The Sweetest Marriage Ch.100

Chapter 100 – Breaking Through the Fog


A loud bang resounded suddenly, accompanied by the screeching brakes of a car. Along with the sound, a person was thrown out, flying through the air before landing on the ground.

The person who was hit happened to land on their head, and the black asphalt road was stained with a crimson halo.

In that instant, Wei Chen felt his world darken. He knew that every inch of his body, every nerve, was screaming in pain, but he felt as if he were dead, unable to sense the pain.

In that moment, as the car hurtled towards him, he saw the person inside, their eyes bloodshot, filled with resentment and a desperate determination. Wei Chen felt that death was approaching him once again.


A hoarse and harsh voice resounded loudly in Wei Chen’s ear, breaking through the fog like a bolt of lightning, instantly clearing his mind.

So what if the god of death was coming for him again? This time, he would never compromise!

Wei Chen’s gaze became resolute like never before, perhaps because he didn’t want to die again, or perhaps because there was someone he wanted to protect. In that critical moment, Wei Chen held onto Chen Li’s waist tightly and leaped heavily towards the grassy lawn beside the road.

In that instant, his potential erupted. Astonishingly, just as the car was about to crash into him and Chen Li, Wei Chen escaped from the range of the collision.

Meanwhile, due to its excessive speed and inability to brake in time, the car crashed directly into the statue at the entrance of the cafeteria. It hit the fuel tank, and after a loud bang, a massive fire erupted.

The peaceful university pathway instantly turned chaotic. Shrieks filled the air as panicked people scrambled to get away from the burning car. The slightly calmer individuals took out their phones and called for help, dialing emergency services and requesting an ambulance. Some brave individuals ran into the cafeteria, grabbing fire extinguishers in an attempt to put out the fire and rescue the person trapped inside the driver’s seat.

The scene became chaotic, but soon enough, teachers and security guards arrived to restore order and lead the students to safety.

Shortly after, the ambulance and fire truck arrived. Once the courageous firefighters were evacuated, the firefighters rushed forward to extinguish the fire. Meanwhile, the paramedics, after listening to the students’ descriptions, found the two individuals lying on the lawn. They swiftly approached and examined the situation while carrying a stretcher. As Wei Chen carried Chen Li out of the danger zone, he protected him firmly in his embrace. In the end, when he fell to the ground, Wei Chen even used his own body as a cushion for Chen Li, accidentally hitting his head on a small lawn lamp.

Wei Chen suddenly felt a wave of dizziness engulf him, but he didn’t forget to check on Chen Li’s condition. Seeing Chen Li’s worried face, Wei Chen asked urgently, “Li Li, are you okay?”

Chen Li nodded his head, tears welling up in his eyes.

“Are you really okay?” Wei Chen confirmed.

Chen Li nodded his head again, still anxiously keeping his gaze fixed on Wei Chen, fearing that something might happen to him due to the fall.

Indeed, Wei Chen was feeling a bit off. When he confirmed that Chen Li was fine, he relaxed. The determination he had been forcing himself to maintain vanished, and the dizziness returned. Wei Chen couldn’t resist it, his eyes fluttered, and he fainted.

Tears uncontrollably overflowed from Chen Li’s eyes, drop by drop, like a string of disconnected pearls, instantly moistening Chen Li’s face.



Chen Li called Wei Chen’s name, shouting with all his might, as if trying to wake him up from unconsciousness. But his voice was weak and hoarse, barely audible.

Medical personnel arrived and, seeing Chen Li’s hysterical state, assumed that Wei Chen had been critically injured. They quickly approached to check Wei Chen’s condition.

Upon seeing the doctor, Chen Li immediately stepped aside, his eyes filled with tears, looking at the doctor with hope, wishing that the doctor could save Wei Chen.

The medical staff divided into two groups—one assessed Wei Chen’s condition, while a few nurses approached Chen Li for an examination. Finding no visible injuries on his face, they realized that he had been well-protected during the car collision.

However, the absence of visible injuries did not guarantee the absence of internal injuries. It was certain that they would need to take him to the hospital for a thorough examination later.

A few nurses finished examining Chen Li’s physical condition and immediately went over to help the doctor with first aid. When they approached, the doctor sighed with relief and turned to Chen Li, saying, “There’s nothing serious. It’s likely that he hit his head when he fell, causing him to lose consciousness. We’ll check for a possible concussion at the hospital.”

Chen Li understood and fixed his gaze on Wei Chen. The expression of defeat he had moments ago suddenly came alive. There was a spark in his big eyes, illuminating his face with hope.

The doctor and nurses lifted Wei Chen onto a stretcher, with Chen Li following closely behind. The paramedics didn’t object and let Chen Li get on the ambulance, which then beeped and drove towards the affiliated hospital of Q University School of Medicine next to the school.

When Wei Chen woke up, it was already past 11 o’clock at night.

After the examination in the hospital, the doctor concluded that it was the result of a momentary release of energy followed by exhaustion, combined with a minor concussion from the impact at the back of the head. Wei Chen had fainted but had no major issues and would be fine after a few days of rest.

The hospital lights were uncomfortably bright. When Wei Chen opened his eyes, the glaring light caused some discomfort. He subconsciously tried to raise his hand to shield his eyes, but the strength he felt on his hand prevented Wei Chen from doing so.

Wei Chen closed his eyes and waited until he got used to the bright light before shifting his gaze to the side, where he found a head resting on his hand, breathing evenly. It was clear that the person was asleep.

Wei Chen’s gaze softened involuntarily. He didn’t move, afraid of disturbing Chen Li’s sleep.

However, the next moment, perhaps due to a true connection between their hearts, Chen Li woke up. As he lifted his head, his slightly drowsy eyes immediately met Wei Chen’s tender and affectionate gaze, instantly soothing his worries with the gentleness in Wei Chen’s eyes.

“I’m fine, don’t worry,” Wei Chen’s hand gently caressed Chen Li’s face, where faint traces of tears could still be seen. It was evident that Chen Li had cried due to his own unconsciousness.

Chen Li rubbed against Wei Chen’s hand and then buried his face in Wei Chen’s large palm. He was too thin now, and Wei Chen’s hand seemed capable of enveloping his entire face.

“Li Li, come up and sleep with me,” Wei Chen said, moving aside to make room for Chen Li.

Following the instructions, Chen Li climbed onto the bed and found a familiar spot in Wei Chen’s embrace. His gaze remained fixed on Wei Chen’s face, as if he couldn’t get enough of looking at him.

Wei Chen tightly embraced Chen Li, and as their embrace became full, Wei Chen’s heart was filled as well.

Only through experiencing life and death could one understand the true value of certain things.

Wei Chen felt that he had already died twice. The previous time, he had truly died, but by some sympathy from the heavens, he was allowed to come back to life. That previous death had lifted a veil from Wei Chen’s eyes, revealing the true nature of many people’s intentions and showing him who stood by him till the end.

This time, he didn’t die. However, at the moment when death was about to arrive, Wei Chen truly saw his own heart.

For Chen Li, Wei Chen had completely surrendered. He loved Chen Li, not only willing to live for him, die for him, but also afraid of losing him, becoming weak and afraid of death.

It was because he was afraid of death, afraid that he would never see Chen Li again in the moment of death’s arrival, that Wei Chen deeply understood that the heavens wouldn’t grant him another chance to start anew. Therefore, he couldn’t die, and Chen Li couldn’t die either!

Human potential is always infinite and unpredictable. At that moment, the longing for life erupted from within his heart, triggering the release of his hidden potential. That’s why Wei Chen saved Chen Li at the critical moment and saved himself as well.

Having faced death, the joy of surviving couldn’t compare to the excitement of holding Chen Li unharmed in his embrace. Even Wei Chen’s hand trembled as he held Chen Li, unable to control the trembling.

Chen Li understood Wei Chen’s emotions, and his own emotions were no different from Wei Chen’s.

Almost at the same time as Wei Chen, Chen Li noticed the approaching car. He wanted to grab Wei Chen and leave together, but Wei Chen stood there in a daze, pupils contracted, eyes wide open, a vacant look in his eyes, appearing terrified.

Chen Li didn’t know what Wei Chen was thinking in that moment. All he knew was that if Wei Chen didn’t run, they would both be hit by the car.

Chen Li wasn’t afraid of death, actually, a long, long time ago, Chen Li wanted to leave this world. But it was because of Wei Chen’s unintentional words from childhood, saying, “You will become a great painter in the future” that Chen Li struggled to live in this world he despised, working hard, striving to become the greatest painter!

Before the car hit them, Chen Li still didn’t feel afraid of death. He had no strong attachment to life or death. But the moment he thought about the person standing beside him was Wei Chen, Chen Li didn’t want to die.

He didn’t want Wei Chen to be sad after his death, and he didn’t want Wei Chen to leave him either because he knew that once Wei Chen left him, his whole world would collapse immediately, and life would be worse than death.

In that moment, Chen Li didn’t know what was going through his mind, but the hoarse utterance of “Achen” burst out instinctively.

How many years had it been since he last spoke? Chen Li couldn’t remember anymore. All he knew was that when he blurted out “Achen,” it seemed to carry all the emotions in his heart.

Now, feeling Wei Chen’s warm embrace, Chen Li felt incredibly satisfied, an unprecedented satisfaction. For the first time, he realized how good it was to be alive!

“Li Li,” Wei Chen’s low, gentle voice sounded above Chen Li’s head, with a hint of overflowing joy. “Did you call my name? Did you speak?”

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