The Sweetest Marriage Ch.99

Chapter 99 – Fear Invades

When the urgent mood collided with the rush hour traffic, time became incredibly slow. Wei Chen’s gaze was fixed on the flow of cars ahead, wishing that his own car could leap over the traffic.

His slender knuckles tapped on the steering wheel, the burning fire in his heart growing more urgent. His eyes were locked on the traffic light, so close yet seemingly distant. Wei Chen even had a childish thought, wishing he had telekinetic powers so he could control the traffic lights to stay green.

While waiting for the red light to turn green, Wei Chen dialed Zhuge Yu’s number and the call was quickly answered.

As soon as the phone rang, Chen Li in the art studio at Q University focused his gaze on Zhuge Yu, seemingly urging him to answer the call quickly. It was difficult for Zhuge Yu to intentionally let the phone ring a few more times before picking up, under Chen Li’s slightly impatient gaze.

Under Chen Li’s somewhat urgent gaze, Zhuge Yu immediately swiped to answer the call and said, “Wei Chen, come over after you finish work. Why are you calling again?” Wei Chen had already called twenty minutes ago when he finished work. Why was he calling again? How did Zhuge Yu not notice Wei Chen’s fussy character before?

“I’m stuck in traffic,” Wei Chen’s cold voice came through the phone. For some reason, Zhuge Yu sensed a hint of urgency.

“If it’s traffic, it’s traffic. I still have things to do at school. I’ll wait for you to come. I’ll take care of Chen Li, so don’t worry,” Zhuge Yu replied.

“You…” Wei Chen wanted to say something, but the words got stuck in his throat. He didn’t want Chen Li to know that danger was lurking. His words circled in his mouth, and by the time he opened it again, the topic had changed. “Just make sure to take good care of Li Li. I’ll be there soon.”

Even in his dull state, Zhuge Yu noticed that something was off. He spoke solemnly to Wei Chen, “Alright, don’t worry.”

Just then, the traffic light turned green, and Wei Chen ended the call, slowly moving forward with the flow of cars.

Unlike Zhuge Yu, who was slow to react, Chen Li sensed Wei Chen’s urgency from the first words he spoke. So after Zhuge Yu ended the call, Chen Li’s gaze fixed firmly on Zhuge Yu, as if questioning what had happened.

“Wei Chen is on his way over, but he’s probably stuck in traffic and will be late. Don’t worry,” Zhuge Yu said, while typing a message on his phone. After typing the last word, he pressed the send button and asked Zhuge Feng what exactly had happened. After all, Zhuge Feng was Wei Chen’s immediate superior and most likely knew what was going on.

It didn’t take long for Zhuge Yu to receive a reply from Zhuge Feng. Zhuge Feng replied with two infuriating words – “No comment!”

Seeing the exclamation mark at the end of the message, Zhuge Yu was so frustrated that he almost threw his phone away. But considering Chen Li’s feelings, Zhuge Yu refrained from calling Zhuge Feng to question him directly in front of Chen Li. Instead, he patiently sent another message to Zhuge Feng, inquiring about the situation once again.

This time, Zhuge Feng simply didn’t respond to Zhuge Yu. Zhuge Yu was annoyed, staring at the unresponsive phone, feeling the urge to smash it.

Chen Li was anxious, but he didn’t insist on going to find Wei Chen. Although he was withdrawn, he wasn’t a child and knew that some things couldn’t be handled according to his own temperament. If something had really happened, blindly searching for Wei Chen on his own might bring trouble to Wei Chen.

Chen Li stared blankly at the slowly sinking sun in the distance, not doing anything. Zhuge Yu couldn’t figure out what Chen Li was thinking at the moment. Wei Chen drove towards the next intersection, and as soon as he entered that road, the traffic congestion instantly disappeared. Perhaps sensing Wei Chen’s urgency, he didn’t encounter a single red light on the way, smoothly arriving at Q University.

After parking the car, Wei Chen hurriedly made his way to Zhuge Yu’s art studio. It wasn’t until he caught sight of Chen Li’s figure that Wei Chen felt a sense of relief that had been hanging over him the whole day.

“Li Li, I’m here,” Wei Chen called out softly towards Chen Li’s back.

Chen Li turned around, bathed in the warm golden rays of the sunset, appearing to be enveloped in a halo of light.

Wei Chen took a long stride forward and pulled Chen Li directly into his arms, holding him tightly. “I’m sorry for being late,” he said. Chen Li wrapped his hands around Wei Chen’s slender waist and buried his head in Wei Chen’s shoulder. He felt somewhat perplexed, unsure of what he was feeling in his heart. This sensation made him breathe a sigh of relief and crave the touch and embrace of Wei Chen.

Zhuge Yu watched them tightly embraced, as if trying to merge into one another, and felt somewhat amazed.

Are young love affairs always this intense? They hadn’t seen each other for just a day, yet it felt like they had experienced a separation and reunion like life and death. They were so reluctant to part.

“Cough, cough…” Zhuge Yu pretended to cough several times, hoping to regain the attention of the two.

But it was in vain.

Chen Li and Wei Chen seemed to be trapped in their own world, their eyes filled with tender affection, only for each other.

Zhuge Yu decided not to spoil the fun anymore and turned to leave the art studio, giving the space to the two young people. He realized he was truly old and couldn’t keep up with the love affairs of young people.

A dozen minutes later, Wei Chen and Chen Li finally walked out of the art studio.

Zhuge Yu saw them and curiously fixed his gaze on their lips. Hmm, they were glistening with moisture, they must have been kissing inside!

Zhuge Yu concluded in a gossipy manner before saying in a serious tone, “Since you’re here, Wei Chen, take Chen Li back. His thoughts have been consumed by you all day, and he couldn’t even concentrate on his painting.” It sounded like tattling, but Zhuge Yu was simply informing Wei Chen of Chen Li’s state today.

Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand tightly and gently ruffled his hair, saying, “Li Li, were you thinking about me all day?”

Chen Li nodded without hesitation.

“That’s a coincidence because I was thinking about you too, Li Li,” Wei Chen said in a gentle tone.

Zhuge Yu felt fed up with their display of affection and said in a resigned tone, “Alright, go home quickly and don’t bother me.”

Chen Li immediately gestured goodbye to Zhuge Yu, and Zhuge Yu, infuriated, stormed into the art studio and slammed the door shut.

Chen Li looked at Wei Chen in confusion, not knowing what Zhuge Yu was up to.

“Are you hungry, Li Li?” Wei Chen disregarded Zhuge Yu’s childish temper and asked in a gentle tone.

Chen Li nodded, and his stomach cooperated by rumbling loudly. Wei Chen had been delayed on the way to school, which made him arrive a bit late. Normally, by this time, Chen Li and Wei Chen would already be having their meal at the dining table.

Since being fed by Wei Chen, Chen Li’s stomach had become very punctual. If it was mealtime and he didn’t eat, it would start rumbling as if to remind him.

At this moment, Chen Li’s stomach made rumbling noises, but he didn’t feel embarrassed at all. He looked at Wei Chen naturally and said that he was hungry and wanted to eat.

“Let’s go have a meal,” Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand and headed towards the Q University cafeteria.

The cafeteria at Q University was renowned for its delicious food, ranking high among all the cafeterias in the capital. Students from other schools would specifically come to Q University to enjoy the food.

At this hour, if Wei Chen were to cook at home, Chen Li’s stomach wouldn’t be able to wait. It was better to go directly to the cafeteria and have a meal. School had already ended a long time ago, and the peak dining period at the cafeteria had passed. When Wei Chen and Chen Li entered the cafeteria, there were only a few scattered people inside, creating a stark contrast to the crowded peak period. Of course, there were also fewer open food counters.

They ordered two bowls of noodles. The university cafeteria provided hearty portions at an affordable price. After finishing their noodles, both of them felt a bit full, and their stomachs were slightly bloated.

Chen Li, feeling satisfied, left the cafeteria with Wei Chen. By this time, night had completely fallen, and the campus was illuminated with lights. Students were frolicking in groups on the streets, and even as the night descended, the vibrant energy of youth was still palpable.

They had few worries. Occasionally, they would go out together, and a day of fun would pass by. Other than academic and emotional matters, nothing else left a trace in their minds.

Wei Chen felt a sense of emotion. He knew that placing Chen Li in this kind of environment was beneficial for his condition. It was a relatively pure environment, much cleaner compared to the outside world.


In the darkness, a few campus vehicles drove by on the asphalt road at a slow pace. After all, most of the people on the road were students out for some fun. In the distance, a car was parked in a parking space. The person in the car had their hand resting on the steering wheel, with a sinister gaze fixed ahead. When they saw Wei Chen and Chen Li coming out of the cafeteria, a wicked smile appeared at the corner of their mouth.

The person’s eyes were bloodshot, and their expression showed deep hatred towards the person they saw reflected in their pupils, as if they wanted to devour Wei Chen alive.

The car started, and the engine roared loudly. The person in the car only had Wei Chen in their sights; everyone else on the road became insignificant in their eyes.

Fortunately, the road was relatively dim, and it wasn’t the peak dining period. There were fewer pedestrians on the road. After the roaring engine sound started, people on the street quickly moved aside and cursed at the car as it passed.

Naturally, the person in the car couldn’t hear those curses. Their target was clear, and they swiftly drove towards Wei Chen and Chen Li. Wei Chen noticed the approaching car from a distance. He seemed to sense the person’s malicious and hateful gaze from inside the car. He held Chen Li’s hand and wanted to run, but his feet felt rooted to the ground. The scene of the previous car accident suddenly struck his mind.

The roaring engine, the screeching brakes, all piercing his eardrums. His face turned pale, and his mind went blank. He thought he wasn’t afraid, but he didn’t realize that this fear had long been deeply ingrained. Once triggered, it instantly overwhelmed him, leaving him terrified.

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