The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.75

Chapter 75 – Encountered Again

On the road, although Yu Bo was entrusted with a heavy responsibility by Yu Ti for the first time, the others in the team did not embarrass him. They were not afraid of Yu Bo. No matter how good Yu Bo was, he had only learned to fight for a few days and had a good physical exercise, but if everyone attacked together, he wouldn’t be able to stand it.

Mainly because of his identity as a doctor.

Now they fully understood the importance of doctors, so instead of embarrassing Yu Bo, those who went back with Yu Bo had been flattering him all the time, just so that Yu Bo could treat them if they were sick or injured one day. No matter how much Lu Ke ridiculed Yu Bo, no one went up to embarrass him.

On this day, Yu Bo stopped to rest.

He didn’t talk much now, except for talking about the route and letting everyone stop to rest when it was time to rest, he basically didn’t talk to anyone at other times. Either he was on guard at the periphery by himself, or he was quietly eating by himself, as if they were complete strangers.

“Yu Bo,” Lu Ke came to Yu Bo.

Yu Bo didn’t even look at Lu Ke, and continued to eat the biscuits in his hand. After eating, he turned and left, as if Lu Ke was nothing but air.

“Yu Bo!” Lu Ke grabbed Yu Bo’s arm.

Yu Bo turned around and said, “Something wrong?”

Lu Ke was a little dissatisfied with his attitude, and said coldly: “Yu Bo, I want to talk to you alone.”

Yu Bo looked at her indifferently and did not move.

But the others were very respectful, and they all moved away one after another. These people all thought that there was still a relationship between Yu Bo and Lu Ke. Now that Yu Bo was not only the only doctor in the team, but also the confidant of Brother Yu, everyone would naturally not offend him.

The people were sensible enough to leave, Lu Ke looked at Yu Bo and said, “Yu Bo, do you still secretly like me?”

Yu Bo frowned.

Lu Ke continued: “I know you still have me in your heart.” Otherwise, why didn’t he retaliate against herself after gaining power? And every time she troubled him, he never fought back. Aren’t these signs that he still loves her?

Yu Bo was silent, he didn’t know what to say for a while. He didn’t know what Lu Ke meant by these words, he didn’t understand, and he didn’t have the interest to understand.

In fact, until now, Yu Bo didn’t understand why she treated him like this.

It was Lu Ke who chased after Yu Bo back then.

When he was thirteen years old, Yu Bo’s parents had an accident on a plane, but his family environment was relatively good. His uncles and aunts were very concerned about Yu Bo who had lost his parents, so Yu Bo was not short of love.

Yu Bo’s grades were very good and he had always been the first in high school.

Lu Ke was the school flower at that time.

Under the coaxing of her friends, she went after Yu Bo, and at the same time wanted to show off her charm. Lu Ke grew up well. She was spoiled by her family like a princess since she was a child. She liked the feeling of being adored by the stars, so when she heard her roommate talk about Yu Bo longingly, she was suddenly moved.

But Yu Bo didn’t have any other feelings for Lu Ke, so he refused twice. But in the third time, Yu Bo agreed. It was not that Yu Bo liked Lu Ke very much, but that Lu Ke said with red eyes to Yu Bo: ‘if you still refuse me, I will become everyone’s laughing stock’.

Yu Bo was silent.

The education he received since he was a child was to treat girls gently. This was taught by Yu Bo’s mother. She was a very gentle mother. She once said to Yu Bo that if Yu Bo had a girlfriend in the future, he must protect her and respect her so that he could reap the same love.

But Yu Bo’s mother, who had already gone to heaven, probably never expected that her child would suffer so much pain because of her words in the future.

Because he was not as lucky as his parents, he didn’t meet the right person the first time.

“Yu Bo, I know you still love me. I can also be with you.” Lu Ke paused, and then she suddenly grasped Yu Bo’s hand and said, “Actually, I still have you in my heart. The previous thing…is that I am too scared. I am very timid. You always know that.”

Yu Bo frowned, withdrew his hand, and distanced himself.

Lu Ke was a little unhappy, but this emotion disappeared in an instant. She looked at Yu Bo bewitched and said, “Did Yu Ti do something to you? Yu Bo, I know you don’t like men, you must be forced. In fact, I was also forced, we can continue to be together, and then find a way to kill Yu Ti, so that the convoy can be ours. At that time, you and I don’t have to be afraid of anything, and we don’t have to worry about zombies anymore.”

Yu Bo was really speechless at this moment. He stared at Lu Ke in front of him for a long time, then turned around and left without looking back. His upbringing from childhood made Yu Bo unable to say harsh words, but he really didn’t want to see Lu Ke anymore.

“Yu Bo! Yu Bo!” Lu Ke shouted angrily in the back.

She looked at Yu Bo’s back, convinced that he might still hate herself in his heart, that’s why he was like this. But it’s okay, how much you hate someone is how much you love them. Based on Yu Bo’s love for herself before the end of the world, she was sure that Yu Bo loved herself and couldn’t do without herself.

As long as she hooked her fingers, Yu Bo would come back again.

But what Lu Ke didn’t expect was that in the next two days, Yu Bo was really doing his best to avoid herself, which made Lu Ke a little annoyed, but at the same time a little uneasy, always feeling that Yu Bo seemed to have really changed.

On this day, the convoy stopped to rest again.

Because this road was a must-pass to the base, other cars going to the base would be encountered from time to time in the middle. If there were injuries, Yu Bo would basically help take a look. His grandfather was a Chinese medicine doctor, as were his grandmother and aunt, so Yu Bo also learned how to check the pulse.

“This injury is not a problem, just be careful not to get infected,” Yu Bo diagnosed.

“Thank you, thank you,” the other party was grateful.

“You’re welcome.”

Yu Bo went back to the convoy to find a place to sit down, and he started to eat today’s lunch. This was their last meal on the road. After eating, they would drive directly back to the base without stopping.

“Hello,” a cold female voice came from the top of his head.

Yu Bo looked up.

It was a relatively beautiful girl, but she looked very cold. She was wearing casual trousers, a white shirt, and an army green jacket. Her hair was very long, tied in a high ponytail, she looked capable and a little cold.

However, Yu Bo only glanced at her and asked calmly: “Something wrong?”

“I saw you treating people. My dog is injured. Can you treat it? I can give you thirty zombie eyes as a reward.”

“…I can only treat people.”

“It’s all pretty much the same,” the girl said indifferently.

“Okay, where is it?”

When the girl saw that the other party agreed, she called the dog over. It was a very big dog, gray all over, with fierce eyes. It was a young Tibetan mastiff, and this was the first time Yu Bo had seen such a large dog.

Yu Bo actually preferred animals. He used to want to keep a pet of his own, but because he lived in his uncle’s house, even if his uncle and aunt were good to him, Yu Bo didn’t want his hobbies to affect the family.

He looked at the puppy’s injured forelimb, but the injury was not serious.


This Tibetan mastiff didn’t seem to like others touching its wounds. It kept roaring and warning with its teeth bared, and in the end, it couldn’t help but rush up to bite Yu Bo. But the girl holding it seemed to have noticed it a long time ago.

Yu Bo didn’t see what she did either. In short, the Tibetan mastiff was already choked by the girl in the blink of an eye, and her five fingers were tightly clasping the Tibetan mastiff’s neck as if she was ready to crush it at any time.

The Tibetan mastiff seemed to feel the ferocity of its owner, and it lowered its head with a low cry.

Yu Bo looked at the dog and said, “It’s a mutant dog.”

“Hmm.” The girl did not deny it.

“Mutant dogs are very aggressive and difficult to tame,” Yu Bo still reminded lightly.

“If it doesn’t obey, just beat and subdue it until it becomes obedient,” the girl said indifferently.

Yu Bo was speechless for a while.

The wound was quickly treated, and the girl put down a bag of zombie eyes and got up and left with the dog. It’s just that she still glanced at Yu Bo before leaving. At this time, Yu Bo was sorting out things. From this angle, Yu Bo seemed calm and composed, and with an inexplicable gentleness. Although there was a scar on his face, the combination with Yu Bo’s current temperament brought out an indescribable feeling.

Yu Bo noticed the other party’s eyes and said, “What is it?”

The girl didn’t speak, she coldly withdrew her gaze and turned around, and walked completely to the other side. Yu Bo looked at the girl’s back for a few seconds and then slowly withdrew his gaze.


At the same time, Yu Ti’s convoy had already followed the direction pointed by Li Qingqing and others to the edge of the town. It’s just that Yu Ti’s mood was a bit wrong along the way, and he had been distracted.

“Brother Yu, are you okay?” Chen Jing asked worriedly.

Yu Ti pinched the middle of his eyebrows and said, “It’s okay.”

“Well, Brother Yu, would you like some of this?” Gan Jing took out a pack of dried sweet potatoes and handed it to Yu Ti.

This was given to Gan Jing by that child.

During the few days Gan Jing was in the supermarket, he tried his best to embroider a total of about sixty pictures for 0329. The scenes in each picture were different, but the protagonists were all eggs.

And Gan Jing also received a generous reward.

Two bags of flour, two packs of ham, and fifteen bottles of mineral water, as well as three packs of snacks. One of the two bags of flour was contributed to the team by Gan Jing. After all, he still had to follow the team and couldn’t carry it himself.

Yu Ti looked at the dried sweet potatoes in front of him and was distracted. Countless scattered pictures flashed across his mind at this moment, but Yu Ti didn’t catch any of them.

He rubbed his temples again, feeling a splitting headache.

“Brother Yu, why don’t we take a break first?” Chen Jing found that Yu Ti seemed to be really unwell and his complexion was ugly.

Yu Ti originally wanted to say that it was unnecessary.

But thinking that they might get into an accident because of his bad condition, it was okay if only he got hurt, but it would be a sin to let others get hurt, so Yu Ti finally agreed to take a break first.

What Yu Ti didn’t expect was that there was a surprise on this day of rest.


Opposite the camp where Yu Ti was stationed, a familiar car was parked.

Seeing Yu Ti, 0329 was surprised and happy, it waved its little hand at Yu Ti.

Yu Ti was also very happy, he smiled and waved at the little guy.

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