Transmigrating into a Novel: My Cannon Fodder Husband is Almighty

Raw Title: 穿书七零:我的炮灰丈夫十项全能

Author: 静似骄阳

Chapters: 704


Lu Xia ended up transmigrating into the body of a sent-down youth in the 1970s, replacing her older sister who was supposed to go to the countryside. Thinking about how the original host was mistreated, there was no way she could tolerate it. She sold her job, schemed against them, and then left for the countryside with a sense of satisfaction.

However, it was only upon boarding the vehicle that she realized something shocking – she not only transmigrated but also transmigrated into a novel! Lu Xia was on the verge of cursing, and at that moment, she also discovered that she was a cannon fodder character. Sitting next to her was another cannon fodder, and across from her were the male lead and female lead…

Since she had come, she had to adapt. Lu Xia couldn’t possibly become cannon fodder, so after going to the countryside, she tried to stay away from the male and female leads and live her own peaceful life. However, the result was…


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