The Sweetest Marriage Ch.49

Chapter 49 – Wu ZiKang

Wu Zikang, for Wei Chen, could be called a friend who grew up in the same pair of pants. He was Wei Chen’s most trusted friend. However, in Wei Chen’s previous life, it was such a “trusted friend” who united with Chen Qing and gave Wei Chen the deadliest blow.

It had been more than two months since Wei Chen was reborn. In the past two months, Wei Chen had never actively contacted Wu Zikang. He was afraid that he would not be able to control the anger in his heart and do things that he’d regret.

It was not that Wei Chen was afraid of hurting Wu Zikang, but that Wei Chen always felt that from his car accident to his death, there was always a pair of hands behind him silently pushing all this to happen. And whether it was Chen Qing or Wu Zikang, they were just a pawn in the hands of the behind-the-scenes person.

After being reborn, Wei Chen would not completely turn his face with Wu Zikang because of his momentary anger. He also wanted to use Wu Zikang to find the behind-the-scenes person who wanted to kill him in his previous life.

Although reborn, Wei Chen didn’t want his previous life’s death to be unclear.

The ringtone of the mobile phone continued to ring, and Chen Li might have felt the change in Wei Chen’s mood, so he reached out and hung up the mobile phone.

Chen Li’s actions brought Wei Chen back to his senses. He looked at the hung-up mobile phone and then at Chen Li. Chen Li also looked at him, with no emotion in his eyes, but Wei Chen immediately knew what Chen Li meant.

He couldn’t help but smile in his eyebrows, and said softly: “Okay, I’m not happy, so I won’t answer it.”

Chen Li then withdrew his gaze, lowered his head, and continued to look at his toes.

Because of Chen Li’s action just now, Wei Chen’s heavy mood because of Wu Zikang suddenly relaxed, and he was in a good mood now.

The taxi here was still driving to its destination, and it happened to meet the peak of the capital. The inconspicuous yellow taxi became part of the dragon and drove slowly forward.


On the other side, in a deserted bar where the lights were not on, Wu Zikang put away his mobile phone, a little confused why Wei Chen hung up his phone.

“What? Wei Chen didn’t answer your call?” Chen Qing was sitting in the bar, mixing the wine with a serious expression. When he saw Wu Zikang coming, he handed Wu Zikang the cocktail he had just blended and asked.

“Yeah, I guess he’s busy, he hung up,” Wu Zikang took a sip of the wine and said.

Under Chen Qing’s swing, the mixing glass rattled, “He’s all about his foolish wife now, so he doesn’t have any other thoughts.” Chen Qing said with some disdain.

Wu Zikang did not continue this topic, he watched Chen Qing’s crisp movements and whistled, “Chen Qing, why don’t you come to the bar to work? Don’t you think your wine is so well blended? It’s a pity not to come here to work.”

“Come on.” Chen Qing put down the cocktail glass and poured the transparent liquor into the glass. “If my old man knew that I was working in a bar, wouldn’t he ask me to return to Shanghai?”

Wu Zikang’s mouth flattened, he knew that what he had just said was 100% impossible for Chen Qing to come to the bar to mix wine. Unlike himself, a bastard who was not favored by the family, Chen Qing was the only seedling of the Chen family. If Chen Qing acted a little off, the Chen family would be nervous. And as the person who “influenced” Chen Qing, he’d probably lose his carefree life, and he would have to be blamed by the family.

“See if he will call you again later. If you look at the time, he has already arrived in the capital by now,” Chen Qing pushed the blended cocktail in front of Wu Zikang and said.

Wu Zikang picked up the cocktail again and said with some curiosity, “You like mixing drinks so much, but why don’t you drink the drinks you mix yourself?”

Chen Qing smiled, “I prefer to enjoy the process of mixing drinks.”

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