Chapter 55 – Jiang Junmo’s Proposal

After finishing his meal, Jiang Junmo didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he helped Lu Xia clean up the traces, washed the stove pot and utensils by the river, and then Lu Xia put them back into the backpack. Only then did the two of them walk back together.

Since it wouldn’t look good for them to return together, once they left the forest, Jiang Junmo let Lu Xia go ahead.

But before she left, he couldn’t help but speak up, “If you make this soup again next time, can you give me another bowl? I can pay for it!”

Lu Xia gave him a speechless look. What did he mean? Wasn’t once enough? Did this guy want to keep relying on her? Did he know how much effort it took to get some meat!

Jiang Junmo also knew that his request wasn’t appropriate, but he had no choice. The soup Lu Xia made was really delicious. Not only that, but it also warmed him up from the inside. It made him feel very comfortable, so he mustered the courage to ask.

Now seeing Lu Xia’s expression, he knew she wasn’t very willing. So he added, “I can provide the meat. I have meat coupons. I can buy meat, and we can cook and eat together.”

Lu Xia finally became a bit interested when she heard that. If he had meat coupons, it wouldn’t be a problem. After all, she didn’t want to keep eating fish all the time. Catching fish was too much of a hassle!

After thinking for a moment, she nodded, “Alright, after that, you provide the meat, and I’ll cook. But let me be clear, don’t complain if the food doesn’t taste good.”

Jiang Junmo quickly nodded, “No, something like today would be great!”

Lu Xia was speechless. Today, she had used spiritual spring water for everything. How could it not taste good?

This guy really had some demands.

But it wasn’t a big deal. After all, she had plenty of spiritual spring water, and if she used it occasionally, the effects wouldn’t be too obvious. Besides, considering his physical condition, he might benefit from it as well.

She was being generous!

After finalizing their agreement, Lu Xia left first.

However, before returning to the educated youth spot, she put the stove pot and utensils from the backpack into her storage space and walked back with an empty backpack.

When the other educated youths saw her, they asked, “Did you go up the mountain to pick fruits? How was it? Did you find any?”

Lu Xia pretended to sigh in disappointment, “No, I didn’t dare to go too far in. I didn’t see anything. On my way back, I tried fishing by the river but caught nothing. It was all in vain.”

No wonder her basket was wet. Seeing her like this, the others laughed and consoled her, “We’re not villagers, and we don’t know where those wild fruits are either. We went a few years ago but didn’t have much luck. As for fishing, if it were so easy to catch fish, then we wouldn’t need to do anything else. We could just go fishing.”

Hearing everyone’s comments, Lu Xia also laughed, “You’re right. I was being too optimistic. I just really wanted some meat.”

Zhuang Hongmei, who was nearby, sneered, “If you want meat, go to the mountains. Maybe you’ll be as lucky as Su Man and encounter a wild rabbit crashing into a tree or a wild chicken entangling its feet.”

Hearing Zhuang Hongmei’s sarcastic tone, as if she had forgotten what happened before, Lu Xia gave her a cold look and stared directly at her.

Zhuang Hongmei, feeling as if she suddenly remembered something, subconsciously avoided eye contact with Lu Xia and awkwardly remained silent.

Lu Xia couldn’t be bothered to deal with her and asked everyone else, “What about Su Man and the others?”

“Educated Youth Su went to the town, Educated Youth Gu happened to have something to do, so they went together. Later, Educated Youth Cheng also went with them.”

Lu Xia: … Oh, the male lead, the female lead, and the supporting female character went together.

Well, it had nothing to do with her anyway.


Chapter 56 – Letter from the Lu Family


As they chatted, Jiang Junmo returned. With his poor health and usually few words, aside from the initial shock everyone had from his appearance, he seemed like a nonexistent person, rarely engaging in conversations with others.

After he returned, he nodded at everyone, greeted them, and went into his room.

After a while, Su Man and Gu Xiangnan also returned from the town.

It seemed something had happened between the three of them.

Su Man and Gu Xiangnan had cold expressions, while Cheng Yujiao, on the other hand, had a cheerful look on her face.

They each carried several bags, indicating that they had bought quite a lot of things.

Zhuang Hongmei, looking at them with envy, was tempted to go over and see what they had bought.

Lu Xia didn’t care to look at Zhuang Hongmei’s face and planned to go inside and rest for a while. However, just as she got up, Gu Xiangnan called her.

“Comrade Lu Xia, when I went to the post office today, I saw a letter addressed to you. I brought it back for you. It seems like it has been there for a while.”

Lu Xia raised an eyebrow. Who would write a letter to her? Could it be from her family, the Lu family?

However, she still reached out and accepted it, smiling at him. “Thank you, Comrade Gu Xiangnan.”

Lu Xia had undergone significant changes recently. Although the others at the educated youth spot saw her every day and the changes weren’t very noticeable, this smile made Gu Xiangnan suddenly realize that the usually silent Lu Xia was also quite beautiful.

He felt a bit flustered but quickly regained his composure.

“No need to thank me. We’re fellow educated youths, and helping each other is only natural.”

Lu Xia smiled again but didn’t say anything. She took the envelope and lowered her head to read it.

Gu Xiangnan turned and went back to his room with the things he was carrying.

Neither of them noticed Cheng Yujiao, who had seen Gu Xiangnan’s momentary flustered state and took a closer look at Lu Xia, whom she had previously overlooked.

With this look, Cheng Yujiao finally realized that she had been mistaken before.

Lu Xia was actually quite attractive. She had just been so focused on Su Man that she hadn’t paid attention to anyone else. She didn’t expect to have another formidable opponent by her side.

Cheng Yujiao’s expression turned unpleasant, and then, thinking of something, she glanced at Lu Xia before leaving.

However, Lu Xia was unaware of all this. At that moment, she was listening to Sun Shengnan speaking.

She understood that the mail carrier in this area only came once a month. If a letter arrived before the scheduled day, it would be delivered, but any letters that arrived afterward would have to wait until the following month. Of course, if someone was in a hurry, they could go and retrieve it themselves.

Lu Xia nodded to indicate that she understood and then went back to her room with the letter.

Once she sat down in her room, she didn’t hesitate and opened the envelope.

The envelope had been sealed, indicating that it hadn’t been opened before. Lu Xia opened it and saw two sheets of paper inside. As expected, the first sheet was from her family, written in the tone of her mother but likely penned by her sister, Lu Qiu.

In the letter, Mother Lu used various malicious words to berate her. She accused Lu Xia of being heartless and deceitful, selling her job and causing her older sister to lose hers.

She also described how pitiful Lu Chun was, crying at home every day, and how despicable Lu Xia was in comparison.

The entire letter didn’t ask about how Lu Xia was doing in the countryside. It was all about insulting her and even wishing for her death.

Finally, the letter expressed that she should fend for herself from now on and that it would be best for her to die in the countryside. The Lu family no longer considered her their daughter!

As Lu Xia read the letter from beginning to end, she wasn’t affected by the malicious words. After all, she had already anticipated this.

Instead, a smile appeared on her face. It seemed the Lu family was quite “satisfied” with her gift.

Thinking of this, she felt even more relieved. She was just a bit regretful that she couldn’t see their reactions in person.

And judging by Mother Lu’s tone, it seemed that they hadn’t managed to outwit Director Wang in the end and had to accept their defeat.

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