The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.84

Chapter 84 – 0329 Cub was Taken!

0329 chased after the fluctuations, it could sense that the wild system was around, but the wild system seemed to be bound to more people, causing the fluctuations to be a bit complicated.

This meant that humans were giving it cover.

This was the last thing the law enforcement system wanted to see, because this would increase the difficulty of hunting, and the wild system was likely to kill and absorb souls after using humans, this situation had occurred many times.

On the other side.

The two fleeing beasts couldn’t run far because of their injuries, so they were still caught by Chen Bing who was driving the car. It’s just that when they caught them back, Gao Hai and Sun Peng, who had just joined the new team, happened to see this scene.

They hurriedly shouted, “It’s those people! It’s her base that tortures people! And cutting human flesh!”

When the person in the convoy heard this, how could they stay still?

So they went over to help the two captured people, which led to Chen Bing and her subordinates being wounded, and one of them was even killed. Although Chen Bing barely grabbed one back, she was also injured.

“Sister Bing, let’s go and catch that beast again if we have a chance in the future. Let him go this time,” Chen Bing’s subordinates persuaded.

Chen Bing’s hateful eyes were full of unwillingness.

But what’s the use of being unwilling? That person had already been rescued by the convoy, and she tried her best to catch this one. If it hadn’t been for a subordinate to save her, she might have been killed just now.

The car drove all the way back to the base.

After arriving at the base, Chen Bing’s subordinates quickly asked someone to close the door first.

“Sister Bing, go and treat the injury first, okay?”

Chen Bing shook her head. She covered her wound and got out of the car with difficulty, then dragged the animal, which was limp like a dead pig, in a certain direction. Others wanted to help her, but Chen Bing asked people to stand down.

Everyone looked at this figure and fell silent for a while.

“It seems that Sister Bing really hates those beasts,” a man sighed.

“Of course, I would be like that too if my child was eaten by others.”

Chen Bing dragged the beast all the way to the destination. When Chen Bing arrived, the other beasts had already been thrown there by Xia Duo. Some of them were so scared that they peed their pants, each one shaking their heads in fear as if they were repenting and begging for mercy.

But for Chen Bing, even if these people die a hundred times now, she won’t blink her eyes or sympathize.

Xia Duo stood aside coldly.

“Xiaobing.” Father Chen’s eyes changed when he saw Chen Bing’s injury, and he tremblingly walked over to look at his daughter’s wound. Lin Jun, on the other hand, stood aside with a complicated expression, and he still didn’t approve of Chen Bing doing this kind of thing.

Chen Bing shook her head to indicate that she was okay.

Then she took out the ball in her hand and called for the system that was bound to her.

Normally, the other party would respond within two hours at the latest.

But this time…

An hour passed, two hours passed, or even half a day passed, and the other party still didn’t respond at all. This made the faces of Chen Bing and Xia Duo begin to become serious, and they were both worried about what would happen.


There must be no changes, this was their last and only hope.


In fact, Ying Xuan had already received Chen Bing’s call, but he could not appear. Just now Ying Xuan sensed the breath of the law enforcement system, and it seemed to be still tracking his traces.

This scared him so much that he hurriedly ran away in a panic.

It’s just that Chen Bing and Xia Duo had been calling Ying Xuan continuously, and Chen Bing had been crying. She begged this strange system to help her, she was willing to give everything and do anything.

Ying Xuan hesitated.

The other party was willing to give her soul completely to himself, which was a great temptation. Because most people, even if they used soul exchange, either regretted it at the last second, or they were unwilling to do so.

At that time, what he could absorb would be greatly reduced.

“Please, I beg you…”

The prayers of Chen Bing and Xia Duo kept coming from the black crystal ball, and in the end, Ying Xuan chose to take the risk. If the other party was really willing to give her soul to himself willingly, then it wouldn’t take much time for him to absorb it.

He could continue to run at that time.

The main reason was that this temptation was too great, two souls who voluntarily sacrificed. Moreover, they were not bad people, and they had very few evil thoughts on their bodies, so the quality of their souls would be better.

“Huh?” 0329 suddenly paused halfway through the chase.

It frowned, and then its figure flickered and disappeared in a flash.

When Ying Xuan arrived, Chen Bing was still kneeling on the ground begging, and after seeing Ying Xuan, Chen Bing’s desperate face suddenly burst out with hope. As soon as she was about to speak, she suddenly felt a pain in the back of her neck, and then Chen Bing fainted.

Ying Xuan looked at Chen Bing’s father, puzzled.

Father Chen put his daughter under a tree, then resisted the cough, and said, “I will give you my soul voluntarily on behalf of my daughter.”

Ying Xuan thought about it.

After looking at him for a while and discovering that there was even a trace of merit in him, Ying Xuan agreed.

“You have to hurry up, there is a law enforcement system chasing me, if I am caught, all previous efforts will be for naught,” Ying Xuan solemnly told Father Chen and Xia Duo.

“Okay.” Xia Duo didn’t hesitate.

He sat down according to Ying Xuan’s instructions, then put the family portrait of him and his parents and sister in his hand on his chest and closed his eyes.

Father Chen also walked over with difficulty.

Lin Jun naturally persuaded him, but Father Chen insisted on going his own way, and Lin Jun had to look at him with complicated eyes and couldn’t do anything.

The spell was activated, and a black barrier was formed around it.

The next second, the people inside the barrier were instantly caught by something, and the people who were used as sacrifices made a painful cry, but this cry could not penetrate beyond the barrier.

After about an hour, the screams gradually stopped.

The wild system, Ying Xuan, condensed the appearance of a child, as well as the general outline of a girl’s soul body. It’s just that there was still a lack of energy, so the flowers, trees, birds, and all life that were framed by the huge black barrier began to wither and die.

It was as if this place had been drained of spiritual energy, gradually becoming barren.

But at this moment——

A chilling coldness abruptly pierced through the black barrier!

At this time, the black mist-like Ying Xuan was instantly shot down to the ground by a sword aura. When he panicked and wanted to run, a cold long sword stopped in front of him and was aiming at him.

Ying Xuan trembled suddenly, terrified.

But because the formation was forcibly interrupted, the person who had been sucked most of his soul in the formation was backlashed. Father Chen vomited blood directly, and his face looked like an old man in his nineties who was about to die.

While Xia Duo’s body became emaciated, looking very scary.

At least in Lin Jun’s eyes.

And Chen Bing also woke up slightly because of this huge sound. She shook her head which was a little painful, and she hadn’t figured out the situation yet. After she regained consciousness a little bit, she finally remembered something.

She first glanced at the messy surroundings blankly, and then subconsciously looked for her father. When she saw her father’s face, Chen Bing was stunned.

“Dad, what’s wrong with you?! Dad, don’t scare me… Open your eyes and look at me…” Chen Bing hugged her father and cried helplessly.

Father Chen barely opened his eyes to Chen Bing’s cry.

After seeing her father awake, Chen Bing’s eyes were happy, but she still cried hoarsely: “You don’t have to replace me, I did it voluntarily. I didn’t want you to replace me.”

Hearing this, Father Chen raised his hand with difficulty to wipe away his daughter’s tears, and said, “You save your child, I’ll save mine.”

Chen Bing’s body shook when she heard these words.

Ying Xuan was still being pointed at by the Law Enforcement Sword, and with just one stab, Ying Xuan would completely dissipate.

But the Law Enforcement Sword seemed to be waiting for something and didn’t move.

It wasn’t until a beam of light fell that the Law Enforcement Sword got up lazily. Originally, the Law Enforcement Sword was too lazy to take care of it, but 0329 came too slowly, so it came over to help it catch the wild system first.

0329 frowned and looked at this messy land. The human form of 0329 was very cold and majestic, making people a little scared when they saw it.

Ying Xuan looked at 0329’s human form without blinking.

After scanning the surroundings and knowing roughly what was going on, 0329’s gaze turned to Ying Xuan who fell to the ground, and then raised its hand slightly, and the Law Enforcement Sword appeared in its hand.

Seeing this scene, Chen Bing quickly stood in front of Ying Xuan and burst into tears: “I beg you not to kill him, I did it voluntarily, I did it voluntarily.” Because Ying Xuan had told her and Xia Duo about the law enforcement system before, they knew that the ‘person’ in front of them should be the law enforcement system that the wild system said.

Ying Xuan actually didn’t want to do soul trading at first.

Although it was greedy.

But it still resisted the temptation and did not agree. It was Chen Bing and Xia Duo who begged hard, and Ying Xuan finally agreed.

‘Is this also his fault?’ Ying Xuan was sad and puzzled.

Xia Duo, who barely woke up in the end, also begged 0329, which made 0329 frown.

Law Enforcement Sword waited a little impatiently.

It planned to kill the wild system directly, but it was stopped by 0329.

Law Enforcement Sword turned to 0329 puzzled.

“I beg you, I just want to save my son, he was eaten by those beasts… He is still so young, I just want to save him, these people I caught are all wicked people, I did not kill good people, I beg you.”

0329 was silent for a while.

About two minutes later, 0329 put away the Law Enforcement Sword. It pointed at the humans kneeling at its feet and said, “The souls gathered by the wild system will be tainted with filth. Even if such souls are reincarnated, they will not end well.”

Chen Bing and Xia Duo were stunned.

Then 0329 turned its head and said to Ying Xuan: “Absorbing souls, no matter what the reason is, is a capital offense.”

Ying Xuan was dumbfounded, he didn’t know it would be like this.

0329 said nothing, a small golden-red light suddenly condensed in its hands, and then hit the two souls that had been condensed by the wild system.

Those two souls instantly changed from light black to transparent color.

0329 completed these two souls and sent them to reincarnation. Resurrection was impossible, which was counterintuitive, but 0329 gave the two souls a good reincarnation.

Immediately afterwards, a small golden-red sword similar to the size of a dagger condensed in 0329’s hand. This was 0329’s law enforcement sword. In fact, every law enforcement system would have its own law enforcement sword.

The golden-red sword instantly pierced the wild system.

Ying Xuan felt a pain in his body, but it didn’t take long for the pain to disappear, and his whole body became transparent.

This was 0329’s way of executing the wild system.

But the difference was that the execution was followed by a cleansing. It’d would give this wild system the opportunity to reincarnate.

This was already 0329’s Nth time of spiritual cleansing.

It basically did this every time it encountered a wild system that was not evil, although it was a bit strange and faulty in the eyes of other law enforcement systems. After all, who would waste their own merit to redeem some wild system that should not have survived in the first place?

But 0329 still felt that everything in the world had the right to survive.

Anyway, just accumulate merit slowly, 0329 was not afraid.

“Thank you, thank you.” Ying Xuan could feel that the other party used its merits to purify his own karma. He looked at 0329 hard, as if he wanted to deepen his impression again, so that he would be able to recognize him immediately in the future.

Ying Xuan slowly disappeared in place.

Chen Bing and the others present were stunned by a light from 0329. 0329 cleared Chen Bing’s memory of this part and saved Father Chen. But Xia Duo’s desire to survive was very low, and after seeing his sister successfully reincarnated, he completely closed his eyes.

This was a manifestation of death in the heart.

0329 completed Xia Duo’s missing soul and sent him to reincarnate.

As for Chen Bing, although it cleared part of Chen Bing’s memory, it still left a bond on her body. Once she died, she would renew her blood relationship with her child in the afterlife.

Although this might seem superfluous.

But 0329 was still very envious of the blood relationship between humans. Although it didn’t quite understand it, it was still willing to help.

When it finished all this work, 0329 would feel a little weak.

It was originally injured, and now it had consumed most of its energy to condense its own merits, causing it to faint. And at the moment 0329 fell, it was caught by a person.

This person was none other than Yu Ti.

Yu Ti looked at the child in his arms for a long time and finally decided to carry him and leave here. In fact, he had been standing behind the big tree and watching for a long time. Although he was a little shocked, he finally calmed down. It was not until 0329 fell that Yu Ti’s face changed slightly and he came out from behind the tree.

He planned to take him away, and this emotion was very strong.

Although he didn’t know where his emotions came from, he really didn’t want this child who looked like his brother to be with Xi Xun again.

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