The Sweetest Marriage Ch.50.2

Chapter 50.2 – Our Home

“Let me show you around,” Wei Chen said, taking Chen Li’s hand and leading him to a room near the living room. As the door opened and Chen Li saw the furnishings inside, his gaze froze, unable to look away for a long time.

This room had been transformed the most by Wei Chen. Originally a study, he had it designed as an art studio, complete with a wide variety of painting materials and tools, a dazzling sight.

“All of this is for you,” Wei Chen’s voice was filled with joy because he knew his preparations hadn’t been in vain, and Chen Li would love it.

Only then did Chen Li snap out of his daze, staring straight at Wei Chen. In the end, he imitated Wei Chen and reached out to ruffle his hair, but because he was much shorter than him, he had to tiptoe. This gesture seemed to express gratitude and praise from Chen Li’s perspective.

When Chen Li lowered his hand, Wei Chen took the opportunity to hold his hand. The studio was connected to a balcony, overlooking a range of rolling mountains and a gentle flowing stream below. Wei Chen had chosen this apartment complex because of the beautiful scenery surrounding it, and the small balcony where they stood now offered the best view.

By connecting the art studio and the balcony, Wei Chen wanted to ensure that when Chen Li grew tired from painting, he could always gaze into the distance, allowing the vast sky and lush peaks to expand his vision and prevent monotony.

The two stood side by side on the balcony, enjoying the cool evening breeze. Wei Chen turned his head to Chen Li and asked, “Do you like it here?”

Chen Li still didn’t respond, but the light in his eyes seemed to shine even brighter.

After visiting the art studio, Wei Chen led Chen Li to another room.

When they were at Wei’s house, they had to share a bed to avoid arousing suspicion. Now that they were in the capital and back in Wei Chen’s own house, he naturally prepared a separate bedroom for Chen Li.

The bedroom was next to Wei Chen’s own bedroom, simple yet cozy, with warm colors dominating the decor, giving it a comforting feeling.

“Li Li, this will be your room from now on,” Wei Chen said.

Chen Li looked around the room, then looked at Wei Chen with a puzzled expression.

Wei Chen instantly understood what Chen Li meant. “Yes, we won’t sleep together anymore. I’ll sleep in the adjacent room, so don’t worry.”

This time, Chen Li didn’t respond. Wei Chen thought he had accepted the arrangement.


Night fell gradually, enveloping everything in darkness. The city lights illuminated the world in vibrant colors.

When the clock pointed to around nine in the evening, Wei Chen raised his head from the computer and walked toward the art studio. Chen Li would usually retreat into the studio after dinner, and by this time, he should be ready to wash up and sleep.

The door to the art studio was slightly ajar, so Wei Chen lightly knocked before pushing it open. As expected, Chen Li was still engrossed in painting, completely unaware of Wei Chen’s presence. He was fully concentrated, his hand moving swiftly and skillfully. It was unclear what he was painting.

Approaching closer, Wei Chen’s gaze became serious as he saw what Chen Li was painting. The joke he made yesterday suddenly came back to his memory.

Yesterday, he gave Chen Li an elementary school textbook and said he would test him today to see if he could draw a random page from the book without looking.

And now, Chen Li was indeed painting the textbook, the pages he hadn’t read. The fonts and patterns on the book were identical to those in the actual book, except for some differences in drawing materials and printing. Wei Chen couldn’t help but suspect that the dozen or so pages Chen Li had completed were not drawn but printed.

Wei Chen knew that Chen Li had a talent for painting, but he had no idea his memory was so remarkable. It hadn’t even been 24 hours since yesterday, and if he subtracted the time spent eating, sleeping, and traveling, Chen Li hadn’t spent more than five hours actually reading the book.

Yet, in such a short time, Chen Li had memorized the entire elementary school textbook, including the strokes and characters, with impeccable accuracy! Even Wei Chen couldn’t match Chen Li’s speed.

Was this what they called photographic memory?

After the surprise, a sense of pride welled up in Wei Chen’s heart. Who said his Li Li was a fool? His Lili was clearly a genius!

When Chen Li finished drawing another page and prepared to draw another, Wei Chen placed his hand on the paper he was about to take. “Li Li, it’s time to sleep. I already know you memorized the book. Tomorrow, I’ll teach you how to read the words and their meanings.”

Chen Li obediently stopped painting and stood up, looking at Wei Chen with eyes shining brightly. Clearly, Wei Chen’s words about teaching him how to read and recognize characters made Chen Li happy.

Looking at Chen Li’s radiant gaze, Wei Chen couldn’t help but reach out and ruffle his hair. He felt both proud and heartbroken for Chen Li.

Chen Li was already in his twenties but couldn’t recognize a single character. It sounded unbelievable, considering he was the young master of the Chen family! However, according to Wei Chen’s knowledge, the Chen family never sent Chen Li to school. They locked him away at a very young age, isolating him from the outside world.

If it weren’t for Chen Li’s accidental encounter with drawing as a child and his subsequent love for it, which compelled him to persuade the Chen family to buy him art supplies, his childhood would have been devoid of any solace. A withdrawn person like him might not have been able to tolerate the world and could have found a way to escape.

Just thinking about it made Wei Chen shudder in fear. It felt like countless needles were piercing the place where his heart was, causing a sharp and painful sensation.

The way Chen Li looked at the textbook yesterday and the way he looked when he heard he could learn to read and write today were exactly the same. Perhaps in his early years, Chen Li had witnessed scenes of Chen Qing, a member of the Chen family, going to school, and that had planted a deep-seated longing in his heart. When the moment arrived for that longing to be fulfilled, even the emotionally closed-off Chen Li couldn’t help but show a look of surprise and excitement.

With these thoughts in mind, Wei Chen couldn’t help but reach out and pull Chen Li into his embrace, placing his hand on the back of his head. In a domineering manner, he pressed Chen Li against his chest, allowing himself to truly feel the sensation and warmth emanating from his body. Only in this way could Wei Chen’s throbbing heart finally relax.

The embrace was sudden, leaving Chen Li momentarily stunned in Wei Chen’s arms. However, feeling the sense of security radiating from Wei Chen, Chen Li gradually relaxed his stiff body. He even hesitated for a moment before circling his arms around Wei Chen’s waist.

This embrace made Chen Li feel incredibly at ease, so much so that he never wanted to let go, not now or ever.


Hurrying Chen Li to take a shower, Wei Chen arranged for him to go to bed. He walked to the window and closed the curtains, isolating the vibrant colors of the outside world.

Just before leaving, Wei Chen approached Chen Li and gently caressed his forehead with his hand, softly saying goodnight. He tucked him in and then turned off the lights, closing the door behind him as he returned to his own room.

Back in his room, Wei Chen turned on his computer and continued working. He found the account of the CEO of Changfeng Group and sent a message.

The CEO quickly responded and granted Wei Chen’s request.

Closing the messaging interface, the computer screen was filled with the fluctuating lines of the stock market, displaying various shades of red and green. Wei Chen squinted as he studied the screen, but his gaze stalled when he saw the stock code for Wei Corporation.

As the night grew deeper, Wei Chen finally turned off the computer, rubbed his slightly swollen eyes, and prepared to go to the bathroom to freshen up.

Just as he stood up, he heard a knock on the door. Wei Chen’s steps toward the bathroom faltered for a moment before he turned around and walked to the door. Opening it, he found Chen Li standing there.

When Chen Li saw Wei Chen coming out, he stared straight at Wei Chen, half enveloped in the darkness while wearing his pajamas.

Wei Chen quickly pulled Chen Li into the room. “Can’t sleep?”

Chen Li glanced at Wei Chen’s bed and then back at him, the meaning in his eyes evident.

Wei Chen’s heart skipped a beat as he understood Chen Li’s intention. After struggling internally for a while, he finally said somewhat resignedly, “Alright, let’s sleep together.”

With Wei Chen’s permission, Chen Li bypassed him and lay down on the bed, leaving a spot for Wei Chen, just like when they were at the Wei household.

As Wei Chen watched him, an inexplicable heat surged through his heart. After uttering, “I’ll go wash my face and brush my teeth,” he hurriedly escaped into the bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom, Wei Chen turned on the tap and splashed cold water on his face. The icy sensation helped alleviate the restlessness within him. Looking at his reflection in the water-streaked mirror, Wei Chen shook his head helplessly.

This was truly bittersweet torture!

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