Chapter 1 – Transmigrating

When Lu Xia woke up, there was no sound outside, indicating that her family had probably already left.

Carefully, she sat up and looked around the room, letting out a silent sigh.

The room was visibly small, but it was packed with belongings, giving a crowded impression.

Well, with three people living here, it couldn’t be helped!

The walls were worn out. Opposite the wall, there was a bunk bed, which belonged to her older sister and younger sister.

Next to the bed were several boxes, and that was the end of the space.

On this side was her own bed, which couldn’t really be called a “bed.” It was just two simple wooden frames put together, probably around 1.5 meters long. No wonder she had felt her feet dangling just now.

In the corner, there was a cramped vanity table, dedicated to her older sister.

And that was it; the room was full. Fortunately, there was a small window in the house, so it didn’t seem so dark.

Lu Xia glanced at the sturdy bunk bed across from her and then at her own rudimentary “bed.” She couldn’t understand how the original host endured it.

Yes, the original host.

The current Lu Xia was no longer the same as before.

The present Lu Xia had traveled from the 21st century.

It took her the entire morning to accept this fact.

As for the whereabouts of the original host?

It’s a long story…

Lu Xia sighed. Thinking about the original host, she felt a sense of loss and a complicated mood.

The original host’s name was also Lu Xia, the second child of the Lu family. Their parents were ordinary workers in Beijing in the 1970s.

Their father, Lu Jianhai, worked as a loader in the warehouse of a textile factory.

Normally, loading and unloading work was done by young workers or apprentices. Lu Jianhai had already worked in the textile factory for over twenty years, so he should have been able to change positions. However, he was an honest person who didn’t speak up and was secretly b*llied. Whenever there was an opportunity to switch positions, the leaders always considered others. So he continued doing the same job all these years. Luckily, he had good health and could persevere.

As for Lu Xia’s mother, Sun Guifang, she was also a worker in the textile factory, an ordinary textile worker in the workshop.

Both of them were among the first group of workers in the textile factory established after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Since they worked in the same factory, it was quite normal for them to meet and marry each other.

After marriage, they had three daughters and one son.

The eldest daughter, Lu Chun, was the first child, so even though she was a girl, her parents liked her more.

When Lu Xia’s mother was pregnant with the second child, her parents hoped for a boy, but another girl was born, which disappointed them a bit, so they neglected her more.

And this daughter was Lu Xia.

Later, they had a pair of twins, the third child, Lu Qiu, and the fourth child, Lu Dong.

Although giving birth to the twins made it impossible for Sun Guifang to have any more children, she was still happy. After all, having twins was a rare occurrence in the Lu family, and she finally had a son to carry on the family line. So she treated her youngest son better as well.

That’s how it was. Among the children, the oldest and the youngest were the ones their parents liked the most, and Lu Qiu also benefited from being the youngest. Therefore, Lu Xia, the second child, was the least favored in the family.

The original host probably knew from a young age that she wasn’t loved by her parents, so her personality became more introverted. She always worked hard at home, hoping to gain a little more affection from her parents.

That’s how, at a young age, she practically took on all the household chores.

Although her parents didn’t like her, they didn’t want to show favoritism in front of others. So when she reached school age, they let her go to school.

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  1. Welp, time for another of these trashy dogblood dramas I guess, I just hope the dogblood drama is good and there are some good faceslapping moments, there’s a lot of these type of series that turn very bland cuz the author just can’t really do or follow the dogblood plots well or the conclusions and face slaps are very unsatisfying.

    Also we’ll have to see about mc, I really prefer the cunning type that uses her advantages and creates a business or something a lot more compared to the type that just falls in love and the male lead helps her from the background slor such, as a guy I can’t really get into the romance but sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s just horrible, please no bug Age gap or some block of wood business guy that doesn’t show emotions and treats her like garbage or some useless male lead that is happy go lucky but completely useless ….

    From the little wale saw kn this first chapter I have hopes this is the cunning type of mc so yeah.

    Lot of bullshit for a first chapter but welp these are usually pretty long so I need to be jnvested from the beginning haha, there’s tons of stuff to read, can’t just waste my time with bad Chinese stories.

  2. Our MC here transmigrated into a SECOND CHILD character. It’s highly interesting for me because in “back in ’70/’80/’90” (or farming/business management) genre, the second child and/or their spouse… Especially the second sisters in-law were usually the most evil (greedy, selfish, lazy, unfilial… You name it). Being transmigrated when they’re still in city also an interesting start.

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