The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.74

Chapter 74 – The Golden Mark of 0329 Cub

0329 also noticed the movement over there, it wanted to go over and have a look, but it was picked up by the host.

“Host?” 0329 looked back at the host.

“It’s time to go,” Xi Xun said lightly.

After speaking, he carried 0329 and headed outside. Xu Chuan and the others were still surrounding Ying Xuan when they heard a loud ‘bang’ of the door being kicked! A big hole suddenly appeared in the supermarket that had been blocked before, and Xi Xun walked out holding 0329.


The remaining zombies outside rushed towards Xi Xun after hearing the huge movement. But Xi Xun killed all the zombies and mutant animals that came over one by one, leaving the people in Yu Ti’s team stunned.

Xi Xun collected his arrows and headed towards the direction where he parked his car.

“No wonder he can live in a villa by himself…” Chen Jing exclaimed.

“Doesn’t he have a younger brother?” some people were puzzled.

“But he is the only adult, his younger brother is still small and definitely not able to help. I mean, he can kill so many zombies by himself in exchange for a villa, which is very powerful.”

“Cough, right.”

Yu Ti looked at the car, knowing that he might never be able to see the little boy again in a short time, which made Yu Ti sigh a little bit in regret. Although he himself didn’t know where this regret came from.

“Goodbye!” 0329 still poked his body out and waved to Yu Ti.

Yu Ti smiled, and he also waved his hand.

But then Yu Ti’s face suddenly changed, because he had just vaguely seen a golden mark on the child’s arm. But it flashed too fast, and Yu Ti didn’t see it too clearly.

He instinctively wanted to catch up, but Xi Xun’s car had already driven away.

Inside the car, Xi Xun pulled 0329 down from the window of the car.

0329 looked at the host, puzzled, and asked, “Host, what’s wrong?” It could feel the host’s bad mood.

“Don’t associate with that person again in the future, understand?”

“Host, do you still hate him very much?”


“Host, I have been thinking about it for a long time, and I have also observed that big brother in the past few days while you were sleeping. I don’t think he really looks like a bad guy! The black luck on his body could possibly be golden!”

Xi Xun’s eyes suddenly dropped to freezing point, and he asked, “Oh? So what? What do you want to say?”

“I think that big brother may be your other half! I have been thinking about this answer for a long time. I have heard other systems say that this will happen. For example, there are two lucky ones in a world, either the villain and the protagonist, or a couple.”

This was the conclusion that 0329 had been thinking about for a long time.

Anyway, its host senior was not a bad person, 0329 hugged Xi Xun and hummed while thinking.

“Host, what do you think?” 0329 looked up at Xi Xun.

Xi Xun was silent at this time.

During these three days of sleep, Xi Xun actually regained some memories, and he also had a general idea of what happened to him. He originally thought that 0329 had discovered his black luck, but he didn’t expect it to think elsewhere.

It’s impossible to say whether he was happy or unhappy, he stopped the car suddenly, Xi Xun grabbed the little white ball, stared at it and said, “Don’t you like me?”

“I like you.”

Xi Xun’s eyes were as deep as a cold pool. He subconsciously wanted to say something, but he knew very well that even if he said it, 0329 wouldn’t understand anything. In fact, Xi Xun was also surprised that he would be interested in a small ball, but he had already been moved, and Xi Xun would never question the decision he made.

He now wanted this little white ball and nothing else.

“Host, what’s wrong with you?” 0329 noticed that there was something wrong with the host’s eyes, which was weird.

“It’s okay.”

“Oh.” 0329 was a bit puzzled, but seeing the host’s cold eyes, it hesitated and didn’t ask anything else. Instead, it yawned and buried itself in the host’s arms, thinking about what happened just now.

It was thinking about the other half of the host senior.

In fact, it was a bit lost in its heart.

0329 didn’t know why it felt lost and irritated. It guessed that it should be worried about the host senior, right? After all, if there was someone the host liked, it meant that the host senior was in love, and it was afraid that the host senior would trigger a love catastrophe.

But the senior was so powerful, even if it was triggered, it would pass!

And 0329 thought that the big brother was really good, at least it made it feel very comfortable, so if it was him, 0329 was very happy for the host senior.


Yu Ti still stood to where he watched the black off-road vehicle disappear, a bit distracted.

He had been thinking about the mark on the child just now.

After thinking about it for a while, Yu Ti looked at his arm, which had a pale golden mark. Yu Ti looked at his mark in a daze for a while, it was not until Yu Bo walked over that Yu Ti came to his senses.

“Brother Yu?” Yu Bo called Yu Ti.

At the same time, he also followed Brother Yu’s gaze and glanced at his arm, wondering what Brother Yu was looking at. He suddenly remembered that he had seen a golden mark on Brother Yu’s arm when he was in a semi-coma before, but now he only saw a small birthmark, and there was no golden light.

It should be that he was seriously injured that day and had hallucinations.

“What’s wrong?” Yu Ti looked at Yu Bo.

“Brother Yu, it’s time for us to set off. You haven’t said where we are going yet? Should we deal with all these zombies and then return to the base, or continue to go to other villages and towns?” Yu Bo asked.

Yu Ti frowned slightly and did not answer.

“Brother Yu!” Li Qingqing suddenly walked out toward Yu Ti.

Yu Ti looked at her.

Li Qingqing stared at Yu Ti, hesitated for a while, and then said, “Brother Yu, there is something I don’t know whether I should tell you or not, but I have thought about it for a long time and still want to say it. But I am not morally kidnapping you, you have a very high status, if it is not convenient then please go back to the base and talk to the person in power, it is better than me saying it.”

“What is it?” Yu Ti said.

“I was trapped in a building in the center of City B before. This time, I came out because those people wanted to have fun. They chose to bring out a few of us, but in fact, there are still a lot of people who were imprisoned together like us. They are all in the small town of xx in the east. Those people are not humans but animals. They not only force beautiful women and men, but also eat children. They really eat them.”

Hearing this sentence, the people in Yu Ti’s team were suddenly disgusted, and even those who could barely bear it had the urge to vomit.

And Yu Ti’s brows frowned suddenly.

“The thing is, it was not because there was no food and they were just forced to a desperate situation, there is still food in the base, they just enjoy killing and eating people. They only eat children. As for good-looking women and men, they are violated by those beasts in turns, and those who do not meet their requirements will be thrown into the zombies for fun.”

Chen Jing couldn’t listen anymore, she said angrily: “Are these people still human?!”

“This is the law of the end, the weak are eaten by the strong,” Xu Chuan understood this. Anyway, it’s the end of the world, and it was normal to release their nature.

“Weak, your fart,” Chen Jing scolded.

Xu Chuan’s face turned ugly, but he still reluctantly suppressed his anger.

Yu Ti never spoke.

“It’s true.” At this moment, a handsome young man came over. He was Gan Jing’s former teammate, Xi Nan, the one who had been suppressing Gan Jing since he became popular.

But he was also miserable, he was violated by those beasts.

Seeing that everyone came out to testify, some of the other rescued artists also came over, indicating that the information was indeed true and that they had all suffered torture.

The people in the convoy couldn’t make up their minds for a while, and they all looked at Yu Ti.

But in fact, most people didn’t want to go, it sounded very dangerous.

Yu Ti pondered for a while and then said to Bo: “Yu Bo, you take someone to collect the eyes of these zombies and take them back to the base for exchange. I will take another part of the people to that small town to take a look.”

Yu Bo felt that Yu Ti would be in danger and wanted to follow him.

But Yu Ti said: “This matter is also very important. After all, it is related to the survival of the team. You should do this well first, and then wait for everyone at the base.”

Looking at Brother Yu’s eyes, Yu Bo nodded.

This time, Yu Ti only brought more than a dozen people, after all, there were not so many supplies left, just bring some elites. Lu Ke was naturally brushed off, and she followed Yu Bo back to the base. In fact, Xu Chuan planned to go back, but Yu Ti asked him to go to xx Town with him.

Xu Chuan was unwilling, but Yu Ti had a tough attitude.

In the end, Xu Chuan could only agree.

Li Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief. She actually knew that her request was quite selfish, after all, she was asking others take risks. But after tossing and turning for three days, Li Qingqing still couldn’t bear it. She was afraid that many lives would die because of those demons one day.

-Those people are really hateful.

In the end, Li Qingqing, Gan Jing, and Xi Nan also followed Yu Ti’s convoy to XX Town, because they had to show the way. Those who were really scared chose to follow Yu Bo’s convoy back to the base, and they did not dare to return to that small town again.

Even just thinking about it now, they still couldn’t help but tremble in fear.

“You can also follow Yu Bo and the others,” Yu Ti said to Ying Xuan.

Ying Xuan shook his head and said, “No.”

Yu Ti frowned and said, “Why? You are physically injured now and it is dangerous to be outside. Back to the base, there is at least a safe haven, and there is no need to beware of danger.”

“I just want to stay here, someone will pick me up.”

Naturally, Yu Ti would not agree, but Ying Xuan’s attitude was extremely determined. Someone tried to pull him but he directly hugged the shelf and did not let go. Seeing him like this, Yu Ti couldn’t force it anymore, because he could see that the young man really didn’t want to leave, not just acting.

Before leaving, Yu Ti left him some food.

Ying Xuan’s eyes moved, and he said to Yu Ti: “Thank you, is there any wheat-flavor instant milk tea?”

Yu Ti: “……”

In the end, Yu Ti met Ying Xuan’s request and asked Chen Jing to find out if there was any milk tea in the supplies. But how could there be such a snack as milk tea in the supplies, it couldn’t relieve hunger but could only satisfy cravings. Fortunately, she finally found a cup from the nooks and crannies.

But it was not wheat-flavored.

Ying Xuan was a little disappointed, but still said, “I’ll just make do with it.”

Chen Jing: “……”

Lu Ke sneered: “Those who don’t know thought you were here on vacation. I don’t know where you got the cheek.”

Ying Xuan’s face sank, he staggered up and lay down in front of Lu Ke.

Lu Ke: “……”

Xu Chuan hurriedly stopped Lu Ke before she could start beating people, and defended Ying Xuan: “Lu Ke, he is injured now, and he is younger than you. Can you not always find trouble with him?”

Yu Ti noticed the movement over there, and he said, “It’s time to set off.”

“Coming!” Chen Jing didn’t watch the show anymore when she heard the words, but went back to the car.

Yu Ti closed the car window, but as for Lu Ke’s movements, he didn’t care. Yu Ti stared ahead, but his eyes were heavy. The mark on his arm exuded a faint golden light. Yu Ti slowly glanced at the mark on his arm, frowning and thinking about something.


A few days later.

The weather began to get colder and colder, and 0329 found a furry hat to put on for the host.

Xi Xun rejected the plush hat given by the little white ball.

“The host will be cold,” 0329 persuaded.

“You wear it yourself.”

“I can’t put it on, and I’m not cold,” 0329 said seriously.

“I’m not cold either.”

“Nonsense, it’s already cold!”

Xi Xun didn’t talk anymore, but whenever 0329 wanted to sneak a touch and put it on him, he would tear it off. In the end, 0329 was helpless, and it sighed: “If you don’t want to wear it, don’t wear it, but the host should rest and I will drive, otherwise, the host will be cold.”

After saying this, 0329 instantly turned into his human form, and pushed the host to the co-pilot. While pushing, 0329 said: “The host doesn’t have to worry about others seeing it, I can now maintain my human form for a long time!”


“Hmm! My injuries are almost healed now, and 30% of my body has recovered!” This was all thanks to Yu Ti. During the three days when Xi Xun was sleeping, 0329 did not eat their own supplies, but secretly went to Yu Ti’s place to eat.

It’s strange to say that every time it finished eating Yu Ti’s food, 0329 would greatly recover. In just three days, 0329 recovered to 30%!

Xi Xun didn’t say anything, just as he was about to give up his position to the excited little guy, he suddenly saw the pale golden mark on Zhuo’s wrist.

“What is this?” Xi Xun squinted.

“Huh?” 0329 glanced at the host’s gaze, and after discovering the mark on its wrist, it said, “I don’t know, I had it since I was born, just like a human birthmark, isn’t it ugly?”

“Not ugly.”

0329’s mood was already depressed, and it shook its head and said, “Don’t lie to me, host, this mark is ugly, I was born with this flaw. I have actually found a way to fix it with plastic surgery, but this black mark is still there.”

“This is light golden,” Xi Xun said lightly.

“No, it’s black.”


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