Chapter 3 – Exchange

The original host didn’t expect her mother to be so heartless!

What’s even more heartless is that she directly stated the reason for doing this!

It was to let her give up the job for her older sister, and she even said it self-righteously: Since you’re also going to the countryside, let’s benefit our own family.

Upon hearing these words, the original host not only felt chilled but also trembled with anger. She struggled to control the urge to hit someone, pushed her mother away, and returned to her room.

But she couldn’t calm down. She couldn’t accept that her own family would treat her like this. The more she thought about it that night, the angrier she became, and she couldn’t fall asleep because of it.

And it was at this moment that the present-day Lu Xia crossed over.

Her original name was also Lu Xia, a regular worker who had just graduated in the 21st century.

After returning home from work last night, her boss asked her to revise a project in the group chat. She made dozens of revisions, but none of them were approved.

In the end, she stayed up until midnight, feeling a pain in her chest in a dazed state. Then her eyes went dark, and when she woke up, she was in the 1970s as Lu Xia.

She absorbed the memories of the original host and, upon opening her eyes, thought it was a dream. Then feeling tired, she fell back asleep.

Unexpectedly, she had another dream while sleeping…

In the dream, the “her” from the 21st century woke up. At first, she was surprised, then she seemed unfamiliar. She carefully recalled and cautiously adapted to her new life, living in her place…

When she woke up and realized that she had crossed over, she understood that the original host had probably crossed over into her body…

The two Lu Xias from different eras had exchanged identities.

Thinking of this, Lu Xia felt a sigh in her heart. Their situations couldn’t be defined as good or bad; they each had their difficulties.

In the 21st century, Lu Xia was an orphan with few relatives. She had just graduated from university and had little money. She had to save money and repay student loans, so her life was relatively tight.

On the other hand, the Lu Xia from the 1970s, despite having both parents, was no different from having none. It was understandable that the Lu Xia in the dream quickly accepted her new identity. She must have been completely heartbroken.

But now she had become the Lu Xia from the 1970s, and she had a feeling that she wouldn’t return to the 21st century. So she had to think about what to do next.

Thinking about this, Lu Xia suddenly remembered something and looked down at her right wrist, where she saw a birthmark in the shape of a leaf.

The original host didn’t have this birthmark in her memories, so it must have been brought by her.

She used her left hand to touch the birthmark, carefully feeling it, and sure enough, a small space appeared in her mind.

Lu Xia finally breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, the space had come along with her.

Yes, Lu Xia had a space. She bought it from a stall near her school in her graduation year.

It cost her 25 yuan, a huge sum for her who was always frugal. It was almost a day’s worth of food expenses.

At the time, she didn’t know what she was thinking. It was just a small plastic pendant in the shape of a leaf, and although it looked good, it wasn’t worth that price. But she haphazardly bought it.

She regretted it deeply after returning home that night, but it was too late.

She thought about tying it around her neck with a rope, but she couldn’t find a suitable length of rope. She only found a multicolored thread that her roommate gave her during the Dragon Boat Festival. It wasn’t long enough, so she simply tied it around her wrist.

Who would have thought that when she woke up, the leaf-shaped pendant was gone, and a birthmark had appeared on her wrist.

Lu Xia was startled at that moment, but once she realized what had happened, she became somewhat excited. She had read novels and naturally knew that she might have encountered something extraordinary.


Chapter 4 – Space

Afterward, when Lu Xia secretly investigated, she discovered that the birthmark was a planting space.

The space wasn’t large, only about five mu in size.

In the center of the space, there was a well, and the water in it was probably the legendary spiritual spring. However, its functionality wasn’t as incredible as described in novels. It couldn’t rejuvenate the body or change the maturation period of plants.

However, drinking the water from the well did have benefits for the body, but at most, it could only nourish and strengthen the body. It wasn’t an instant solution; long-term consumption was required.

If used to water plants, it could make them grow better and be less prone to disease.

After understanding the capabilities of the space, Lu Xia was disappointed. She had initially thought that she could rely on the space to become prosperous after graduating, but she realized it was of little use.

Even if she planted crops in the space, they wouldn’t mature ahead of schedule; they still needed to follow the normal growing time for crops.

At most, planting in the space meant no need for weeding or pest control. The crops tasted better after being watered with the spring water, and they provided the same benefits to the body. These were the findings she discovered after obtaining the space.

Relying on selling crops wouldn’t work. She also considered growing and selling some valuable flowers but found that she didn’t have much knowledge about them. After researching, she realized that valuable flower seedlings were quite expensive, and she couldn’t afford them. This method wouldn’t work in the short term.

She felt a bit disappointed, but that was all.

Lu Xia also wondered if she should prepare for a doomsday scenario since she had obtained the space. Should she stock up on supplies in advance?

But she only considered it in passing because even if she wanted to stock up, she didn’t have the money!

Therefore, just after graduating and still owing student loans, she had to find a job first. She adapted to the busy work life and spent her days preoccupied with work, not paying much attention to the space.

However, it wasn’t that she completely disregarded it; she thought that if something really happened in the future, having a space would be a guarantee.

And now, this space was her biggest support in the 1970s.

Thinking about this, Lu Xia slowly lay down and entered the space.

Actually, when entering the space, her physical body didn’t enter as well. She had recorded it with her phone before, and from the outside, it looked like she was just asleep. It saved her a lot of trouble.

But this time, when she entered, Lu Xia discovered that the space had undergone some changes.

Although she hadn’t paid much attention to the space before and hadn’t used it much out of fear of being discovered, she had quietly placed some important things on the empty land on the edge.

For her, things like bank cards, degree certificates, and such were relatively important.

Now, they were all gone!

No, to be precise, everything from the 21st century was gone!

She didn’t know if they had disappeared or returned to the 21st century.

If they had returned, it would be fine. The original host who took over her identity could still use them, even though she hadn’t saved much money.

But if they had disappeared, Lu Xia didn’t know what the original host would do or if she knew how to reapply for them.

Of course, these were concerns of the original host.

Afterward, she looked at what was left in the space.

Currently, the only things that hadn’t disappeared in the space were the crops and seeds.

When she obtained the space, she had studied a bit and found that the land in the space could be used for both dryland and paddy fields, so she could grow anything.

She didn’t fully understand the principle, but she tried planting some rice, wheat, and corn, and she harvested a considerable amount of each.

However, because she couldn’t explain their source and was afraid to sell them recklessly, they just piled up there.

It wasn’t much because she only planted one crop and didn’t fill the entire space, so it added up to just over 4,000 kilograms.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Though, that mysterious space (which is surprisingly popular in those novels) really came out of nowhere. I mean, really, a PLASTIC pendant ?

    1. I also scratched my head when it’s said as “plastic pendant”. And the peddler had the gut to sell it for 25 yuan (around 54k-55k IDR by the time I wrote this comment)! That’s also how much my daily meal expenses is. Ofc, I can skip some lunches, meat, and forgo milk for a while for it. But, I tend to choose food (meals, snacks, beverages), books, papers, and other things over beauty (accessories). 😅
      If it’s another author, they might “correct” it later by narrated how it’s NOT actual plastic. It’s just that it lack spiritual energy and yada yada yada so it looked like plastic. I’m more concerned about how she’d use the space now.

  2. Wut ? Just 4000kgs hu? Just ?

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    1. Yeah, 4 kgs of grains sounds a lot for one person. But, the freshly harvested grains must be dried and processed so that it can be shelved for years (or, until the next harvest). Throughout the whole process, it usually lose more than half of its weight. Take rice for example, it can lose up to 2/3 of its weight. If she ate 50gs grain per meal (183 kal for raw rice), she would only need 55 kgs per year. But, who would only eat grain when they have meal? She might exchange it in small number thorough the year to fullfil her other needs or social needs.

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