Chapter 57 – Lost Job

Lu Xia then picked up the second sheet of paper.

It was written in Lu Qiu’s own voice.

Lu Qiu told her about what happened at home after she left.

It turned out that the day after Lu Xia went to the countryside, Mother Lu happily took Lu Chun to the light bulb factory to report for work. Not only that, they made sure everyone in the residential compound knew about it.

The people in the residential compound were envious when they found out that Lu Chun had found an office job. Many of them even tried to ingratiate themselves with her and introduce potential partners.

Lu Chun held her head high as everyone admired her, feeling superior to others.

However, they were soon slapped in the face when they went to the light bulb factory and were told that there was no one named Lu Xia on the list of accepted employees.

Mother Lu and Lu Chun couldn’t believe it. After all, they had personally come to see the list posted on the door of the light bulb factory when they heard about Lu Xia’s acceptance.

Now they were being told it didn’t exist. How could they accept that?

But even if they didn’t accept it, there was still no way they could enter the factory as non-employees.

So they could only inquire outside. Fortunately, they quickly heard that someone had sold the office job, and they suspected it might be Lu Xia.

Mother Lu and Lu Chun were dumbfounded when they heard this.

They guessed that it must have been Lu Xia, but they didn’t expect their obedient little girl to be so ruthless as to sell the job directly.

After confirming it multiple times, they knew it was Lu Xia.

Of course, Mother Lu and Lu Chun didn’t intend to accept it.

After all, it was not allowed to openly sell jobs in this era. They decided to cause a scene, even if it meant risking their jobs.

However, before they could make a scene, they were approached by a hooligan-like young man.

He told them plainly that they could cause a scene, but it is not certain whether the jobs of the old couple of the Lu family could be kept.

Mother Lu and Lu Chun didn’t fully believe him, but they didn’t act impulsively either. They went back home first.

As expected, when Father Lu came back from work, he told them that the team leader at the factory had approached him today, asking if he had offended someone. They were planning to find an excuse to kick him out of the factory.

Mother Lu immediately understood. This was a warning from the factory, a message about the consequences if they caused trouble.

So she had no choice but to give up the idea of causing a scene.

Father Lu was angry when he heard the reason, but there was nothing he could do. They couldn’t ruin their own jobs for an uncertain opportunity.

In the end, they had to accept the situation.

But Lu Chun didn’t agree. She felt very aggrieved. She was so close to achieving a coveted office job that everyone admired, and now it had all gone down the drain. Moreover, the neighbors knew about it, she couldn’t afford to lose face.

So she created a ruckus at home and urged Mother Lu to find a solution.

But what could Mother Lu do? Lu Xia was already in the countryside. She couldn’t find another job for Lu Chun. The best they could do was ask her to stay at home and wait until everyone forgot about the incident.

But things couldn’t just pass by so easily.

When the news of Lu Chun’s job had spread so widely, and now seeing that she wasn’t going to work and was causing trouble at home every day, everyone knew that what they had previously said was a lie.

They looked down on the Lu family, saying that they even lied about something that hadn’t even happened. The Lu family had lost their credibility.

However, some people had seen the list of new employees that had been announced at the light bulb factory.

They knew that Lu Xia had actually been accepted, but for some reason, Lu Xia had gone to the countryside, and the job had been given to Lu Chun instead.


Chapter 58 – Lu Chun’s Marriage


With that being said, everyone understood what had happened. They had given the second daughter’s job to the eldest daughter.

Thinking about it this way, everyone looked down upon the Lu family even more. They had never seen such biased parents who sent their well-employed daughter to the countryside, leaving the eldest daughter without a job now.

It was a case of gaining sesame seeds but losing watermelons.

Some people speculated that Lu Xia had sold the job, but even if they guessed correctly, what could they do? With parents like that, they couldn’t rebel and had to endure it? Why should they!

Others thought that Lu Xia was too ruthless, causing harm to her own family.

In short, there were all kinds of comments, and the Lu family’s affairs became the subject of gossip.

When the Lu family walked on the street, they could feel that people’s gazes toward them were different, as if they were being discussed.

It made them feel even more embarrassed!

Especially Lu Chun, she didn’t dare to go out anymore.

And the subsequent developments were even more unexpected.

Without a job, Lu Chun couldn’t stay in the city anymore. According to the policy, young people without jobs couldn’t stay in the city for long. They needed to go to the countryside to accept the reform of educated youth.

Seeing that the Educated Youth Office was about to come knocking on their door, Mother Lu was trying to figure out a solution. However, she didn’t expect that Lu Chun would take matters into her own hands and get herself married.

By the time the Lu family found out, the two of them had already obtained their marriage certificate.

Lu Chun had secretly taken the household registration book and obtained the certificate.

The person she got married to was the one Lu Qiu had seen before, the one who had been with Lu Chun.

Lu Xia also understood why Lu Chun hadn’t dared to mention her relationship with that person to the family before.

Because other than his good looks, he didn’t have much else to offer.

His family was very poor, and the whole family squeezed into a small room of about thirty square meters in a large residential complex.

He was the oldest son in his family and worked as a janitor in a factory.

Although he had a stable job, he was still an apprentice and earned a low wage. He had to support his family, so life was very difficult for him.

Mother Lu was almost infuriated when she heard this. She had gone through so much trouble to find a son-in-law, but she hadn’t expected her daughter to end up with someone like him.

But the situation was already set, and there was no way to change it.

Just as Mother Lu was trying to convince herself to accept the situation, Lu Chun’s next move finally made her unable to hold back her anger and curse.

It turned out that Lu Chun wanted to bring her husband back to live in Lu’s house because in his family, everyone lived together in a small room, and there was no space for the two of them.

Mother Lu was furious and kicked them out.

However, for the next few days, Lu Chun shamelessly came back to Lu’s house every day, even having meals there and lingering until late before leaving.

She acted as if she had taken up permanent residence in her natal home.

In the end, Mother Lu couldn’t bear it and used her own money to rent a small room of about ten square meters for them. Finally, they didn’t have to come to Lu’s house and cause trouble anymore.

But even so, the Lu family had become a laughingstock in the residential compound. Everyone said that the Lu family had found themselves a son-in-law who came knocking on their door. They didn’t even have a wedding ceremony and had to support the son-in-law’s family.

Mother Lu was so upset that she couldn’t eat for several days.

However, at the end of the letter, Lu Qiu mentioned that Lu Chun probably resented Mother Lu.

Before getting married, Lu Chun had asked Mother Lu if she could take her job instead, so she wouldn’t have to go to the countryside and rush into marriage. However, Mother Lu hadn’t agreed, so Lu Chun had reluctantly obtained the marriage certificate.

Upon reading this, Lu Xia sneered. She had thought that Mother Lu genuinely cared for Lu Chun, but it seemed that it wasn’t the case. Mother Lu loved herself more!

After finishing reading the letter, Lu Xia put it away. She already knew the outcome of the Lu family’s situation, and she felt a sense of satisfaction in her heart.

Although she didn’t know why Lu Qiu had written her a separate letter, she had no intention of replying. Just as Mother Lu had said, it was best to pretend that she didn’t exist.

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