The Sweetest Marriage Ch.51

Chapter 51 – Early Morning Exercise

The next morning, the warm sunlight shone down, and the world, which had been quiet all night, gradually began to wake up.

Wei Chen woke up early. Before opening his eyes, he felt a slight pressure on his waist and legs. When he opened his eyes, he saw Chen Li resting his hand on his waist and his feet on his legs, curled up in his embrace.

‘Sleeping together is becoming less comfortable,’ Wei Chen sighed in his heart. Even though it’s a double bed, they somehow end up squeezed into a single bed’s space. If it weren’t for the air conditioning in the room during summer, he would probably wake up feeling hot several times during the night.

However, all of this was a sweet burden. Wei Chen gently gazed at Chen Li’s peaceful sleeping face, his eyes filled with tenderness and a faint smile.

Not long after Wei Chen woke up, Chen Li also woke up. He calmly withdrew his hand and feet from Wei Chen’s body, sitting up in a daze. His messy hair stood up, and his big eyes lost their vacant look, replaced by confusion, which made him look adorable. Wei Chen couldn’t help but reach out and mess up Chen Li’s hair even more before smiling at him and saying, “Good morning.”

Chen Li looked at Wei Chen, and his confused eyes gradually cleared up, Wei Chen’s figure was clearly printed in them, although devoid of any emotions.

The two of them got up together. When Wei Chen opened the room’s window, and the room, which had been somewhat dim, instantly filled with sunlight. The sky brightened, and a new day began.

As soon as Chen Li left the room, he followed closely behind Wei Chen. Wherever Wei Chen went, Chen Li followed, his eyes always fixed on Wei Chen. Wei Chen was initially puzzled, wondering if Chen Li felt insecure because of the new environment, which was why he clung to him like this. Later, he remembered that he had promised to teach Chen Li how to read and write today, so Chen Li was probably just eager for it.

“Let’s go for a run first, and I’ll teach you later,” Wei Chen said as he squatted down to put on his running shoes.

Chen Li obediently put on the sports shoes prepared for him by Wei Chen and went out together with him for a run. He believed that Wei Chen would fulfill the promise he made to him.

There was a park near the residential area, where uncles and aunties would gather to dance as soon as the day broke. When Wei Chen and Chen Li arrived at the park, these uncles and aunties had already danced several songs, and they were taking a break. However, it seemed they would continue dancing for a few more before calling it quits.

People were already jogging on the paths in the park, and birds were chirping amidst the trees. It was a serene and joyful scene in the early morning, something Chen Li hadn’t seen in the bustling city. He couldn’t help but take a few more glances around.

Wei Chen noticed Chen Li observing everything around him and didn’t disturb him. He silently stood beside Chen Li, sharing this leisurely morning experience with him.

After observing for a while, Chen Li withdrew his gaze and looked at Wei Chen again. His eyes sparkled, and it was unclear what he was thinking. Wei Chen ruffled Chen Li’s hair and started jogging with him.

Due to being confined to a small attic for a long time, Chen Li’s physical condition wasn’t great, he lacked exercise and appeared malnourished. Wei Chen planned to gradually improve Chen Li’s health, not only through proper nutrition but also by strengthening his physical fitness through exercise. For this purpose, he had developed a series of plans, and today was the beginning of that plan.

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