The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.82

Chapter 82 – He’s a Good Person

In the end, 0329 decided to wait for the host in place, otherwise, it was really afraid of losing the host. But it couldn’t let the wild system run away, so it decided to guard here by itself and let the law enforcement sword go back and pick it up.

It just didn’t know if the host, who had no memory at this time, could receive the meaning of the law enforcement sword.

But the law enforcement sword went to sleep as soon as it heard this.

0329 was taken aback, it poked its sword, confused, and said, “Baby?”

But the law enforcement sword didn’t move, which made 0329 sigh. In the end, it let the law enforcement sword guard here, and it went back to pick up the host.

Only then did the law enforcement sword reluctantly wake up.


In a spacious room, Yu Ti was sitting on the head of the bed, the wound on his abdomen had been bandaged, but he didn’t care about this, and stared at the shackles in his hands in a daze.

“Don’t look at it, I haven’t planned to kill you yet.”

A man sat in a chair and looked at Yu Ti, the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were full of mockery. This person was the young man who shot Yu Ti. He was good-looking and had a delicate face, but he was sickly white, like a person who had a serious illness.

But his eyes didn’t look like a sick person.

He looked at Yu Ti indifferently, like an evil ghost demanding his life, decadent and desperate with an appealing sense of debauchery.

Yu Ti frowned and looked at him silently.

“Three days later will be your death date, but don’t worry, these three days, I will make you feel more comfortable, and it can be regarded as a little comfort before you die.” Speaking of this, the young man sighed and said, “This is an alternative euthanasia, right? Am I good enough for you? Hahaha.”

Yu Ti: “……”

The young man came to Yu Ti. He looked at Yu Ti, then raised his hand to touch Yu Ti’s chest, which made Yu Ti frown and dodge a little. But the young man didn’t stop. He directly tore off his clothes, tilted his head and hooked his lips: “Is this your first time? Ha, I didn’t expect to meet a chick, don’t be nervous, you just have to lie down and enjoy it, I’ll move by myself. Not to mention that you are lucky today, I just finished a shot, and the back is very soft, which will make you very comfortable.”

“Let go,” Yu Ti frowned and said coldly.

Xia Duo didn’t stop but continued to move towards Yu Ti’s lower body, but he stroked it for a long time but found that Yu Ti was not emotional at all, and his lower body did not move at all.

Xia Duo raised his eyebrows unexpectedly.

He looked at Yu Ti and sneered: “Don’t like men? Tsk, it’s the end of the world, what does it matter if a man or a woman makes you comfortable, anyway?”

Yu Ti still didn’t have any movement, just looked at him silently.

Xia Duo continued to tease.

He was a man, and as a man, he naturally knew men well. Generally, few men could withstand the temptation of s*x, let alone Xia Duo’s appearance. Even Xia Duo was impulsive when he was so clean, so he knew that this person would not last long.

“What are you crying for?” a cold voice suddenly sounded.

Xia Duo’s hand suddenly paused. Then he raised his head to look at Yu Ti, and said with a laugh: “What are you talking nonsense about?”

“You are crying, I can feel it, what happened to you?”

Xia Duo’s face changed.

His eyes suddenly became cruel at this moment, he grabbed Yu Ti’s collar and said coldly: “Who is crying? Do you think I can let you go just because you are pretending to be a god? Your death can’t be changed.”

Yu Ti didn’t speak, but looked at Xia Duo in silence.

Xia Duo lost all thoughts of going to bed for a while. He got out of bed coldly and said, “Forget it, I originally wanted to make you happy before you died, but you asked for it. In that case, you can spend a long three days here alone.”

After speaking, Xia Duo turned and left, and the door made a loud noise.

Yu Ti was silent for two seconds, then sighed.

Xia Duo directly returned to his room with a cold face, and the subordinates passing by did not dare to speak loudly when they saw Xia Duo’s face. It was not until Xia Duo returned to the room that he could no longer work hard to maintain his disguise, and all his disguises were broken at this moment.

Xia Duo collapsed on the ground and stared at the ground in a daze, his eyes began to blur, and this was what Chen Bing saw when she pushed the door in two hours later.

Chen Bing, who had a cold face, paused for a while.

And Xia Duo was still immersed in his own world, only staring at the ground in a daze without saying a word.

He thought of his sister again.

Many classmates in the school thought that Xia Duo and his sister were adopted, but they were not. Xia Duo was adopted, but in order to prevent others from gossiping, her sister often said in school that she was adopted.

The adoptive parents were also very kind to Xia Duo, even when they had their own daughter, they had never changed.

Xia Duo was abandoned by his parents.

At that time, Xia Duo’s adoptive parents were almost fifty years old and had no children, so they adopted Xia Duo. Unexpectedly, the adoptive mother became pregnant unexpectedly five years later. Xia Duo was very afraid of being kicked out at the time, but the adoptive parents did not. Not only did they not, but they also treated Xia Duo as always.

Even his sister was kind and lively.

Xia Duo thought he would always be so happy, but the end of the world suddenly came. Because the place of his adoptive parents was too far away, he could only try his best to save his younger sister first, but when he fled with his younger sister, Xia Duo met a group of people.

The other party took a fancy to Xia Duo, but they were all men.

In fact, Xia Duo’s sexual orientation was also the same sex, and he had also told his parents. At that time, the adoptive parents comforted Xia Duo, saying that as long as Xia Duo was happy, they would not have any opinions, but there was one condition, and that was to be clean.

Therefore, Xia Duo was very cautious about dating boyfriends and s*x life.

But these people wanted to use force.

Although there were three or four people on the other side, Xia Duo still saw the opportunity to give the other party a stick, and after barely repelling these people, he hurriedly took his sister and ran away, even forgetting to bring food. It’s just that Xia Duo was injured in the end, so he started to have a fever.

And when he woke up, his sister was no longer there.

She was eaten by zombies.

Xia Duo was stunned when he heard the news.

“If, if I had promised those people in the first place, I wouldn’t have to run away with Xiao Xi, and Xiao Xi wouldn’t have died,” Xia Duo murmured to himself.

“Xia Duo…”

Xia Duo’s gaze gradually turned to his hands, and he said to himself, “Why? Why didn’t you agree?!” When he said the latter sentence, Xia Duo’s eyes turned ruthless, and he punched hard, causing the bones of his hands to break. The sound of bones breaking was very clear in this room.

“She’s been calling her brother to save her, I can’t save her…” Xia Duo fell to the ground and cried, hoarse and sorrowful.

He learned about this from Song Qing.

Xia Duo took Song Qing away. He tortured Song Qing for a long time and gave her a taste of the pain of being bitten by a zombie, but so what? Everything couldn’t go back. And all this was actually caused by Xia Duo.

It turned out that Song Qing liked himself.

So Xiao Xi got that ending because of himself.

The death of the adoptive parents was also because of Xia Duo.

Xia Duo had a suitor in college, a male classmate with an extraordinary family background and a son of a high-ranking official. He wanted Xia Duo to be his lover. Xia Duo was naturally unwilling, so he refused several times. And it was only a while ago that he found out that after the outbreak of the apocalypse, that person happened to take refuge in a hotel with his adoptive parents.

He was the child of a high-ranking official, and the family naturally sent someone to rescue him.


He called Xia Duo and asked him for the last time if he would agree to be with him.

Xia Duo felt inexplicable at the time.

Besides, he had to rush to save his sister, so he hung up the phone and blacklisted him. The result was imaginable. After making a few phone calls and still couldn’t get through, the man coldly ordered Xia Duo’s adoptive parents to get out of the car.

This was what Xia Duo learned more than half a month ago.

So it was because of himself, all the tragedies of the adoptive parents’ family originated from him.

“Xia Duo…” Chen Bing’s eyes were complicated.

“My parents must hate me very much. Tell me, why am I so vicious? People like me will definitely go to hell, right? Yes, I will definitely go down, but I still want to see my parents and Xiao Xi again and apologize to them,” Xia Duo murmured.

Chen Bing closed her eyes and barely held back tears.

The room gradually quieted down, and after a while, Chen Bing brought the medicine kit to treat Xia Duo’s hand.

But Xia Duo refused.

He had to do something else, he had to revive his sister.

The system said that because his sister was an adult, it was difficult to resurrect, but the soul could be restored. It was only then that Xia Duo knew that her sister’s soul was torn apart and swallowed, and it was swallowed by Song Qing’s bound system.

This was also the reason that supported Xia Duo to live to the present.

He needed to save his sister, at least give her a chance to reincarnate, so that even if his soul was gone, there was nothing to worry about.

Xia Duo, like Chen Bing, used his own soul as a guide.

But this was not enough, it also required other people’s souls to sacrifice it as energy to collect souls. And that system was also very strange. It did not want the forced sacrifice souls, but the voluntary sacrifice souls, so Xia Duo would sleep with everyone who was going to die, the ultimate temptation.

At the same time, this was also Xia Duo’s punishment for himself.

Usually, those people would die happily, so they could barely achieve what the system called ‘voluntary’.

“Xia Duo, this is what I came to tell you today. One of the people you brought back is Yu Ti. I know him. He saved me at the time. He is a good person. Let’s change it to someone else.”

“Change to someone else? With who?” Xia Duo’s eyes became cold, and he stared at Chen Bing and said, “It’s too late. I don’t care if he is a good person or a bad person. As long as I can save Xiao Xi, I don’t care about anything.”

“Xia Duo!” Chen Bing hardened her tone.

Although she also wanted to resurrect her son, Chen Bing always had her own principles and bottom line.

“Chen Bing, you and I are in a cooperative relationship, you’d better not stop me, otherwise you can take his place,” Xia Duo said with gloomy eyes.

Xia Duo was indeed crazy.

He had no other thoughts now, his only motivation to live was to gather his sister’s soul, for which he could pay all the price, no matter what.

Chen Bing looked at Xia Duo and knew that he would not agree.

She turned and left, intending to let people go by herself.

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