The Sweetest Marriage Ch.101

Chapter 101 – Exactly the Same

Chen Li stared at Wei Chen with fixed eyes, a deep affection in his big eyes that he himself was unaware of.

“Li Li, did you just call my name?” Wei Chen asked again, his hand holding onto Chen Li tighter and tighter, as if wanting to keep this person tightly embraced in his arms, their bones and blood intertwined.

Chen Li felt Wei Chen’s excitement and snuggled into his embrace, burying his head in Wei Chen’s chest and nodding.

Yes, he had spoken.

Wei Chen kissed Chen Li’s forehead repeatedly in excitement, even speaking somewhat incoherently, “Li Li, Li Li, do you know? I… I’m really happy now, happy that you spoke, this is… the third time… I’ve heard you speak, your voice is already etched into my soul, God knows… how much I miss your voice, I… also feel that your voice is the most beautiful voice in this world.”

Even when just reborn, just realizing that he had come back to life and had another chance to start over, Wei Chen had never been as excited as he was now. He trembled uncontrollably with excitement, resembling a fool, not even knowing what he was saying.

Chen Li listened quietly, feeling Wei Chen’s excitement, as if something was warming his heart, making his entire chest feel warm.

“Achen.” Chen Li attempted to call Wei Chen’s name, but his vocal cords were strained, his throat burning hot, causing the two syllables, Achen, to come out as if shrouded in mist, hoarse and sounding like a mosquito’s buzz.

But Wei Chen heard it. When these two words entered Wei Chen’s ears, he was like a child on the verge of dancing, if he wasn’t holding onto Chen Li, Wei Chen probably would have jumped up from the bed. Wei Chen felt that he had never been this happy, never been this excited before.

“I’m here, I will always be here,” Wei Chen said, then lowered his head to capture Chen Li’s lips, indulging in a passionate kiss, their tongues entwined, creating a soft sound echoing in the quiet hospital room.

As the night grew darker, neither of them felt sleepy. They held each other tightly, even without exchanging words, just giving each other a glance, they felt immensely happy.

It was unknown who fell asleep first, their breathing became long and gentle, as they entered each other’s dreams, even in their dreams, everything was painted in shades of happiness.

The next day, the sunlight poured down, and there were birds chirping non-stop on the branches outside the window, hopping and jumping on the tree branches, full of vitality.

Wei Hua entered the hospital carrying a fruit basket. After asking where Wei Chen’s ward was, he headed straight for the room.

The door to the ward was partially closed. Wei Hua politely knocked on the door a few times and only entered when he heard the words “come in” from inside the room.

“Morning, Achen,” Wei Hua greeted as he entered the ward. Wei Chen was leaning against the bed with a laptop on his knees, working on some documents. Unable to resist, Wei Hua said, “You’re in the hospital, rest a bit more. The work is never-ending. You can do it after you’ve had enough rest.”

Wei Chen motioned for Wei Hua to find a seat on his own, his eyes still fixed on the computer screen. “It’s nothing serious, just a mild concussion. Resting for a few days will be enough.”

Hearing this, Wei Hua couldn’t help but feel lingering fear. However, since the incident was already over, he wouldn’t mention it in front of Wei Chen. However, the angry expression on his face hadn’t completely subsided. In order to prevent his anger from spreading, Wei Hua changed the topic. “What about Chen Li? Is he okay?”

As soon as Chen Li was mentioned, Wei Chen’s expression softened. “He went for a check-up.” Yesterday, when Wei Chen fell into a coma, Chen Li was worried about him and stayed by his side. The doctors and nurses asked Chen Li to go for an examination to see if he had any internal injuries, but Chen Li refused and sat by Wei Chen’s bedside, ignoring all their calls.

Early this morning, a nurse came in and explained the situation. Wei Chen immediately asked the nurse to take Chen Li for the examination. He initially wanted to go along, but Chen Li insisted otherwise, as if saying, “If you get up, I won’t go for the check-up.”

Seeing the tender look in Wei Chen’s eyes, Wei Hua couldn’t help but feel goosebumps. He really couldn’t understand how a cold person could become like this after encountering love. Love, this thing, is truly poisonous. Wei Hua vowed to never touch it!

However, little did Wei Hua know that the flag he raised at this moment would backfire on him in the future, slapping himself hard.

Love is a poison, and no one knows when they will be contaminated by it. Once contaminated, it becomes impossible to quit.

But let’s get back to the main point.

Chen Li had been gone for over an hour for the examination. Wei Hua had arrived at the ward not long ago when Chen Li returned with the nurse. Despite being surrounded by strangers, Chen Li felt a bit nervous and fearful, but he didn’t back down and bravely completed each test.

The car accident from yesterday brought about changes for Chen Li in various aspects.

As soon as Chen Li entered the ward, Wei Chen’s gaze followed him. Chen Li shook his head at Wei Chen and mouthed that he was fine.

“Mr. Chen has no major issues; it’s just a strained vocal cord,” said the doctor in a white coat who came in with the nurse.

This doctor had some connections with Sheng Jiaqi, who had already called and made arrangements, so the doctor paid attention to Wei Chen and Chen Li as well. “I don’t know much about Mr. Chen’s condition, but I speculate that he hasn’t spoken for a long time. When the vocal cords are unused for an extended period and suddenly used, they can get strained.”

The doctor accompanied Chen Li throughout the examination and had a clear understanding of his physical condition. “But it’s not a big problem. Later in the evening, we’ll prescribe some medication to nourish the vocal cords, and with some more rest, everything will be fine. However, since Mr. Chen hasn’t spoken for a long time, we need to be patient with the speaking process and give the vocal cord some time to adapt. As for other aspects of his health, aside from inadequate nutrition, there aren’t any major issues. Mr. Wei should make sure Mr. Chen’s nutrition catches up and encourage him to do more exercise to maintain a good physical condition.”

The doctor carefully explained Chen Li’s current condition to Wei Chen, provided some instructions, and then left the ward.

Wei Hua looked at the two individuals in the room, their eyes glued to each other. Not wanting to be a third wheel, he quietly left the room.

As Wei Hua reached the elevator, he saw a familiar face inside. He couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. “Boss, what are you doing here?”

This boss naturally wasn’t Wei Hua’s boss but the boss of Blues Cafe.

The boss of Blues Cafe probably didn’t expect to encounter Wei Hua and showed a flicker of surprise on his face. However, he quickly recovered, showing no emotion, and ignored Wei Hua’s greeting as if he hadn’t seen him.

“I say, boss, we’re so familiar with each other. It’s not good to pretend not to know me like this, right?” Wei Hua wasn’t angry and wore a carefree smile, shining brightly. Only then did the boss of Blues Cafe shift his gaze to Wei Hua and calmly said, “Hello.”

“So indifferent, it really hurts one’s feelings!” In reality, Wei Hua was extremely curious. Why was this boss so cold towards him? It was like this back at the coffee shop, and it’s still the same now.

Not only was it cold, it seemed like he was holding a grudge against him!

Wei Hua had no idea what he had done to upset this boss. Time and time again, he was given the cold shoulder, but what puzzled Wei Hua even more was that he didn’t feel angry! Instead, he found the boss’s cold demeanor quite cute!

It’s really ridiculous!

The boss ignored Wei Hua again, making him feel somewhat embarrassed. Just as he was feeling uneasy, a soft voice sounded in the small elevator space, “Daddy.”

As soon as those two words were uttered, Wei Hua saw the previously cold expression of the coffee shop boss instantly soften. His entire demeanor became gentle.

“Biscuit, are you still feeling unwell?” The boss crouched down, pressing his forehead against the child’s forehead, feeling the temperature, which was no longer as feverish as last night.

“I’m all better now, Daddy. You don’t need to worry.” The child named Biscuit shook his head. Due to wearing a child’s mask, his smile couldn’t be seen, but one could tell from his smiling eyes that his smile must be very sweet.

“If you’re not feeling well, you should tell Daddy.” The boss planted a gentle kiss on Biscuit’s forehead and spoke in a soft tone.

“I know, Daddy.” Biscuit nodded vigorously, his eyes always squinting with a smile.

“Is this your son?” Wei Hua asked with surprise. The boss of Blues Cafe seemed quite young, so how did he have such a big son?

Wei Hua’s words caught the attention of the father and son. Biscuit looked at Wei Hua and sweetly called out, “Uncle.”

Wei Hua felt that the sweet “Uncle” had entered his heart, and he smiled with his eyes squinting. “Hello, Biscuit.”

The complexion of the boss of Blues Cafe suddenly darkened, as if he remembered something. Just as the elevator reached the first floor, he picked up Biscuit, not even sparing a glance at Wei Hua, and stepped out of the elevator.

Biscuit obediently made a farewell gesture to Wei Hua, “Goodbye, Uncle.”

“Goodbye, Biscuit.” Wei Hua also made a goodbye gesture to Biscuit, smiling as he watched the two father and son leave. It wasn’t until the elevator doors closed in front of him again that Wei Hua remembered he also needed to leave on the first floor.

However, there were already other people entering now, all heading upstairs. Wei Hua couldn’t press the door open button, so he had to ride the elevator for another round, while silently complaining to himself about how he was being weird, staying so long because of a child.


Unconsciously, the image of Biscuit’s smiling eyes appeared in Wei Hua’s mind. He couldn’t shake off the feeling that he had seen those eyes somewhere before. They were so familiar.

The elevator walls were made of stainless steel, reflecting people’s appearances clearly. Wei Hua saw his own reflection in the wall and his eyes curved with a smile—damn, wasn’t Biscuit’s expression just like this? Apart from being a bit smaller, it was exactly the same!



Wei Hua: Little Biscuit, why do you call yourself “Biscuit”?

Biscuit: Because Daddy said my other daddy is called Wafer.

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