The Sweetest Marriage Ch.48

Chapter 48 – Interlocking Fingers

From Shanghai to Beijing, it’d take about two hours by plane. During these two hours, Chen Li’s eyes had been staring straight out the window.

On this day, the sky was clear and cloudless. After the plane took to the sky, the blue sky was even more endless, like a beautiful jade.

This was the first time Chen Li had left Shanghai, and it was also the first time Chen Li had flown into the sky. At the moment the plane took off, Chen Li was still a little scared in his heart, but when the plane became stable, Chen Li slowly relaxed his grip on Wei Chen’s hand, his eyes fell on the blue sky, and did not move again.

Wei Chen paid attention to Chen Li’s reaction throughout the process, and seeing the tension in his eyes slowly relaxed, Wei Chen’s heart also relaxed, and Chen Li’s mood of looking at the blue sky was not disturbed throughout the process.

Perhaps, this clear blue sky could wash away some of the gloom in Chen Li’s heart.

A stewardess passed by the two of them. When she was about to ask Wei Chen what he needed, she just passed her gaze, but she swallowed the words when they reached her mouth.

There was a light warm sun shining outside the window, illuminating the eyebrows of the young man sitting next to the window. Although the young man was a little thin and his expression was a little stiff, his big eyes seemed to hold the whole piece of blue sky outside the window, it was clear and bright.

The man sitting next to the young man had a cold face, but his gaze fell on the young man. Although his face cold and hard, the tenderness in his eyes couldn’t help but overflow, and the light and warm sunlight enveloped the young man together.

Obviously, there was a common and ordinary scene in front of her, but the stewardess felt that she shouldn’t break the tranquility of this small world.

The stewardess glanced at the clasped hands of the two for the last time, and left silently.

The two-hour trip was not long or short. Soon the plane landed with a roar.

When he saw the high-rise buildings rising from the ground, Chen Li’s gaze returned, and he turned his head to look at Wei Chen blankly.

“We’re here.” Wei Chen rubbed the top of Chen Li’s hair and said, “This is Beijing, and we will live here from now on.”

From Shanghai to Beijing, from one international metropolis to another, there were the same high-rise buildings and the same thousands of buildings, but at this moment, when Wei Chen said these words, there was a sudden feeling of peace, and the whole person was relaxed.

Chen Li sensed Wei Chen’s emotional changes sensitively, and turned to look at the city. In his eyes, there was no difference between here and previous place. The people who came and went were still baring their fangs, and the surrounding high-rise buildings were like steel bars in a prison, which firmly imprisoned him. This world, for Chen Li, was still full of danger. After leaving Wei Chen, he did not dare to take a step outside. But from the moment he sensed Wei Chen’s emotional changes, Chen Li’s sense of resistance to this strange city slowly dissipated.

“Let’s go, let’s go home.” Wei Chen retrieved his luggage and took Chen Li’s hand.

Chen Li let Wei Chen hold his hand, his eyes stared at his toes, and let Wei Chen pull himself along, his hand changed position and became interlocked with Wei Chen’s fingers.

Wei Chen was taken aback for a moment and then continued to walk forward, holding Chen Li’s hand tighter.

When he arrived at the gate square of the airport, Wei Chen beckoned for a taxi. After putting his luggage in the trunk, he got into the car with Chen Li. Before he could relax in his seat, the mobile phone in his pocket rang.

Wei Chen took out his mobile phone and saw the caller ID on the mobile phone display. His eyes, which were still smiling the second before, immediately darkened.

Two large characters were displayed on the phone – Wu Zi.

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