldn’t let his daughter take risks alone.

But he remembered that he hadn’t sent the child back yet.

Just when Father Chen planned to put the child in a safe place before helping his daughter, he found that the child suddenly disappeared when he turned his head.


0329 followed its breath and walked quickly towards the front. Just as it was about to run into a formation, 0329 suddenly hit a person head-on, which made it say ‘ouch’ and cover its head.

“Are you okay?” Yu Ti bent down to look at the child.

“Huh? It’s you?” 0329 blinked.

“Hmm.” Yu Ti looked at the child’s head, and after finding that he was not injured, he breathed a sigh of relief, and asked, “Why are you here alone? Where’s your brother? Didn’t he protect you?”

“No, he has grown up, so I am here by myself.” 0329 originally meant that it didn’t need to protect the host now that he had grown up, so it left for a while.

But in Yu Ti’s ears, it was his brother who threw him away.

Yu Ti’s thin lips curled into a straight line.

He looked at the child, then bent down and picked him up directly, and said, “Follow me, it’s not safe here.”

“No, no, I have something to do!” 0329 said seriously.

“What’s the matter?” Yu Ti asked.

Although he asked, he still walked outside with the child in his arms, because the scene inside was too bloody for a child to see. He was worried that the child would have nightmares at night.

0329 naturally couldn’t go with Yu Ti.

It struggled.

But Yu Ti held it a little tight, so 0329 couldn’t break free for a while.

And just when 0329 was about to be taken away completely, it suddenly sensed something. 0329’s eyes suddenly flashed with blue light. In the next second, it turned into a light uncontrollably and left Yu Ti’s arms, and instantly became a human form.

Yu Ti’s face suddenly changed.

0329 was also taken aback. It didn’t expect that except for the male protagonist, his human form could actually be seen by another person. There was no need to ask how 0329 knew it, because Yu Ti’s stunned eyes were enough to explain everything.

It pursed its lips, hesitated for a while, and then decided to catch the wild system first.

So the next second 0329 turned into a light and disappeared.

What 0329 didn’t know was that what Yu Ti was shocked by was not that it suddenly turned into another form, but his appearance was…exactly the same as his younger brother.

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