Chapter 53 – Fishing

Lu Xia wanted to buy a fishing basket first, but there probably weren’t many of those in the village.

So she bought a backpack in the village instead. When others asked her, she said she planned to go up the mountain to take a look. Everyone thought she was going to pick wild fruits like everyone else, so they didn’t say much.

During this season, some wild fruits had ripened, and many children ran up the mountain.

After getting the backpack, Lu Xia walked upstream as Shen Qingqing had suggested.

When she arrived at the location, she indeed found that the water here was much deeper upstream, and there weren’t many people around. It was probably because people had drowned here before, so everyone avoided this place. That made it convenient for Lu Xia.

She looked into the river but didn’t see any big fish. However, she didn’t give up. Instead, she scooped up some spiritual spring water with her hand and poured it into the water.

Although spiritual spring water didn’t have such a great effect, it was still attractive to small animals.

Last time, while drinking water on the road, Lu Xia was accidentally bumped by a child from the village, causing the spiritual spring water in her water bottle to spill all over the ground. Then she saw several chickens pecking at the ground.

She just didn’t know if it could attract fish.

Lu Xia was a little anxious, but soon she saw several noticeably larger fish swimming over.

Excited by the sight, Lu Xia directly lifted the backpack and tried to scoop up the fish. The result was evident.

She didn’t catch a single one…

The spiritual spring water quickly dissipated in the water, and the fish swam away.

Lu Xia busied herself for a while, but in the end, her effort to fetch water with a bamboo basket was in vain.

However, the desire to eat meat wasn’t easily abandoned!

Moreover, she had seen big fish.

So she tried another method. This time, she directly caught several earthworms from the ground and wrapped them in spiritual spring water before putting them into the backpack. Then she placed the backpack in the water.

She believed that once the fish were attracted by the scent of the spiritual spring water, they wouldn’t be able to resist the earthworms.

As expected, several fish quickly swam over. However, they stayed outside the backpack and didn’t go inside. So Lu Xia changed her direction, and soon a fish took the bait, diving in.

Without hesitation, Lu Xia lifted the backpack, and now there was a palm-sized fish inside.

She didn’t know what species it was, but it looked flat. Nevertheless, Lu Xia was still happy. She finally had a catch.

After that, she used the same method to catch two more fish and then stopped. She was a bit tired, and three fish were enough for her alone.

Next time, it would be better to bring a fishing rod and try fishing.

Lu Xia didn’t go back to the educated youth spot with the three fish. She cleaned them up directly by the river and washed other things. Then she walked along another path and left.

There was a small forest nearby, adjacent to the cowshed. Usually, few people came here. She planned to cook the fish here.

Otherwise, if she returned to the educated youth spot, everyone would have to share the fish together.

Lu Xia directly took out the second-hand stove pot she had bought at the scrap purchasing station from her storage space.

She had already cleaned it by the river, so she could use it directly now.

Lu Xia collected some stones and built a makeshift stove just like the people at the educated youth spot did when making medicinal soup for Jiang Junmo. She also found some dry branches nearby, placed the fish in the pot, and poured in the spiritual spring water.

She also took out some onions, ginger, and garlic that she had grown herself from her storage space and directly added the seasonings from the storage space.

She could only make it this simple.

She covered the pot and lit the branches with a matchstick, then waited.

She didn’t know if it would taste good this way.

But the conditions were limited, so it would be better to fry the fish first.

Fortunately, there was spiritual spring water, so the taste wouldn’t be too bad.


Chapter 54 – Sharing a Pot of Fish Soup


And indeed, it turned out that way. Before the fish was even done, the aroma started to spread.

Lu Xia took a deep breath, growing more impatient.

When she felt it should be almost ready, she quickly extinguished the fire and eagerly opened the lid.

Then the aroma of fish hit her, and Lu Xia’s mouth almost watered. Ignoring the heat, she took a spoonful, blew on it to cool it down a bit, and tasted it.

It was delicious!

Surprisingly, there was no fishy taste at all. It was incredibly fresh and tasty. Lu Xia couldn’t wait to start eating.

Unexpectedly, at that moment, a voice came from behind her, “Can I have a taste?”

Startled by the sudden voice, Lu Xia nearly dropped the spoon.

Instinctively, she turned her head and saw Jiang Junmo standing behind her, appearing out of nowhere.

Realizing that he was an educated youth and not a villager, Lu Xia let out a sigh of relief. She also felt a bit embarrassed about being caught eating alone. Then, with a touch of anger, she said, “Why are you here? You scared me from behind!”

Jiang Junmo didn’t answer the first question but directly responded to the second one, “I didn’t mean to scare you. I walk loudly, maybe you didn’t hear me.”

Lu Xia: … She felt a little scared.

It seemed she was still too careless. If she were seen by the villagers, she might be accused of taking advantage of the socialist system.

She had to be more careful in the future and remain vigilant at all times.

As Lu Xia didn’t respond, Jiang Junmo continued to ask, “Can you share some of this soup with me? I can pay for it.”

He seemed a bit embarrassed, and his ears turned slightly red.

Since she had been discovered, Lu Xia thought it wouldn’t be good to dismiss him like that. Looking at the fragrant fish soup, she reluctantly agreed.

However… “I can only give you one bowl. Let’s consider it a treat from me.”

Jiang Junmo didn’t say much in response. He walked to the opposite side, found a stone to sit on, and stared fixedly at the soup in the pot.

He had eaten good food before, but it was the first time he couldn’t resist the temptation just from the aroma. That’s why he shamelessly asked for a taste.

Lu Xia was speechless seeing his reaction. Was he a foodie?

Thinking that, she took out a pair of chopsticks and a bowl that she had prepared for herself and filled a bowl with soup and meat for him.

“It’s a bit hot, be careful.”

Jiang Junmo took it directly. “Thank you.”

Then, unable to resist, he blew on it twice and took a sip right away.

The rich and flavorful fish soup entered his mouth, instantly conquering his taste buds. He couldn’t help but gulp it down. It was really delicious!

He quickly took another sip, this time closing his eyes to savor it before nodding in satisfaction.

Lu Xia watched his actions, feeling speechless. Was it necessary to react like that over a bowl of soup?

Then she started eating herself. She had only brought out one set of utensils, and it wouldn’t be appropriate to bring out another one now. So she ate directly from the pot with a spoon, as the remaining portion was all for her.

With each bite, Lu Xia couldn’t hold back. It had been so long since she had eaten meat, and she was truly hungry. She eagerly enjoyed her meal.

The pot wasn’t big, and after serving Jiang Junmo a bowl, only two-thirds of the soup remained. Lu Xia finished eating, but she still wanted more.

After setting down the spoon, she rubbed her belly and looked up at Jiang Junmo, only to find that he had already finished. Now his gaze was fixed on her pot. For some reason, she felt a hint of disappointment in his eyes.

But perhaps she was mistaken.

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