Chapter 9 – An Extraordinary Blind Date

The female immediately expressed admiration, “Then you must have great knowledge. I love talented people!”

Then she heard the cool response from the male, “You’ll be disappointed. I don’t have much talent. I’m just an ordinary person who likes to draw to pass the time.”

“Uh…” The female seemed surprised by his words, then quickly said, “That’s still impressive. I also like to draw, but I’m not good at it. Could you teach me in the future?”

From these words, it was evident that the female had further intentions.

As expected, the male chuckled in satisfaction, “As long as you like it, since you think it’s suitable, let me tell you about my situation too.”

Without waiting for the female’s response, he continued, “I just graduated from high school. Due to health reasons, I currently don’t have a job. The person who introduced us probably told you, my parents have passed away, and I was raised by my sisters since I was little. Now my sisters are already married, and I have a small house left by my parents.

If we get married, I’ll provide the house, and my grandpa will support the medicine expenses for my health every month. However, I won’t be able to support the family financially, so you might need to take that responsibility.

Of course, I’ll also contribute to this household. I learned how to do laundry, cook, and take care of children from my sisters since I was young. I will definitely take good care of the family, and you can handle the rest!”

“Huh? …What?” Not only the female but even Lu Xia, who was openly eavesdropping, was dumbfounded after hearing this conversation.

On the other hand, the male seemed unaffected and continued, “Actually, my family found a relaxed job for me before, but I didn’t like it, so I refused. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of the family and ensure you won’t have any worries. But in that case, you’ll have to pay me a salary every month since I’ll be working for the family too.”

Upon hearing this, the female finally reacted and asked incredulously, “So, you rejected the job and went on a blind date with me just to find a wife to support you? Are you planning to rely on someone else for a living?”

The male remained calm and replied, “How can you call it relying on someone else? Who said husbands must be the ones going out to work? I just want to find a wife who can support me financially.”

After hearing his matter-of-fact response, the female seemed taken aback. Her previous infatuation vanished instantly, and her expression turned sour.

Then she left, muttering “crazy” under her breath.

Shortly after, Lu Xia saw a girl wearing yellow overalls running past her, her beautiful face full of indignation.

Soon, the other protagonist also appeared in front of her.

Lu Xia looked up and was stunned!

My goodness! Is this person really from the 1970s? Isn’t he a modern male idol?

No, he’s even more handsome than a male idol!

He had fair skin, phoenix eyes, a high nose bridge, and lips that looked naturally tinted, with even a small dimple on his cheek. My goodness! His appearance perfectly matched her aesthetics, making her unable to resist taking another look.

He’s so tall too, probably around 180 cm. It’s rare to see such height in this era!

The only regret might be his health, which seemed not very good; his pale complexion suggested so. No wonder he needed to take medicine every month.

But seeing how well-dressed he was, his family conditions should be good, so he could afford to support himself.

With this in mind, she could understand why he said he didn’t want to work outside. Ugh! She was thinking too much. Beautiful appearances could really deceive people.

In this era, where labor was most honorable, his mindset was indeed bizarre. Even the soul of Lu Xia from the 21st century might not be able to accept it.

Sigh, she’s not suitable for him! She couldn’t afford such a golden noble, so she would admire the beauty from afar!


Chapter 10 – Looking for Director Wang

At that moment, the man seemed to notice Lu Xia’s gaze and looked back at her.

The unexpected eye contact made Lu Xia feel a little embarrassed. After all, although she didn’t intentionally eavesdrop, she did hear something.

However, the man didn’t seem to mind. He nodded at her and leisurely walked away.

Once his figure was out of sight, Lu Xia let out a sigh of relief.

Then she chuckled at herself. Really, in the 21st century, she had seen plenty of handsome guys, yet she still acted like a silly fangirl.

But the desire for beauty is universal, so her reaction was normal.

After the incident, she decided not to dwell on it since it had nothing to do with her.

Next, she prepared to inquire about the job.

With that in mind, Lu Xia left the park and went straight to the light bulb factory.

The factory was still operating at this time, and after arriving, Lu Xia walked around the entrance a couple of times. The security guard asked her why she was here.

Lu Xia smiled sheepishly at him and said, “Sir, I will be joining as a new employee in a while. Since it’s rare to have a job, I couldn’t contain my excitement and came to take a look in advance.”

The security guard carefully looked at her and then smiled, “Good for you. I heard that the factory recently recruited workers. Although it wasn’t publicized, more than a hundred people applied, and only five were selected. I didn’t expect a girl like you to get a spot.”

Lu Xia blushed and laughed shyly, “I guess I’m lucky.”

The security guard nodded, thinking to himself that it was indeed luck. In the past, opportunities like this would never be given to outsiders.

This time, it was because the new deputy factory director was recently transferred from the military, strict and fair, and insisted on selecting based on merit, allowing this girl to seize the chance.

After all, just by looking at her appearance, one could tell that her family background was average, and she probably didn’t have many connections. But she stood out, which was a testament to her ability.

So the security guard smiled and said, “It’s also because of your abilities. I heard even the production director’s niece didn’t pass the exam this time!”

“Is that so?”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia’s eyes lit up. She casually chatted with the security guard for a while, subtly asking about the production director’s family, and then, seeing that it was almost time to end work, she left.

However, she didn’t go far. She wandered around the vicinity and watched as people gradually came out of the factory during the lunch break. Lu Xia slowly walked toward the light bulb factory staff quarters.

Earlier, she had asked and found out the location of the staff quarters.

When she arrived, she inquired further and learned the address of the production director’s house. Then she stood outside the door and knocked.

A middle-aged woman opened the door. She had a dignified appearance.

Lu Xia immediately guessed her identity. It was said that the production director’s wife worked in the Women’s Federation.

Upon seeing Lu Xia, the woman looked puzzled and asked, “Young lady, who are you looking for?”

Lu Xia smiled at her and said, “Hello, sorry to bother you. I would like to find Director Wang.”

She just asked, the production director’s surname was Wang.

The wife of Director Wang raised an eyebrow upon hearing this and glanced at her but didn’t ask further questions. She then stepped aside and said, “Come in.”

She turned back and called out into the house, “Old Wang, someone is looking for you.”

Upon entering, Lu Xia realized that she had come at an inconvenient time as they were having a meal. However, there was no one else in the room except for Director Wang and his wife.

When Director Wang heard his wife’s words, he glanced at Lu Xia, who followed behind her. Not recognizing her, he furrowed his brow.

Nevertheless, he asked, “Young lady, are you looking for me? What can I do for you?”

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