The Sweetest Marriage Ch.50.1

Chapter 50.1 – Our Home

“Heh.” Wu Zikang let out a meaningful smile, “For you, this process is really worth enjoying.”

As for whether this process was referring to the process of mixing drinks or the process of certain other things, the two of them had a tacit understanding.

Chen Qing smiled lightly and said, “How about you? Aren’t you enjoying it too?”

Wu Zikang raised his head and drank the cocktail in the glass, his smile disappeared, and he said sadly: “Everyone says that Wei Chen is extremely clever and is the proud son of heaven. Heh, what a proud son of heaven.”

Chen Qing heard the jealousy in Wu Zikang’s words, raised the corner of his mouth, and said nothing more.

How could he not understand Wu Zikang’s mood? Wei Chen was too good, and his excellence made the people of their generation look inferior. There was nothing wrong with Wu Zikang being jealous of Wei Chen. After all, looking at the reputation that followed Wei Chen all the way, even he would be jealous.

Wu Zikang drank a glass of wine and still didn’t feel satisfied, so he took another drink that Chen Qing had mixed, and this time, he raised his head and downed the whole glass, his eyes looking a bit sinister.

He and Wei Chen were the children of two well-known families in Shanghai. He was a well-known prodigal son, a mud that couldn’t support the wall. Wei Chen was different. He was a typical ‘child of other people’s family’, the proud son of heaven, and he had been extremely clever since he was a child.

When he was in school, Wu Zikang and Wei Chen enrolled in the same year. By the time they reached high school, Wei Chen was already a senior two levels higher than him. It was not that he caused trouble and repeated the grade, but that Wei Chen skipped all the way.

When he was able to find a more well-known university in the capital through his family’s relationship after the college entrance examination, Wei Chen had already become a sought-after talent of several prestigious schools abroad. In order to get Wei Chen, one offered more generous conditions than the other.

Wu Zikang thought that Wei Chen would at least accept an invitation from one university, but Wei Chen pushed all of them, and he studied for a master’s degree in his junior year. In just two years, he got two Ph.D. degrees in marketing and financial management from Q University.

And now, when Wu Zikang was still struggling for his graduation thesis, Wei Chen had become a sought-after talent among the major companies in the capital, with one letter of appointment after another.

Wu Zikang knew that without the Wu family, he, Wu Zikang, would be nothing, but without the Wei family, he, Wei Chen, would still be Wei Chen. How could he not be angry? How could he not be jealous?

He really wanted to see Wei Chen fall from the altar. The worse he fell, the better he’d feel!

This time Wei Chen got married to a fool. He now regretted that he didn’t go back to Shanghai at that time. He really wanted to see Wei Chen’s resisting mouth and last helpless compromise! That kind of expression would definitely be very wonderful.

No, he forgot, Wei Chen wouldn’t have an expression on his face, not even the simplest smile, which was really pitiful.

Wu Zikang’s mood improved suddenly. In fact, after thinking about it carefully, Wei Chen’s marriage this time was actually quite good. A facial paralysis and a fool are definitely perfect for each other.


The more Wu Zikang thought about it, the more refreshing it became, and he couldn’t help laughing.

Chen Qing looked at Wu Zikang and curled his lips.


It was a weekday, and coincidentally in time for the evening rush hour. The traffic gathered from all directions, and finally merged into several long car dragons. The taxi that Wei Chen and Chen Li took also became an inconspicuous member of these long car dragons.

The movements of this dragon were undoubtedly slow, and it had only moved forward a little bit for a long time. If they were impatient, they would have been unable to stop cursing.

Wei Chen, who had lived in the capital for several years, had become accustomed to this kind of traffic, and the taxi driver was also accustomed to it. After consulting Wei Chen’s opinion, he turned on the music and bobbed his head to the music, looking very comfortable.

The dragon slowly moved forward. The usual half-hour journey was abruptly delayed for more than an hour this time. By the time it reached its destination, the sun was setting and the horizon was already dark.

Wei Chen’s house in the capital was bought by Wei Chen out of his own money after working in the capital for a year. It was not very large, with three bedrooms and one living room, but it was more than enough for him and Chen Li to live in.

Wei Chen pulled Chen Li and opened the door of the house. Although no one lived in it for more than half a month, Wei Chen hired some people to do some renovations on the house for more than half a month. The masters cleaned the house thoroughly before they left. Now they didn’t see any dust when they came in.

“Li Li, come in, this is our home,” Wei Chen said softly, leading Chen Li into the center of the living room.

This was the home of him and Chen Li. Only he and Chen Li would live in it. No one else could disturb and hurt his Lili anymore.

Perhaps moved by the words “our home,” Chen Li stared at Wei Chen with a vacant expression, but a bright light seemed to illuminate his eyes.

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A mud that can’t support the wall – a useless person

The child of other people’s family – the outstanding child that parents often compare their kids to

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